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DOMINATOR 2 STROKE, 10W-40, 10W-50 & 10W-60



AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil 10W40



AMSOIL 10W40 Dirt Bike Oil is the top choice for riders seeking the best performance and protection for their dirt bikes. Its advanced formulation delivers superior lubrication, reducing friction and wear for smooth, responsive power delivery in all conditions. This synthetic oil's exceptional thermal stability prevents viscosity breakdown, ensuring consistent protection even under extreme dirt bike riding conditions. With outstanding clutch performance and unmatched protection against engine wear, 10W40 dirt bike oil helps your bike perform at its peak while extending its lifespan. Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a dirt bike shops near me location!

AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil 10W50



AMSOIL 10W50 is the ultimate solution for dirt bike enthusiasts who constantly push the limits of their machines. Its cutting-edge formula offers exceptional lubrication and protection, allowing your engine to deliver maximum power and torque in demanding conditions. This high-performance synthetic engine oil ensures consistent viscosity under extreme heat and stress, preventing wear and maintaining peak performance. With its superior clutch performance and outstanding engine protection, AMSOIL 10W50 oil empowers riders to take their dirt bikes to the edge with confidence and reliability.

AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil 10W60



AMSOIL 10W60 Dirt Bike oil is the go-to choice for riders who demand the most from their engines, pushing them to the limit in challenging terrains. This high-performance motor oil offers exceptional lubrication and protection, ensuring smooth power delivery and extended engine life even under extreme conditions. Its advanced formulation maintains consistent viscosity under high temperatures and stress, reducing wear and maximizing engine performance. With superior clutch engagement and unparalleled engine protection, AMSOIL 10W60 oil is the ultimate choice for those seeking the best for their hardworking dirt bikes.

AMSOIL Dominator 2 Stroke Oil



Dominator 2 Stroke Dirt Bike oil is the premier choice for dirt bike enthusiasts who put their motorcycles through the toughest conditions. This high-performance engine oil is formulated to withstand the punishing demands of extreme riding, offering exceptional lubrication and protection for two-stroke engines. Its advanced additive system minimizes friction and wear, optimizing power output and ensuring smooth, responsive performance. With outstanding film strength and excellent thermal stability, Dominator 2 Stroke oil resists viscosity breakdown and keeps engines clean, providing the ultimate protection for riders who demand nothing but the best for their dirt bikes. Many small engine mechanics consider this to be the best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike on the market!


AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil 10W50

AMSOIL synthetic bike oil is a high-performance lubricant specifically formulated to meet the rigorous demands of off-road motorcycle engines and popular in the dirt bike riding community. Its advanced composition provides exceptional wear protection, friction reduction, and thermal stability, ensuring optimal performance and extended engine life. The oil's superior detergency properties, as seen in the popular AMSOIL 10W40 synthetic dirt bike oil and the AMSOIL 10W50 synthetic dirt bike oil, maintains cleanliness of internal components, preventing harmful deposit buildup and optimizing performance, even for the most powerful dirt bike! With excellent cold-weather fluidity, this oil ensures smooth starts and reduced strain on the engine, even in challenging conditions. This premium product is the ideal choice for 2 stroke dirt bike and 4 stroke dirt bike riders seeking exceptional engine protection, performance, and reliability for their off-road adventures and dirt bike competitions.

This dirt bike oil has outstanding engine dependability for worry-free running in harsh conditions, which comes from AMSOIL's proprietary advanced chemistry and is available in AMSOIL SAE 10W50, AMSOIL 10W60 and one of the more popular 10W40 dirt bike oil. AMSOIL Dominator 2 stroke motor oil provides an additional layer of defense against piston scratching and bearing wear, which is offered by a race-proven anti-friction chemical. Greater film strength offers safety in engines that can run at speeds greater than 10,000 rpm. Clean burning; reduces ring sticking and plug fouling. Considered the best dirt bike oil by many racers! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!



The AMSOIL Dirt Bike oil line is a high-performance lubricant designed specifically for dirt bikes, offering numerous benefits that make it the preferred choice for riders who value their machines' performance and longevity. AMSOIL Dominator is one of the most popular oils among many others such as the 10W40 dirt bike oil and AMSOIL 10W50 dirt bike oil! Many owners argue that this is the best dirt bike oil on the market today!

Here are the key advantages of using AMSOIL's dirt bike oil:

  1. Enhanced Engine Protection: This engine oil's advanced formulation provides superior engine protection against wear and tear, ensuring that your dirt bike's engine operates efficiently and lasts longer. The oil's exceptional film strength reduces friction, which prevents metal-to-metal contact and minimizes engine wear.

  2. Improved Clutch Performance: Clutch performance is crucial for dirt bike riders, and this oil delivers. Its unique formulation ensures consistent clutch feel and engagement, reducing clutch slippage and improving overall power transfer. The result is a more responsive and efficient bike, allowing riders to navigate challenging terrains with ease.

  3. Thermal Stability: These synthetic motor oil products boasts excellent thermal stability, resisting viscosity breakdown even under extreme heat and stress. This ensures that the oil maintains its protective properties and continues to lubricate critical engine components effectively, providing consistent engine performance throughout your ride.

  4. Extended Drain Intervals: The superior formulation of this synthetic engine oil allows for extended drain intervals, meaning you can ride longer and perform fewer oil changes. This not only saves you time and money but also reduces the environmental impact of oil disposal.

  5. Cleaner Engine: The advanced additive package helps keep engines clean by preventing the formation of harmful deposits and sludge. A cleaner engine translates to smoother operation and improved performance, ensuring that your dirt bike remains in optimal condition.

  6. Superior Rust and Corrosion Protection: This product offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion in this oil line, which can be especially beneficial in humid or wet environments. By preventing corrosion-related damage, the oil ensures that your engine components remain in peak condition and your dirt bike performs at its best.

  7. Broad Compatibility: This premium oil line is compatible with a wide range of dirt bikes, making it a versatile choice for riders with different makes and models. Its advanced formulation caters to the unique requirements of dirt bike engines, including 2 stroke dirt bike oil and 4 stroke dirt bike oil, ensuring optimum performance across the board.

  8. Reduced Exhaust Smoke: These dirt bike products is formulated to burn clean, reducing exhaust smoke and emissions. This not only benefits the environment but also contributes to better overall engine performance.



These synthetic engine oils for dirt bike's are recognized as premium choices in the world of competitive dirt bike racing. How fast can a dirt bike go? Using this synthetic oil that is built on a legacy of quality, performance, and reliability, will help perform a dirt bike to its top speed and performance on the track. This oil offer benefits that cater specifically to the needs of both professional and amateur dirt bike racers.

AMSOIL Clutch Plates

These dirt bike motor oils have been engineered with the utmost precision to meet the unique demands of dirt bike engines. The oil is designed to prevent wear and tear, ensuring optimum performance over the long haul. It boasts excellent clutch feel and helps to keep the engine clean, resisting deposit and sludge build-up. It's perfect for those high-stress situations, where reliable performance is not just an advantage but a necessity. Its superior lubrication capabilities reduce friction, preventing overheating, and prolonging the engine's life span. This feature is crucial in high-stakes competitive races where every fraction of a second can make a difference. Moreover, the consistent viscosity helps maintain a smooth and reliable power delivery, offering riders the confidence of predictable and consistent performance.

On the other hand, the Dominator is a 2 stroke racing oil, purpose-built for high-performance, high-rpm racing engines. The exceptional film strength of this engine oil provides protection from metal-to-metal contact, even under the most extreme pressures found in these high-rpm engines. It effectively minimizes friction and wear, enhancing performance and ensuring the longevity of engine components. Its robust formulation includes an advanced additive system that guards against harmful deposits, ensuring a clean combustion process. This is particularly important in competitive racing where the fast dirt bike needs a clean-burning engine that translates into better power output, and ultimately, better race performance.

Dominator's high-temperature stability prevents "hot spots" in critical engine areas, reducing the risk of pre-detonation, or "pinging," which could cause severe engine damage. Moreover, its proprietary formulation also offers excellent anti-foam properties, preventing any potential power loss from excessive foam.

Used by top competition racers worldwide, both AMSOIL Dirt Bike oil and Dominator are more than just oils - they are a testament to a company's commitment to performance, reliability, and quality. They provide riders with a competitive edge and assurance that their engines are protected by the best dirt bike oil in the business.

In summary, this bike oil line provides a multitude of benefits that make it an excellent choice for dirt bike enthusiasts who demand the best from their machines. By offering enhanced engine protection, improved clutch performance, and superior thermal stability, this high-quality lubricant ensures that your dirt bike remains in top shape, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence. See other AMSOIL products for your powersports machines!


Dirt bike competition - a thrilling, pulse-pounding spectacle of skill, speed, and tenacity, where the slightest error can mean the difference between victory and defeat. It's a world where only the best pit bikes, Honda dirt bikes, Yamaha dirt bikes, Kawasaki dirt bikes, and even street-legal dirt bikes, are pushed to their absolute limits. It's a gritty, unforgiving sport, but one that offers unparalleled excitement and satisfaction.

The world of dirt bike racing is a testament to human determination and engineering marvel. The riders exhibit a level of skill and bravery that's nothing short of remarkable, while the motorcycles they ride represent the pinnacle of off-road engineering. It's a thrilling dance between man and machine, made possible by a community that lives for the roar of engines and the spray of dirt.

A dirt bike competition doesn't just happen on the track. It starts long before, in workshops and garages, where bikes are carefully prepared for the challenges ahead. This is where you'll find the pit bike, a smaller, lighter version of a full-sized dirt bike, used primarily for transportation in the pits during a dirt bike competition. These bikes are critical to a smooth-running event, proving that every cog, however small, plays a vital role in the larger machinery of the competition.

Honda dirt bikes, Yamaha dirt bikes, and Kawasaki dirt bikes are popular choices in the dirt biking world, due to their consistent performance and durable build. They are engineered for extreme conditions, designed to power through the harshest terrains without missing a beat. Razor dirt bike, a popular electric model, is also a favorite among younger riders due to its blend of performance and safety features. For those who prefer to ride their dirt bikes on public roads, the street-legal dirt bike offers a perfect balance between off-road performance and on-road legality. Remember to look at EV oil and lubricants for electric dirt bike products!

But what powers these motorcycles and helps them maintain their peak performance? How do they continue to function flawlessly despite the harsh conditions of dirt bike competitions? The answer is a premium-quality synthetic dirt bike oil. This is where AMSOIL steps into the picture.

AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil is specially formulated to endure the punishing conditions of dirt bike competitions. The oil not only offers unparalleled engine protection but also enhances the overall performance of the bike. Its high-grade formulation provides a protective layer that shields engine components from wear and tear, prolonging the bike's life while ensuring top-tier performance.

The synthetic nature of this engine oil allows it to function efficiently in a variety of conditions, maintaining its protective properties even under extreme heat and pressure. This ensures the smooth operation of engine parts, providing the riders with a seamless and efficient ride, crucial for winning races.

The company's contribution to the powersport industry extends beyond the provision of superior quality motor oil. The company's dedication to supporting the sport has helped elevate the standard of dirt bike competitions, making the races more competitive and exciting. Whether it's a pit bike darting around the garage, a Honda or Yamaha dirt bike carving its way through an off-road trail, a Kawasaki dirt bike tackling a demanding motocross track, or a street-legal dirt bike rumbling down a public road, the impact of a premium synthetic oil is undeniable.

In conclusion, the world of dirt bike competition is a thrilling arena where man, machine, and nature come together in a pulse-pounding spectacle of speed and skill. Every component, from the largest dirt bike to the smallest pit bike, plays a crucial role in this exciting sport. High-quality synthetic motor oil helps ensure that these incredible machines perform at their best, contributing to the excitement, competitiveness, and sheer joy of dirt bike competitions.


AMSOIL Swapmoto Race 2023 Logo

As 2023 unfolds, the AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Series gears up to launch its 12th year of thrilling competition, maintaining its commitment to grassroots dirt bike racing. With the company serving as the presenting sponsor, the race series continues to invigorate the Southern California dirt biking scene.

Distinctively, the race series unfolds over two dynamic tracks and hosts 72 classes, catering to riders of various ages and levels of expertise. From the amateurs just starting their journey to seasoned professionals, the Swapmoto Race Series accommodates everyone, embracing the spirit of inclusivity.

In a bid to extend this inclusivity further, the series offers cost-effective transponder rentals and competitive entry fees. Additionally, it extends discounts to young riders, ensuring that everyone who has a passion for dirt biking gets a fair chance to compete. Participants get an opportunity to exhibit their prowess on some of the most challenging and engaging dirt tracks across the country.

The year-long excitement of the Swapmoto Race Series is divided into four distinct series, each comprising five adrenaline-fueled rounds. Starting in January and culminating in December, it keeps the dirt biking enthusiasts engaged and excited throughout the year.

The 2023 schedule of the Swapmoto Race Series is set and ready for enthusiasts to join in the thrilling adventure. As the presenting sponsor, the company underscores its ongoing support for the motorcycling community, reinforcing its commitment to nurturing and promoting grassroots dirt bike racing.

Thus, the Swapmoto Race Series 2023, with its broad range of classes and affordable access, promises to be a standout event in the dirt biking calendar. It is an exciting platform that keeps the spirit of competitive dirt biking alive and serves as a testament to the passion and dedication of the dirt biking community and its supporters.


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Selecting the right oil products is pivotal to ensure the optimum performance and longevity of your dirt bike. It's a choice that's simplified when you choose to purchase from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like us at HIGHGRADE Lubricants!

As a distinguished manufacturer of high-performance synthetic motor oils, the range of products for dirt bikes is designed to deliver superior engine protection, even under the most rigorous conditions. Authorized Dealers stand as gateways to this exceptional quality, providing genuine products and a wealth of professional advice to match your specific needs. They are in essence like having a discount card and customer service agent at your fingertips!

When buying from a Dealer, you can be confident that you're not just getting authentic products, but also the backing of experts. These Dealers possess an in-depth understanding of dirt bike oil products, offering invaluable guidance on the ideal oil selection, usage, and maintenance schedule for your dirt bike. They also have access to the technical resources if necessary. 

One of the key benefits of using a Dealer is the potential for discount pricing with free shipping on most orders. Many Dealers have access to competitive rates and exclusive promotions, providing an opportunity to save on your purchases. This, combined with the superior performance and durability of the company's synthetic oil products, translates into significant long-term savings. 

In a nutshell, buying your dirt bike oil products from an Authorized Dealer gives you a combination of assured quality, expert advice, and competitive pricing. It's an investment that maximizes both the performance of your dirt bike and the value of every dollar you spend.


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