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AMSOIL Interceptor
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AMSOIL Interceptor Oil delivers exceptional benefits for high-performance two-stroke engines. Its advanced formula minimizes wear, reducing engine maintenance and prolonging its life. With excellent detergency, it keeps internal components clean and deposit-free, ensuring optimal performance. The oil's outstanding cold-weather fluidity guarantees smooth starts, while its anti-rust properties protect against corrosion during storage. By using this AMSOIL 2 stroke snowmobile oil, enthusiasts and professionals alike can enjoy enhanced engine performance, reliability, and longevity, making this AMSOIL 2 cycle snowmobile oil an ideal choice for demanding two-stroke applications.


AMSOIL 2 Stroke Injector Oil


AMSOIL 2 Stroke Injector Oil offers significant advantages for two-stroke engines, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Its superior formulation reduces wear and friction, enhancing engine life and minimizing maintenance. The oil's exceptional detergency properties keep internal components clean, preventing deposits and maintaining peak performance. With excellent cold-weather fluidity, it ensures smooth, trouble-free starts, while its anti-rust properties protect against corrosion during storage. This synthetic engine oil is a top choice for enthusiasts and professionals seeking improved engine performance, longevity, and reduced maintenance in their two-stroke applications.


AMSOIL Dominator


AMSOIL Dominator Oil for snowmobiles delivers unparalleled benefits, ensuring peak performance and engine longevity. Its advanced formula minimizes wear and friction, reducing maintenance and extending engine life. Engineered for snowmobile racing applications, this AMSOIL 2 cycle oil has exceptional detergency and maintains internal component cleanliness, while preventing harmful deposits. Its impressive cold-weather fluidity ensures smooth, hassle-free starts, while anti-rust properties protect against corrosion during storage. With this AMSOIL 2 stroke oil, snowmobile enthusiasts and racers alike can experience enhanced engine performance, reliability, and protection, even under the most demanding conditions. This synthetic motor oil has been used extensively in AMSOIL snowmobile racing events!


AMSOIL Formula 4 Stroke


AMSOIL Formula 4 Stroke Oil for snowmobiles provides exceptional benefits, ensuring top performance and engine durability. Its advanced formulation reduces wear and friction, extending engine life and lowering maintenance requirements. This synthetic oil's superior detergency maintains internal component cleanliness, preventing harmful deposits and optimizing performance. With excellent cold-weather fluidity, it guarantees smooth, trouble-free starts, while its anti-rust properties protect against corrosion during storage. By choosing AMSOIL 4 stroke oil, snowmobile enthusiasts can experience improved engine performance, reliability, and protection in demanding winter conditions. 


  • Offers rapid protection at startup.

  • Prevents carbon and varnish buildup.

  • Ensures easy starts and fluidity in cold weather.

  • Compatible with wet-clutch systems.

  • Fortified with anti-rust additives for enhanced rust protection.

  • Provides wear protection.

  • Produces low smoke and odor.

  • Helps prevent spark plug fouling.

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a snowmobile mechanic near me!



AMSOIL Interceptor

AMSOIL snowmobile oil are premium lubricants specially formulated to cater to the unique requirements of snowmobile engines, as seen in the Snocross AMSOIL Champion races! This high-quality oil delivers exceptional performance, even in the most extreme cold-weather conditions. Its advanced composition reduces friction and wear, prolonging engine life and enhancing reliability. Furthermore, the oil's excellent low-temperature fluidity ensures smooth, easy starts and reduced strain on the engine such as the popular AMSOIL 2 stroke snowmobile oil called Interceptor. This engine oil also provides superior protection against rust and corrosion, safeguarding critical components during long-term storage. By optimizing engine performance and reducing maintenance costs, AMSOIL 2 stroke snowmobile oil and AMSOIL 4 stroke snowmobile oil are ideal choice's for snowmobile enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

From the AMSOIL Interceptor 2 stroke to the Formula 4 stroke synthetic oil, AMSOIL's products beat the pack on performance and protection! Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) push the performance envelope even further with each new model, giving you a faster ride and pushing your sled harder while consuming less gas and oil while emitting fewer emissions, such as seen in AMSOIL Snocross races! This results in a thrilling ride for you but terrible conditions for your sled to operate in. See the Snocross video below for more exciting information! AMSOIL snowmobile oil provides maximum protection and excellent lubricity, while keeping your sled's engine performance going longer! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMSOIL Warranty for Snowmobile



AMSOIL snowmobile oils provide exceptional benefits for 2 and 4 stroke snowmobile engines, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and longevity even in extreme winter conditions. Its advanced, high-quality formulation is specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of snowmobile engines, providing an unparalleled level of protection and performance. This is observed in snowmobile racing events such as AMSOIL Championship Snocross! There are also many other products that provide excellent protection in snowmobiles, such as the AMSOIL Snowmobile Chaincase Oil and AMSOIL Powersports Coolant. Additionally, these products all come with a powerful warranty from the company!


One of the key advantages of these oils is the ability to reduce friction and wear, which in turn extends engine life and reduces maintenance costs. This is seen in the AMSOIL Interceptor snowmobile oil. The superior detergency properties of these oils maintain the cleanliness of internal engine components, preventing the buildup of harmful deposits that can lead to reduced performance and engine damage.

AMSOIL Interceptor Carbon Deposit Result

Piston and power valves are clean after Interceptor 2 stroke oil testing!


Another notable benefit is the oil's excellent low-temperature fluidity, which ensures smooth, easy starts even in the coldest weather conditions. This is observed in our oils, including all AMSOIL 2 stroke snowmobile oils and AMSOIL 4 stroke snowmobile oil. This reduced strain on the engine furthers the enhancing of equipment lifespan and performance. Additionally, the advanced formulation of AMSOIL oil provides superior protection against rust and corrosion, safeguarding critical engine components during long-term storage and exposure to harsh winter environments, such as when trappers and hunters use snowmobiles in winter as well as AMSOIL Snocross racing! Both AMSOIL Interceptor and AMSOIL Dominator are extremely popular in these activities.

By minimizing engine wear, preventing deposit buildup, ensuring smooth starts in cold temperatures, and protecting against rust and corrosion, AMSOIL snowmobile oils significantly enhance the overall performance and reliability of your snowmobile. This high-quality oil is an ideal choice for snowmobile enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering peace of mind and allowing them to fully enjoy their winter adventures without worrying about the health and longevity of their engines.

To expand further on the key points of AMSOIL oil for snowmobiles, in the world of snowmobile lubrication, the AMSOIL Snowmobile Oil line stands as an impressive solution, designed with specialized characteristics to meet the unique requirements of snowmobile engines. The product offers excellent protection against engine wear, superior cold weather performance, and significant friction protection, among other benefits, making it a go-to choice for many snowmobile enthusiasts.


Engine wear is a significant concern for any 2 and 4 stroke snowmobile owner. This product, with its advanced synthetic formulation, effectively fights engine wear. It provides a durable protective barrier between engine parts, reducing friction and extending the life of the engine, making it an ideal choice for those who value longevity in their snowmobile engines.


Snowmobiles, by their very nature, operate in cold environments. This synthetic oil shines in cold weather performance, maintaining its fluidity even at sub-zero temperatures. It ensures reliable startup and consistent protection, despite the harsh winter conditions, making it a preferred choice for many snowmobile owners.


These snowmobile motor oils are explicitly formulated for the unique demands of snowmobile engines. It can neutralize acids and combustion byproducts that can harm engine components, contributing to improved engine health and performance. It is also designed to provide excellent startup protection, quickly forming a protective layer on engine parts during the critical startup period. Many owners of snowmobile's choose this product for their machines, like the snowmobil Lynx, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha and Can-Am to name a few.


This engine oil line offers significant friction protection. It reduces friction within the engine, contributing to smoother operation and better performance. Reduced friction also means less wear and tear on engine parts, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for repairs and replacements.



These synthetic engine oil products also helps protect engine components from rust. Its corrosion inhibitors form a protective barrier on metal parts, guarding against rust and corrosion. This is especially beneficial for 2 stroke snowmobile as well as the 4 stroke snowmobile, which can be exposed to moisture from snow and ice, making them prone to rust and corrosion.


When compared with other 2 and 4 stroke snowmobile synthetic motor oil, this product often stands out for several reasons. Some oils may struggle to provide robust protection against engine wear, while this oil's superior formulation ensures excellent wear protection. Similarly, other oils might not offer the same level of cold-weather performance, which is vital for snowmobiles. This product maintains its protective properties even at sub-zero temperatures, ensuring reliable engine protection when it's needed most.

Additionally, while some oils may not effectively neutralize harmful acids and combustion byproducts, this snowmobile oil is designed to do just that. Its excellent startup protection, friction protection, and ability to protect components from rust also sets it apart from many other snowmobile oils on the market.


Given its numerous benefits, these synthetic snowmobile oils enjoy considerable popularity among snowmobile owners, regardless if it is a Skidoo 850 turbo, Yamaha 4 stroke snowmobile, Polaris 4 stroke snowmobile, Ski doo 900 Ace turbo or other turbo skidoo or snowmobile brands. It's used in a wide range of snowmobile equipment, demonstrating its versatility and reliability. Snowmobile owners often report noticeable improvements in engine performance, startup, and component longevity when using this oil, contributing to its strong reputation in the snowmobile community.

In conclusion, this snowmobile oil line sets the bar high for snowmobile lubrication. Its comprehensive approach to engine protection, superior performance in cold weather conditions, and commitment to improving engine health make it an exceptional choice for anyone involved in snowmobiling. It represents a commitment to quality and performance that is both necessary and commendable in the demanding world of snowmobile engine care.


2 stroke snowmobile racing and 4 stroke snowmobile competitions are an electrifying winter sport that unites thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and snow enthusiasts from across the globe. It's a fast-paced, intense, and dynamic spectacle that tests the mettle of both the riders and their machines. This demanding sport calls for peak performance under extreme weather conditions, making the choice of lubricant pivotal to success. Herein lies the significance of synthetic engine oil, such as those produced by AMSOIL, which has become a beacon of reliability in the world of snowmobile racing.

The company's unwavering support for snowmobile racing competitions is both substantial and influential. As a key sponsor of numerous events, the company has dedicated itself to fostering growth within the sport hosting an AMSOIL Snocross, investing in its future while reinforcing the significance of performance-enhancing products in a highly competitive environment.

AMSOIL Formula 4 Stroke

However, contributions go beyond mere financial support. Their commitment to research and innovation in synthetic motor oil technology has led to products that provide an edge for the competitors. These synthetic lubricants have been tailored to withstand the harsh winter conditions, offering superior engine protection, lower volatility, and improved fuel economy.

Synthetic oils are formulated to safeguard against wear and tear, maintaining viscosity even in the coldest temperatures. This results in better lubrication, smoother engine performance, and extended life of the snowmobile's components. Furthermore, the use of such oils reduces carbon deposits and varnish, keeping engines clean and efficient.

The beauty of these products lie in their universality, accommodating various snowmobile brands with equal efficacy. Each of these brands, such as Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Arctic Cat, has unique engine specifications that demand high-quality lubricants for optimal performance.

For instance, the robust Polaris snowmobiles require an oil that can keep up with their vigorous engines. Polaris snowmobile oil is therefore formulated to offer excellent wear protection and outstanding cold-temperature fluidity, ensuring the engine delivers peak performance when it's most needed.

Similarly, Ski-Doo oil and Skidoo 2 stroke oil, recognized for their superior performance, are a top choice for Ski-Doo snowmobiles involved in snowmobile racing. These oils not only prevent the buildup of harmful deposits but also ensure the Ski-Doo engines run smoothly, minimizing friction, heat, and wear, especially in snowmobile drag racing.

Arctic Cat snowmobile oil is another player in the field, offering exceptional engine protection and longevity to Arctic Cat machines, which are renowned for their speed and resilience in challenging terrains where you can see sleds racing on tv and social media.

The competition isn't complete without mentioning Klotz snowmobile oil and Mystik snowmobile oil. Klotz oil is esteemed for its high thermal stability and the ability to reduce internal friction, while Mystik oil provides superior anti-wear protection and low-temperature performance.

It's evident that each brand of synthetic oil brings its unique strengths to the table, and the choice largely depends on the specific requirements of the snowmobile and its engine. However, the pivotal role that these synthetic oils play in snowmobile racing is undebatable. They ensure snowmobiles are primed for the races, thereby enhancing the overall excitement of the sport, in particular Snocross racing!

The company's pioneering research in 2 and 4 stroke snowmobile oil demonstrates the profound impact of high-quality lubricants on snowmobile racing. Their unwavering support of the sport and their commitment to producing reliable, high-performance products highlight it's integral role within the sled race community. While the industry sees an array of excellent options like Klotz, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Skidoo, Mystik, and Arctic Cat oils, the essence of AMSOIL's contribution remains significant and undiminished. Ultimately, the goal is to fuel the thrills and chills of snowmobile competition, and in that pursuit, every drop of synthetic oil counts.


AMSOIL Snocross Sled 2022

The deeply etched historical records of Fargo weather bear testimony to an immutable pattern: a formidable snowstorm is invariably succeeded by a brutal, penetrating winter freeze. As such, when an avalanche of snow blanketed the region for successive days, it was only a countdown to when the ruthless freeze would seize the area. On one memorable Sunday, the bone-chilling conditions advanced relentlessly, rendering the sun-kissed skies a deceptive mirage as riders grappled with numbed fingers and billowing puffs of snow dust.

Yet, this icy onslaught failed to deter some of the globe's most formidable Snocross racers that day in 2022. A duo of reigning champions rose to the challenge, surmounting both the frosty adversities and fierce competition, marking the culmination of the inaugural full weekend of the racing season. The triumphant racers, reflecting upon their victory, often pin their success to a critical juncture in the race or a decisive section of the track that heralded their triumphant or doomed their weekend.

That day, Elias Ishoel discovered such a track section that served as his gateway to clinching his maiden victory of the season. Kody Kamm, who seemed poised for an opening weekend sweep following his AMSOIL Dominator triumph on Friday and the initial round victory on Saturday, managed another considerable hole shot on Sunday. Kamm maintained his smooth speed and momentum, yet an unyielding surge by Ishoel denied him a hat trick of victories.

Ishoel ascended to the second position on the inaugural lap and was on the hunt for an edge. His pursuit was rewarded around the race's midpoint when he made significant strides on Kamm on the final backstretch. Consistently gaining ground on Kamm in this stretch, Ishoel eventually overtook the round one champion with a mere two laps to spare.

Despite falling short of three consecutive wins, Kamm had an impressive opening weekend. He proved his caliber and riding technique remain unparalleled. He departed Fargo with a major win and a second-place finish, trailing slightly behind Ishoel in the standings.

Joining the podium was Daniel Benham, whose consistent performances throughout the Fargo races were noteworthy. Benham cemented his hold over the third and final podium spot in the initial lap after overtaking hole shot victor Logan Christian.

Further down the line, the Pro Plus 30 class bore witness to Andy Lieders extending his remarkable run, clinching victory for the fifth successive time and completing the weekend sweep in Fargo. Behind him, Adam S. Johnson kept him in check during the first half of the final, before Lieders managed to stretch his lead.

As the 2022 season ended and the 2023 season ushered in its second round, Crayden Dillon had already doubled his 2022 win tally, departing Fargo with a weekend sweep under his belt. Brandon Nelson, whose off-season was fueled by the knowledge of his final victory in the 2022 season, carried this confidence forward into the opening weekend, securing a weekend sweep of the Sport Lite class. 

AMS OIL Mountain Snowmobile


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

When it comes to ensuring the optimal performance of your snowmobile, choosing the right oil products is crucial. AMSOIL, a leader in the production of high-quality synthetic motor oils, offers a range of oil products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of snowmobile engines.

Opting to purchase these products from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like us at HIGHGRADE Lubricants, brings several advantages. One of the key benefits is access to discount pricing with free shipping on most orders. Authorized Dealers often offer competitive prices and promotions, allowing you to invest in top-tier synthetic oils without straining your budget.

In addition, purchasing your snowmobile oil products from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer connects you directly with the company's extensive support for motorsport enthusiasts. AMSOIL, with its longstanding commitment to the racing community, provides invaluable technical resources and assistance. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a casual rider, this support is a crucial asset, providing insights and advice tailored to enhance your snowmobile's performance.

In essence, using an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer to purchase your snowmobile oil products offers both cost benefits and a supportive partnership. It is like having a discount card and sales representative in one package! This combination ensures that you are investing in high-quality products, backed by a company dedicated to maximizing the performance and longevity of your snowmobile.


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