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AMSOIL Metric Motorcyle Oil 10W30



AMSOIL 10W30 Metric motorcycle oil is a premium synthetic lubricant that delivers unparalleled protection for motorcycle engines. Its advanced formulation effectively reduces wear and minimizes friction, ensuring optimal performance and a longer engine life. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and operating conditions, this oil maintains its viscosity and resists thermal breakdown. This 10W30 motorcycle engine oil provides superior protection against deposit formation and corrosion, keeping your engine clean and functioning at its best for a smooth, worry-free ride. Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a motorcycle shop near me!


AMSOIL Metric Motorcyle Oil 10W40


AMSOIL 10W40 synthetic metric motorcycle oil is a high-performance synthetic lubricant specifically engineered for metric bikes. Offering exceptional engine protection and performance, this motor oil reduces friction and heat, ensuring smoother operation and prolonging the life of your motorcycle's engine. Its superior formulation resists viscosity breakdown, maintaining optimal lubrication and delivering consistent clutch feel. This  motorcycle oil 10W40 keeps your engine clean, prevents sludge and deposit buildup, and helps your bike run at peak performance for a longer time, making it an excellent choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who demand the best.


AMSOIL Metric Motorcycle Oil 15W50



This 15W50 Metric motorcycle oil is a premium synthetic lubricant specifically designed for high-performance motorcycles that push their engines to the limit. Its advanced formulation ensures excellent protection against wear, heat, and friction, enabling your motorcycle to perform at its best under extreme conditions. The oil's superior thermal stability and resistance to viscosity breakdown maintain optimal lubrication, even under intense riding conditions. This premium 15W50 engine oil keeps your engine clean and running smoothly, making it the perfect choice for those who demand maximum performance from their motorcycles.


  • Enhanced protection against wear

  • Smooth and confident shifting

  • Cool and clean performance

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a motorcycle shop near me!



AMSOIL Metric Motorcycle Oil 15W50

This premium oil is a high-performance synthetic lubricant from AMSOIL is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of metric bike engines. It provides superior protection, performance, and extended service life for sport, touring and metric cruiser bikes, not to forget World Superbikes riders too! This advanced formula delivers exceptional wear protection, reduces friction, and maintains viscosity under extreme conditions, ensuring smooth shifting and consistent power delivery. This product is not available in large chain stores but is available through an AMSOIL Authorized Dealer, like us! It is competitively matched with Lucas motorcycle oil, Honda motorcycle oil and Mobil 1 motorcycle oil to name a few competitors. This metric motorcycle oil is engineered to resist thermal breakdown, minimize deposit formation, and enhance fuel efficiency. With its reliable performance and protection, this synthetic motor oil is the ideal choice for enthusiasts, superbike racing riders and cruiser bikes to name a few, seeking the best oil for their equipment, such as the AMSOIL 10W40 synthetic metric motorcycle oil. Many owners consider this to be the best synthetic engine oil on the market and numerous motorcycle forum members express that this is the best metric cruiser motor oil for their bikes! Specifically designed for maximum performance in four-stroke metric motorcycle engines, cruisers, touring motorcycles, and adventure bikes' engines. Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a motorcycle shop near me!

AMSOIL Metric motorcycle oil is wet-clutch compatible for smooth, confident shifts and has strong wear protection and heat resistance. This synthetic engine oil keeps its viscosity and ensures that critical components are cleaned using advanced detergency. This motorcycle motor oil comes in a variety of viscosities including the popular AMSOIL Metric 10W40. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Speedbike on Street


AMSOIL Metric motorcycle oil is a high-quality synthetic lubricant engineered to provide exceptional protection and performance for metric motorcycles, or known in the bike world as metric bobbers! Its advanced formulation delivers numerous benefits to help ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience:

  1. Superior Wear Protection: This oil's robust anti-wear additives shield critical engine components from wear, extending the life of your motorcycle's engine and maximizing its potential.

  2. Enhanced Thermal Stability: The oil's high resistance to viscosity breakdown under extreme temperatures ensures optimal lubrication and protection even during intense riding conditions.

  3. Improved Engine Cleanliness: This oil's superior detergency keeps your engine clean by reducing sludge and deposit buildup, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

  4. Excellent Clutch Performance: This oil is formulated to provide optimal frictional properties for smooth and consistent clutch engagement, preventing clutch slippage and delivering improved power transfer.

  5. Extended Drain Intervals: This product is a long-lasting formulation that allows for extended drain intervals, reducing maintenance costs and time spent on oil changes.

Expanding on the above points, this Metric motorcycle oil is a premium choice for motorcycle bagger enthusiasts and owners, particularly those who ride Ducati, BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Can-Am motorcycles, amongst others. This synthetic oil offers superior benefits in terms of engine cleanliness, reducing wear and friction, promoting consistent shifting, and extending clutch life. Additionally, it possesses anti-foaming properties and excels in maintaining its viscosity even under extreme conditions.

One of the standout features of this synthetic engine oil for metric cruisers is its capacity to ensure superior engine cleanliness. Its synthetic blend and a carefully chosen set of additives provide exceptional protection against deposit formation. Deposits, or sludge, can compromise engine performance over time by clogging oil passages and creating unnecessary friction. This oil's advanced detergents work to keep these harmful deposits at bay, leading to a cleaner, more efficient engine. This is especially important with bikes from WWII era and the older British motorcycle!

This synthetic engine oil also shines in reducing wear and friction. It is meticulously engineered to provide a film of lubrication between moving parts, thereby reducing friction and wear, which can lead to significant mechanical damage over time. The oil’s excellent film strength ensures that the engine components are well coated and protected even under severe operating conditions, contributing to the longevity and performance of the motorcycle engine.

One of the more unique aspects of this synthetic oil is its ability to promote consistent, smooth shifting. This is critical for riders who rely on the precision and responsiveness of their motorcycles. The synthetic formulation provides excellent lubricity, ensuring smooth gear shifts and reducing the chance of missed shifts. Additionally, the oil helps prolong clutch life by reducing slippage and delivering maximum power transfer.

Motorcycle oils need to resist foaming, which can compromise their lubricating properties and lead to accelerated wear. This premium synthetic motor oil for metric bikes, contain anti-foam additives that mitigate the aeration and foaming often caused by high-speed operation. Furthermore, this oil's synthetic composition allows it to maintain its viscosity across a broad temperature range. Oil viscosity is vital in ensuring adequate lubrication at all operating temperatures, and this oil’s ability to resist thinning at high temperatures and thickening at low temperatures sets it apart.

When compared to other motorcycle oils on the market, this company's oil often stands above the competition due to the reasons discussed above. In contrast, some conventional oils may fail to provide the same level of engine cleanliness, leading to quicker deposit build-up and reduced engine efficiency. They may also fall short in providing adequate wear protection, resulting in increased engine wear over time.

Many conventional and synthetic oils struggle to provide consistent smooth shifting, which is integral to riding performance. Conversely, this oil's exceptional lubricity ensures smooth gear shifts every time. Furthermore, while some oils lack the additives necessary to prevent foaming and maintain oil viscosity under varying temperatures, this motorcycle oil shines in these areas.

The many benefits of this synthetic motor oil have earned it a place in the hearts of metric chopper riders worldwide. This product's popularity is not limited to one brand or type of motorcycle, as it is embraced by a vast array of riders across different brands like Ducati, BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Can-Am and British bikes, among others. Riders often comment on the noticeable improvements in performance, longevity, and maintenance intervals when using this premium synthetic oil.


The comprehensive benefits are evidence of this company's commitment to quality and performance. This oil doesn't just meet industry standards; it seeks to exceed them, providing exceptional care for motorcycles and confidence for their owners. Whether the ride takes you on a high-speed adventure, a cross-country journey, or a quick city commute, this excellent synthetic oil ensures reliable, top-notch performance for the ride of a lifetime. If you understand motorcycle metrics, you will understand why having a premium synthetic oil is extremely important!

By choosing this oil, riders can enjoy the confidence of knowing their motorcycle is protected by a lubricant designed specifically for the unique needs of metric motorcycles. Its advanced formulation delivers superior protection, performance, and reliability, ensuring your motorcycle performs at its best, whether on the road or the track.


The love for metric motorcycles spans globally, a mutual appreciation for the engineering, craftsmanship, and sheer exhilaration these machines offer. Born out of countries such as Japan, Germany, and Italy, where the metric system is standard, motorcycles from renowned brands such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, and Ducati have each carved out a distinct space within this culture. We can't forget the English motorcycle culture as well with owners globally.

This fervor for metric bobbers forms a social community that extends from local gatherings to international events, online forums, and bustling motorcycle clubs which include British motorcycle clubs amongst numerous others! These communities act as an ecosystem, fostering connections between like-minded individuals who share a passion for these two-wheeled marvels.


Motorcycle clubs and online forums often brim with enthusiastic discussions about ideal gear ratios, tuning strategies, and performance tweaks. The shared knowledge strengthens not just the individual rider's understanding and experience but also helps in shaping the vibrant, tightly-knit fabric of this motorcycle community.

A significant part of this culture gravitates around competitive racing, a dynamic, adrenaline-fueled realm where the mettle of these motorcycles is tested. Events like MotoGP, the Isle of Man TT, or the World Superbike Championship showcase the raw power, nimble handling, and resilience of these bikes. Racers and spectators alike get to witness the cutting-edge advancements in motorcycle technology, pushing boundaries of speed, safety, and performance. See this article of Jeff Seehorn who AMSOIL supports in his racing endeavours.

However, the culture isn't solely dominated by speed and competition. A large portion of it is also rooted in the joy of exploration and adventure that comes with regional tours and long-haul road trips. Whether cruising through the breathtaking Alpine routes of Europe, experiencing the vast, open roads of the American West, or winding through scenic mountain trails in Japan, these tours are a testament to the thrill of discovery on two wheels. See this video about an AMSOIL employee and his father traveling on a long haul journey!

These long-haul journeys also provide an opportunity for riders to truly connect with their motorcycles. Each hour spent riding brings a deeper understanding of the bike's capabilities, its nuances, and idiosyncrasies. Over time, the motorcycle almost takes on a persona, becoming a trusted partner in the rider's grand adventure.

This is where the importance of maintenance and high-quality products like this oil comes in. On long journeys and high-performance rides, the motorcycle engine is subjected to intense pressure and heat. This oil, with its premium synthetic formulation, provides superior protection and performance under these demanding conditions.

This product is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of metric bike engines and transmissions. Its robust synthetic formulation provides excellent viscosity stability, reducing the chances of oil viscosity shear in high-temperature, high-stress situations that can otherwise lead to engine wear. The oil's high heat resistance also protects the engine from overheating, ensuring a smoother, more reliable ride with consistent oil thickness.

But the oil's benefits aren't limited to engine protection alone. Its friction-modifying properties help maximize power transfer, resulting in better acceleration and fuel efficiency. This makes this oil an ideal companion for those high-speed races as well as the long-distance tours, where fuel stops can be few and far between.

Furthermore, it has excellent detergent and dispersant additives keep engines clean by reducing sludge and varnish. This is particularly crucial for riders who are fond of older models, as it helps prolong the engine life and maintain the motorcycle's performance.

Overall, the company's contribution to the motorcycle culture goes beyond mere lubrication. It aids in ensuring that the riders' love for speed, exploration, and community is backed by reliable, high-performing machines. By reducing the risk of mechanical failures and improving performance, this oil allows riders to fully immerse themselves in the thrill of the ride, the camaraderie of the community, and the shared love for these engineering marvels.

Motorcycle culture is a celebration of speed, engineering, community, and exploration. Products like this motorcycle oil enhance this culture by ensuring that these fantastic machines can continue to deliver joy, adventure, and a sense of belonging to riders around the world.


The city of Lima in northwest Ohio is the proud hometown of Phil Steiner. His journey in the automotive world commenced at the Ford Motor Company, where he held various positions across several departments such as machining, production, and cleaning, over a span of 44 years.

Steiner has a deep-seated love for automobiles, which is exemplified by his possession of vintage treasures such as a 1957 Chevy, a 1959 Corvette, and a Lincoln Towncar. However, Steiner's automotive affections aren't limited to four wheels; he exhibits a profound passion for Honda Gold Wings. His garage's pride and joy is a 2015 GL 1800, flaunting an impressive nearly 704,000 miles on the odometer. Additionally, his collection also includes a 2002 model with an almost equally impressive 554,000 miles. Remarkably, both motorcycles retain their original engines, thanks largely to metric motorcycle oil, negating the need for any engine work.

Steiner's passion for motorcycles was sparked in 1962 with a 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, which he bought for $200. He soon upgraded to a 1960 CH Sportster, riding it an approximate 2,000 miles roundtrip to the Daytona Bike Week in Florida for four consecutive years.

This penchant for motorcycles led to Steiner owning a series of motorcycles, eventually falling in love with the Honda Gold Wing in 1975. His first Gold Wing was a preowned 1975 model with just 300 miles on it. He quickly accumulated miles on every subsequent Gold Wing he purchased, notably hitting nearly 270,000 miles on his 1991 model. Today, he estimates that he has traversed about 2 million miles on Gold Wings.

Steiner's dedication to maintaining his motorcycles is almost as impressive as the miles he has logged on them. He noted that he doesn't push his bikes too hard, contributing to their longevity. For example, the 2015 model uses only a quarter of a quart of oil every 400 miles, a rate that Steiner acknowledges should be higher given the bike's substantial mileage.

While Steiner has curtailed his overnight road trips, he still enjoys long-distance rides. A favorite destination is the Moonshine Store near Martinsville, Illinois, known for its Moonshine Burger. After 2 million miles traversing the nation on Gold Wings, there are only a handful of states he hasn't visited. He has a special fondness for Florida, having attended the Daytona Bike Week annually for 40 consecutive years from 1964 to 2004, even braving temperatures as low as -8°F one year.

On the topic of AMSOIL products, which have been an integral part of his motorcycle maintenance, Steiner is effusive in his praise. His aspirations are to clock a million miles on his 2015 Gold Wing, a goal he intends to achieve by maintaining his physical health and religiously using AMSOIL. 


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Choosing to buy metric motorcycle oil from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like us at HIGHGRADE Lubricants, ensures you enjoy an array of advantages. This decision is your gateway to a superior biking experience as you enjoy the highest grade of lubrication for your beloved machine.

An AMSOIL Dealer is your assurance of authenticity. The market can be full of counterfeit products, risking your vehicle's performance and longevity. By choosing an Authorized Dealer, you ensure you are purchasing a genuine product designed specifically for your metric cruiser, like having your own individual point of contact and a discount card all in one package! You get a product tailored to cater to the needs of metric motorcycles, fostering optimal performance, and promoting longer engine life, as well as discount pricing and free shipping on most orders, that are not available through any other avenue.

Furthermore, these Dealers are extensively trained, offering an unmatched knowledge. They can provide you with expert advice on which oil best suits your bike, ensuring you receive the right product for your specific requirements based on the information you provide them. This bespoke advice not only maximizes your motorcycle's performance but also helps to extend its life, saving you from costly repairs and replacements.

Besides, an Authorized Dealer guarantees you personalized customer service. Should you face any issues with the product, or need help with your purchase, you can rest assured that you'll receive timely and helpful assistance.

The use of this metric motorcycle oil leads to numerous benefits. It provides outstanding wear protection and smooth, confident shifts. Its thermal stability reduces heat and promotes efficient operation, ensuring your ride is always in the best metric cruiser condition!

Therefore, purchasing from an Authorized Dealer is not merely a transaction; it's an investment in your motorcycle's health and your satisfaction as a rider. In a world where quality is paramount, making such a choice can make all the difference in your biking experience. Create an AMSOIL account and BUY NOW for the best synthetic oil for your bike!


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