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AMSOIL Interceptor Oil
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OUR #1 BEST SELLER FOR 2 STROKES!!! You get the best performance and protection with AMSOIL Interceptor 2 stroke oil. Interceptor is the best synthetic motor oil for racing if you're seeking for the best. It is ideal for preventing exhaust power valve and piston ring sticking. It performs exceptionally well with DFI engines and at cold temperatures (-63F /-53C) and it offers reduced smoke and odour and protects against wear.


AMSOIL Dominator 2 Stroke Oil


If a racer doesn't finish, they can't win. For this reason, AMSOIL Dominator 2 Stroke Oil was created. The heat, pressure, and friction of race-engineered engines are specifically addressed by this complicated mixture of oils and additives. Although these engines are quite demanding, engine durability is crucial. Dominator oil performs a fantastic job of safeguarding powerful engines. It increases the durability that professional racing teams rely on and provides assurance so that engines may be overworked.


AMSOIL Break In Oil


Rings sit perfectly thanks to a friction-modifier-free recipe for maximum compression and less blow-by. Cams and bearings are protected during break-in due to the superior film strength and special anti-wear additive package which also delivers engine preparation to a competitive standard!


AMSOIL Briggs and Stratton 4T Oil


In high-revving, air-cooled, splash-lubed environments, these lubricants are specially developed and formulated for maximum horsepower and protection without the drawbacks of utilizing automotive, PAG, or mineral-based karting oils. This oil resists corrosion, rust, and foaming. It is safe for use in stock or modified engines that burn gasoline and alcohol.


AMSOIL Competition Diesel Oil


For professionals and enthusiasts looking for a step up in diesel protection, AMSOIL Dominator 20W-50 Competitive Diesel Oil is the solution. It is specifically made for high-horsepower diesel engines and offers the advantages that diesel competitors value the most, such as strong durability, exceptional bearing protection, and the capacity to handle the high pressures and temperatures encountered in diesel driven racing oil.


AMSOIL Dominator 5W20 Racing Oil


Dominator 5W20 is a top-of-the-line motor oil formulated specifically for racing applications. Its advanced synthetic formula provides superior wear protection, ensuring maximum engine performance and longevity. With its high film strength, Dominator 5W20 is capable of withstanding extreme heat and stress commonly encountered in racing, making it the ideal choice for professional and amateur racers alike. For those seeking the ultimate in engine protection and performance, Dominator 5W20 synthetic engine oil is the clear choice. Improve your off road race track lap times and other racing route times to beat the pack! 


AMSOIL Dominator 10W30 Racing Oil


AMSOIL 10W30 is a premium synthetic motor oil designed to provide exceptional performance for racing applications. Its advanced formula is optimized to withstand the rigors of high-performance engines and extreme racing conditions, providing excellent wear protection and minimizing engine deposits. Dominator 10W30 engine oil provides superior performance under high temperatures and high-stress conditions, ensuring maximum engine power and longevity. Its unique formulation also delivers excellent wet clutch compatibility, making it ideal for motorcycles and other high-performance vehicles. If you're looking for a synthetic motor oil that delivers outstanding performance in racing conditions, the 10W30 viscosity is the perfect choice.


AMSOIL Racing Oil 10W40


AMSOIL 10W40 is a brand new synthetic motor oil formulated to provide top end performance for racing applications which require this oil viscosity. The advanced formula is optimized to take head on the high-performance racing engines and environmental conditions, providing a wear protection that minimizes engine sludge and deposits as well as ensuring oil thickness and performance. Dominator 10W40 synthetic engine oil provides top end performance while bearing high temperatures and high-stress engine conditions, and ensures maximum power and longevity. The unique reciepe delivers one of the best wet clutch engagement, making it ideal for most high-performance racing applications. This synthetic motor oil delivers amazing performance during race conditions, giving evidence that the 10W40 viscosity is an effective choice.


AMSOIL Dominator 15W50 Racing Oil


AMSOIL 15W50 is a top-tier synthetic motor oil formulated specifically for racing applications. Its advanced formula delivers exceptional wear protection and is optimized for high-performance engines and extreme racing conditions. Dominator oil 15W50 provides superior protection against engine deposits and is designed to withstand high temperatures and high-stress conditions, ensuring maximum engine performance and longevity. Its unique blend of synthetic base oils and high-quality additives delivers excellent anti-wear protection and superior resistance to thermal breakdown. If you're looking for a motor oil that provides outstanding performance in racing conditions, this 15W50 is the ideal choice.


AMSOIL Dominator SAE60 Racing Oil


AMSOIL SAE60 is a premium-grade synthetic motor oil designed to provide outstanding performance and protection in high-performance racing applications. Its advanced formula is optimized for high-stress conditions and is engineered to deliver exceptional wear protection and resistance to thermal breakdown. SAE60 is also formulated to provide superior protection against engine deposits, ensuring maximum engine power and longevity. With its high film strength, Dominator SAE60 can withstand extreme heat and stress, making it ideal for use in high-performance racing engines. If you're looking for a motor oil that delivers unmatched performance and protection in racing conditions, this is the perfect choice.


  • Specifically formulated for racing and high-performance engines

  • Robust formulation that resists viscosity loss

  • Proprietary friction modifier to maximize horsepower and torque

  • Enhanced with anti-wear additives for additional protection

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a racing mechanic for installation!



AMSOIL Dominator 15W50 Racing Oil

AMSOIL Racing Oil is a specialized product designed to meet the high demands of racing and high-performance engines. It provides exceptional wear protection, high-temperature resistance, and maximum horsepower. Whether it is for drag racing, road racing, circle track, or any other form of high-performance competition, These products deliver the performance and protection that is necessary for maximum engine output. This synthetic motor oil is formulated using the latest synthetic base oils and advanced additives, ensuring outstanding performance, consistent oil viscosity, oil thickness and engine protection. It is a trusted product among racers and performance enthusiasts, providing the ultimate protection for their engines under the most demanding conditions. AMSOIL Dominator is one of the most popular! Since these products are direct buy and shipped to your door, you will not find them in big box stores where Valvoline VR1 racing oil, Maxima racing oil, Mobil 1 racing oil and other racing oil products are found.

This oil is heavily strengthened with zinc and phosphorus additions to safeguard important surfaces in harsh environments and its exclusive friction reducer increases power and lowers engine temperatures. This engine oil is for both racing and street engines, from drag racing to desert racing to the Baja 1000 and off road racing; where a durable additive system is built in to withstand punishment of these competitions! See how the company is involved in various racing events including drag racing in the video below. Available in a variety of viscosities with AMSOIL Dominator Racing Oil being the most popular, amongst other products below! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


Designed for high-performance engines, AMSOIL Racing Oil and the full line of racing oil products, deliver exceptional protection and performance to a wide range of racing machinery. Its powerful formulation works to fight engine wear, maximize horsepower, and offer reliable all-temperature performance. It's the oil of choice for many in the racing industry who need robust protection, excellent startup, and friction protection for their high-powered machines.


These synthetic engine oil products are a premium-quality synthetic motor oil designed specifically for high-performance racing applications like ATV racing, quad racing and F1 racing and rally cars. Its advanced formula is optimized to provide superior wear protection, exceptional engine cleanliness, and maximum engine performance in high-stress conditions. One of the key benefits of this racing oil line is its ability to withstand extreme heat and stress commonly encountered in racing applications, such as in racing trucks. Its unique formulation delivers superior thermal stability, ensuring consistent performance even in the most demanding conditions.


Another benefit of this racing motor oil line is its ability to reduce engine deposits, which can negatively impact engine performance and longevity. With its advanced detergency system, this oil keeps engines clean and operating at peak performance. In addition to its superior performance and protection, this AMSOIL oil line also provides excellent fuel economy benefits. Its advanced synthetic formula reduces friction and improves engine efficiency, resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. These products are also designed to be compatible with a wide range of racing engines and performance vehicles, including those with flat tappet and roller cams. Its high-zinc formula delivers exceptional wear protection to critical engine components, ensuring maximum power and longevity.

AMSOIL High Temp Shear Graph


The stress and strain of racing can lead to accelerated engine wear. These products are specifically formulated to fight this issue. Its superior synthetic blend forms a strong protective barrier on engine components, reducing friction and wear, and ensuring the longevity of the engine.


Power is paramount in racing, and this engine oil line is designed to maximize horsepower. It reduces power-robbing friction and protects against loss of compression, helping to ensure that engines deliver maximum power output. This can lead to improved lap times and stronger overall performance.



Racing conditions can vary greatly, from the blistering heat of a summer Nascar racing track or rally cars ready to hit the windy roads, to the cold temperatures of early morning snowmobile racing practices. This racing oil line is formulated to provide reliable performance across a wide temperature range. It maintains its viscosity and protective properties whether the conditions are hot or cold, ensuring consistent engine protection.



A strong oil film is critical to preventing metal-to-metal contact and reducing wear. These product's synthetic formula forms a resilient oil film that remains strong even under the severe conditions of racing. Additionally, this motor oil ensures excellent startup protection, quickly forming a protective layer on engine components to minimize wear during startup.

AMSOIL Official Racing Oil Logo


Friction can rob an engine of power and speed, two things a racer cannot afford to lose. These products is designed to provide superior friction protection. It reduces friction in the engine, allowing for smoother operation and maximizing power output.



Using this premium formula can lead to improved lap times due to its ability to maximize horsepower and reduce friction. By fighting engine wear and protecting against compression loss, it also helps ensure that engine components last longer, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements. Improve your off road racing track, Baja 1000 and desert racing route times! 



Compared to other racing oils, this product line often stands out. Some conventional and synthetic oils struggle to provide the same level of wear protection, leading to increased engine wear and reduced lifespan. They may also fall short in maximizing horsepower, limiting the performance potential of racing engines. While some oils may not offer reliable all-temperature performance, this synthetic racing oil stands out with its ability to maintain its protective properties across a wide temperature range. Its strong protective oil film and excellent startup protection are also superior to many other oils, as is its ability to provide robust friction protection.



Due to its impressive performance and protection, this synthetic oil lineup has gained significant popularity among the racing community. It is used in a variety of racing equipment, from high-performance cars to motorbikes and ATV drag racing to name a few events, by those who understand the need for superior engine protection in the harsh conditions of racing. 

Racers often report noticeable improvements in engine performance, lap times, and component longevity when using this oil, contributing to its reputation as a top choice in the racing industry. Regardless of the type of racing machinery, users trust this oil to deliver exceptional protection and performance when they need it most.

This product sets the bar high for racing lubrication. Its comprehensive approach to engine protection, robust performance in various temperatures, and contribution to improved racing times make it an exceptional choice for anyone involved in racing. It exemplifies a commitment to quality and performance that is both vital and commendable in the challenging world of racing.

Overall, this Racing Oil is the perfect choice for racers and performance enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in engine protection and performance. With its advanced synthetic formula, superior wear protection, and excellent fuel economy benefits, these oils are the clear choice for high-performance racing applications.


AMS OIL Drag Race White Car

Drag racing, a sport of raw speed, power, and precision, has a deeply interwoven relationship with performance-driven products like AMSOIL. The world of drag racing, with its array of high-performance machines, puts forth unique demands that ordinary products often fail to meet. Thus, the role of this company in drag racing becomes pivotal, extending beyond just a synthetic oil company to a contributor in making the drag racing sport a spectacle.

The company's history and reputation in high-performance lubricants have seen it become an integral part of drag racing, with its influence visible in races like the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) U.S. Nationals, the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Dragstock, and the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) World Finals. These high-profile events see the use of racing oil not only as a product but also as a partner, contributing significantly to the overall performance of the participating vehicles.

At the NHRA U.S. Nationals, which is considered one of the most prestigious events in drag racing, the performance pressures are immense. NHRA drag racing, where the cars, powered by engines that output north of 10,000 horsepower, require products that can handle this sheer power. The company's racing oil has been a trustworthy ally to these machines, providing the much-needed resilience under such extreme conditions.

In a similar vein, the ADRL Dragstock is an event that witnesses a myriad of cars, ranging from Pro Modified to Extreme Pro Stock. The varying categories of cars bring forth diverse lubrication needs. Again, the use of this premium specifically formulated racing oil delivers the required performance, exhibiting its versatility across different categories and proving its worth as a product that excels in varied conditions.

Lastly, at the IHRA World Finals, an event known for its grueling schedules and high-intensity performances, the role of this oil becomes even more critical. The long hours of races put in by a dragsters race car, endures enormous strain on drag race car engine and its parts, like the cylinders head, oil pump, timing chain and numerous other components, underscoring the need for a product that can withstand such demanding conditions. The ability of this racing oil to offer consistent performance even under such circumstances is a testament to its durability.

There are significant benefits to using this high-performance product. Firstly, it provides superior engine protection. The extreme heat and friction generated by these powerful dragster engines can be detrimental to the vehicle's performance. However, the formula offers excellent wear protection, thus ensuring that the engines can maintain their peak performance for a longer time while on the drag strip! The high film strength of this synthetic oil creates a strong barrier between metal surfaces, preventing wear and extending the drag car engine's life.

Secondly, this product provides exceptional thermal stability. In the heat of the drag race, engine oils are pushed to their limit. Under such high temperatures, conventional oils might break down, leading to damaging deposits and a loss of power. However, this racing oil, specifically designed to withstand these extremes, maintains its protective qualities and oil viscosity, thereby securing the engine against thermal breakdown.

Thirdly, it also helps to improve horsepower and torque. The low-viscosity nature of this oil reduces frictional losses, allowing the engine to operate more efficiently and achieve higher power outputs, with appropriate oil thickness and consistency. This benefit is especially crucial in drag racing, where every fraction of a second matters.

In conclusion, the contribution to drag racing is evident not only through its presence in major races but also through the benefits it offers. It is more than just a synthetic engine oil; it's a product that upholds the spirit of this high-performance sport, reinforcing speed, power, and resilience. The involvement of this high-performance lubricant in drag racing, from the NHRA U.S. Nationals to the ADRL Dragstock and the IHRA World Finals, is a testament to its performance, reliability, and versatility in the face of the most extreme conditions on the drag strip!


AMSOIL Rally Racing Car

Following the successful 2018 season, Seehorn Rally Team, spearheaded by the accomplished duo Jeff Seehorn and Karen Jankowski, announced the expansion of its collaboration with AMSOIL for the 2019 rally season. This marked the company's ascension to the title sponsor's role, fortifying the team's competitive edge for the ensuing season.

Seehorn and Jankowski had the distinct honor of being the first to consecutively clinch the national class champions title in the esteemed American Rally Association championship. The 2018 season saw them reigning supreme with five class victories across six events, coupled with five top-three overall finishes. This stellar performance secured them the second position in the overall championship, making them the top-ranked privateer team for two consecutive years.

With this company stepping up as the title sponsor, the team was poised for further triumphs in the 2019 season. Jeff Seehorn, the team owner and driver, expressed his excitement about the expanded partnership, noting that AMSOIL's impressive lubricants and their deep-rooted racing culture aligned perfectly with their team's ethos. He highlighted the company's initiative to support North American rally racing through their robust contingency program, a testament to their commitment to the sport.

Adding to their rally race portfolio, this premium synthetic engine oil and lubricant producer further cemented its support by assuming the presenting sponsor role for the American Rally Association series in 2019. The company continued to endorse its contingency program, rewarding teams in the ARA series that utilized their products.

Kevin Kastner, the Racing & Events Manager, acknowledged the demanding nature of rally racing, which puts both the car and the team to the ultimate test. He hailed the synergy between the company and Seehorn Rally Team as a formidable alliance that exemplified the performance and value of their synthetic automotive lubricants. He extended his encouragement to other racers to experience these benefits through the ARA contingency program.

Karen Jankowski, co-driver of the Seehorn Rally Team, shared her enthusiasm about their escalated partnership. She conveyed the team's excitement about testing products in the grueling and diverse conditions inherent in rally racing. For Jankowski, this alliance of remarkable people and products set the stage for an exhilarating season.

The Seehorn Rally Team committed to showcasing their mettle in the five rounds of the American Rally Association championship: the 100 Acre Wood, Olympus Rally, Oregon Trail Rally, Idaho Rally, and Ojibwe Rally. Their first foray into the season was set for the 100 Acre Wood Rally on March 15-16, 2019.

This chapter of the historical narrative pays homage to a moment when a powerful partnership between a victorious team and a leading lubricant company propelled them towards another ambitious rally season, marking yet another fascinating footnote in the annals of rally racing history.


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

For motorsport enthusiasts and racers, maintaining their vehicles at optimum performance is crucial. Renowned for its high-performance synthetic motor oils, this company offers a comprehensive range of racing oil products designed to meet the exacting demands of racing environments. Opting to purchase these from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like HIGHGRADE Lubricants, brings several benefits.

Firstly, Dealers frequently offer their products at competitive rates, often featuring discount pricing with free shipping on most orders, through the company. This ensures that you have access to top-of-the-line synthetic racing oils at a price point that delivers excellent value, allowing you to focus on enhancing your vehicle's performance without overstretching your budget. It is like having a discount card and distribution point of contact at your fingertips!

In addition, choosing to purchase your racing oils from a Dealer gives you the backing of the company's support for racing. As a brand with deep roots in the motorsports community, they are committed to supporting its customers in their racing endeavors. This means access to a wealth of technical resources, advice on the best practices for using their products, and even direct support from the company.

In essence, purchasing your racing oil products from a Dealer not only offers financial benefits but also brings the assurance of a supportive partnership with a brand that understands and shares your passion for racing. It's an investment in superior performance, backed by a company committed to the racing community.


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