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AMSOIL V-Twin Oil 20W50


AMSOIL 20W50 motorcycle oil is a premium, high-performance lubricant designed specifically for motorcycles, providing superior engine protection and performance. With its advanced additive package, this engine oil reduces wear and tear, extending the life of your motorcycle's engine. It also offers excellent thermal stability, maintaining its viscosity under extreme heat and stress. This 20W50 synthetic V-Twin motorcycle oil has a unique formulation which ensures smooth clutch operation, enhanced transmission protection, and reduced engine noise. This motorcycle oil delivers the reliability and performance riders need to keep their motorcycles running at peak levels.


AMSOIL V-Twin Oil 20W40


This AMSOIL 20W40 oil for motorcycles is the ideal choice for V-Twin bikes that demand maximum performance from their engines. Its advanced synthetic formula provides exceptional protection against wear, reducing friction and heat even under extreme conditions. The oil's high viscosity index ensures consistent performance across a wide temperature range, maintaining optimal lubrication and reducing engine noise. With its superior thermal stability and resistance to breakdown, this 20W40 oil keeps your bike running smoothly and efficiently, giving you the confidence to push your engine to its limits. 


AMSOIL V-Twin Oil 15W60


AMSOIL 15W60 motorcycle oil is the ultimate choice for V-Twin bike owners seeking top-notch performance and protection. Its cutting-edge synthetic formula delivers superior wear protection, minimizing friction and heat even under the most challenging conditions. The oil's high viscosity index ensures dependable performance across a broad temperature spectrum, providing consistent lubrication and reducing engine noise. With exceptional thermal stability and resistance to breakdown, the 15W60 motorcycle oil keeps your Twin V bike running at peak efficiency, enabling you to experience unrivaled performance without compromising engine safety.




The SAE60 motorcycle oil from AMSOIL is the ultimate solution for Twin-V bike enthusiasts seeking all-around satisfaction in engine performance. Its advanced synthetic formulation offers exceptional wear protection, reducing friction and heat, even under demanding riding conditions. With a robust viscosity index, this synthetic motor oil maintains optimal lubrication across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring smooth and quiet engine operation. Additionally, SAE60 V-Twin oil boasts superior thermal stability and resists breakdown, allowing your Twin-V bike to perform at its peak, while providing the ultimate engine protection and satisfaction.


AMSOIL V-Twin Oil Change Kit


AMSOIL V-Twin Oil Change Kits are the perfect solution for motorcycle owners seeking an all-in-one package for their maintenance needs. These kits include everything you need for a hassle-free oil change, such as high-quality synthetic motor oil, an AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil Filter, and a drain plug O-ring. By providing all the essentials in one convenient package, these Twin-V Oil Change Kits save time and effort, ensuring that your motorcycle receives the superior protection and performance that these products are known for, without any compromises.


  • Superior performance in wet-clutch applications

  • Exceptional protection against wear

  • Promotes cooler operating temperatures

  • Guards against rust and corrosion during storage

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a motorcycle shop near me!



AMSOIL V-Twin Oil 20W50

100% synthetic oil for V-Twin motorcycle engines by AMSOIL, is a premium lubricant specifically formulated to deliver optimal performance and protection for your bike. This V-Twin oil is engineered with advanced synthetic technology, and provides superior wear protection, reduces heat and promotes smoother shifting. Designed to extend drain intervals, it helps save time and money on maintenance. With excellent resistance to high-temperature breakdown, This Twin-V oil ensures your engine runs cooler, cleaner, and lasts longer. Trust industry-leading expertise to keep your Twin-V engine performing at its peak, whether you ride for leisure or push your bike to its limits on a V Twin Superbike. This premium synthetic oil is an extremely popular motor oil with engine mechanics and builders who are V-Twin manufacturing experts!

It provides excellent wear protection by exceeding the high-temperature film strength standards (see graph) and is heavily treated with anti-wear chemicals to minimize wear regardless of operating circumstances. This motorcycle oil is oxidation-inhibitor, additive-rich and thermally (heat) stable. It is designed to prevent detrimental sludge and carbon deposits for enhanced engine cleanliness and is incredibly durable to breakdown, which is perfect for competitions like Superbike Racing! Popular viscosities include the AMSOIL 20W50. The full AMSOIL motorcycle oil line comes in individual bottles as well as in V-Twin oil change kits! Perfect for Sunday driving or racing in a V Twin Superbike! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMSOIL V Twin Motorcycle Riders



AMSOIL Motorcycle oil for V-Twin engines offers an array of benefits that cater to the unique requirements of Twin-V motorcycles, providing riders with the ultimate combination of performance, protection, and peace of mind for these specialized mechanical engines. Here are some of the key benefits of using this oil:

  1. Enhanced Wear Protection: With its advanced synthetic formulation, this Twin-V oil ensures engines delivers superior wear protection, ensuring that vital engine components such as cam lobes, lifters, and gears are shielded from damaging friction and wear. This results in longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs for motorcycle owners. Perfect for all types of V-Twin engines including being used as a hyperbike oil for racing.

  2. Reduced Heat Generation: V-Twin engines are known for generating excessive heat, which can lead to engine breakdown and performance issues. This oil is designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain its protective properties, thus reducing heat generation and preventing engine failure.

  3. Smoother Shifting: The unique formulation of this oil for engines allows for smoother and more responsive shifting, providing riders with a better overall riding experience. Its advanced additives help prevent clutch slippage and reduce the occurrence of gear chatter, ensuring smooth and consistent power delivery.

  4. Extended Drain Intervals: This synthetic motorcycle oil is designed to provide extended drain intervals, reducing the frequency of oil changes and saving time and money on maintenance. With its superior resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, this oil maintains its protective qualities for longer periods, ensuring consistent engine performance and protection.

  5. Excellent Rust and Corrosion Protection: With its robust additive package, this motorcycle oil offers exceptional rust and corrosion protection, safeguarding your engine components against harmful contaminants and moisture. This is particularly crucial for riders who frequently ride in wet or humid conditions, as rust and corrosion can lead to premature engine failure.

  6. Improved Fuel Efficiency: This product's synthetic formulation provides enhanced fuel efficiency, as it reduces internal friction and allows for smoother engine operation. This translates to better mileage and lower fuel costs for motorcycle owners.

  7. Cleaner Engine: This oil keeps your engine cleaner by minimizing deposits and sludge formation. A cleaner engine operates more efficiently and lasts longer, ensuring that your V-Twin motorcycle performs at its best throughout its lifetime.

To expand on the above points, this premium oil is a prestigious synthetic oil formulation, made exclusively for high-demand motorcycle engines. such as the V V Twin Ducati  Its primary use is for Twin-V engines found in popular motorcycle brands such as Indian, Harley-Davidson, Victory and others. This product is known for providing enhanced engine protection, maximum power output, and extended service life. The specially formulated engine oil is designed to combat the high heat conditions prevalent in motorcycle engines, especially in the air-cooled V-Twin manufactured engines. Its proprietary blend of high-performance synthetic base oils and carefully selected additives provide superior multi-functional benefits for the unique conditions of these motors.

High Temp Shear V-Twin Oil Test

Firstly, the long service life of this motorcycle oil stands out. It offers superb oil viscosity protection, holding its grade even under the intense heat and high RPMs of today's high-performance motorcycle engines. This durability extends the lifespan of the engine by reducing wear and tear, as well as maintaining peak performance for longer periods between oil changes. It also leads to less frequent engine oil changes, saving time and money for motorcycle enthusiasts.

AMSOIL V-Twin Viscosity Breakdown Test

Compatibility is another significant advantage of this synthetic engine oil. It's compatible with other synthetic and conventional motor oils, providing flexibility for owners who might switch oils due to availability or price. It's also compatible with common motorcycle fuels, including high ethanol blends, without deteriorating or causing engine deposits.

As a point of comparison, here are five ways in which this motorcycle oil distinguishes itself from others:

  1. Extended Drain Intervals: The robust formulation ensures longer drain intervals compared to most conventional oils, reducing maintenance time and cost.

  2. Superior Heat Resistance: this oil's synthetic blend resists thermal breakdown better than other oils, ensuring consistent performance even in high heat conditions.

  3. High-RPM Performance: Unlike some other oils, the oil doesn't lose its viscosity at high RPMs, maintaining optimal engine protection during high-speed rides.

  4. Engine Cleanliness: The product formulation reduces deposits and sludge, contributing to cleaner engines over time compared to many other oils.

  5. Fuel Efficiency: Twin-V oil offers improved fuel efficiency due to its superior lubrication properties, which can result in less fuel consumption.


In terms of popularity, this Twin-V motorcycle oil is widely favored among bike engine users  and V-Twin manufacturing builders, being considered by many as the best motorcycle oil available! The reliability, long service life, and compatibility make it a top choice for owners of Indian, V Twin Harley-Davidson, Victory, and other motorcycles. Its performance in high-temperature, high-RPM conditions, coupled with its capacity to maintain a clean and efficient V-Twin motorcycle engine, has garnered this company a strong reputation in the motorcycle community.

The company's commitment to quality and performance underpins the widespread use and approval of its synthetic motorcycle oil among bike owners and mechanics alike. Even though you might be able to find a V-Twin motorcycle on Amazon, the quality of this premium oil lends itself to be purchased through an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer due to its wide use amongst owners, let alone discount pricing, and not in big box stores nor through large online e-commerce platforms.


Whether for cruising down the highway or revving up on the racetrack, this V-Twin motorcycle oil is a distinguished choice for many riders seeking the best for their machines, such as V Twin Indian, Harley-Davidson, Victory, V Twin Honda, V Twin Yamaha. It is highly sought after and many Harley bike owners look at it as the best oil for Harley Davidson! 


In conclusion, motorcycle oil by AMSOIL for V-Twin engines, like Harley Davidson, is the ideal choice for riders who demand exceptional performance, reliability, and protection for their motorcycles. With its advanced synthetic formulation, this oil delivers superior wear protection, reduced heat generation, smoother shifting, extended drain intervals, and excellent rust and corrosion protection. Trust this company's industry-leading expertise to keep your engine performing at its peak, whether you ride for leisure or push your bike to its limits. Do you own a dirt bike or metric motorcycle? We have oil for that too!


AMSOIL Green Harley Davidson

Kevin Fitzgerald saved his motorcycle with AMSOIL V-Twin oil!

The V-Twin motorcycle community is a vibrant, pulsating society of bikers and enthusiasts. It's a place where passion and camaraderie run on the same fuel as their beloved motorcycles. The spirit of the community is reflected in the machines they ride - the Honda V-Twin, the Harley V-Twin, and the Kawasaki V-Twin, to name just a few.

Regional touring is a quintessential part of the community. It provides an opportunity to explore new terrain and experience new adventures. The bikers partake in these tours for the pure joy of the ride, taking in the landscapes as they rumble along the roads, bringing life to the phrase "it's about the journey, not the destination". Touring isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle that promotes bonding and strengthens the community, one ride at a time.

Long haul road trips are another staple within this bike culture. These trips symbolize freedom, adventure, and the spirit of discovery. With every mile, the bond between man and machine strengthens, a symbiotic relationship that serves as the lifeblood of this community. On these journeys, bikers traverse miles of open road, crossing state lines, and forging unforgettable memories.

However, these experiences would not be possible without reliable machines. This is where manufacturing excels, giving birth to iconic motorcycles that not only ride like a dream but also stand the test of time. Brands like Harley, Honda, and Kawasaki have set the gold standard in V-Twin manufacturing. Their commitment to excellence ensures bikers get to enjoy their road trips without any interruptions.

One element that significantly contributes to a motorcycle's reliability and longevity is the choice of engine oil. Among various products in the market, AMSOIL V-Twin oil stands out due to its exceptional performance benefits. This product is specially formulated to protect and enhance performance, whether it's a Honda V-Twin, a Harley V-Twin, or a Kawasaki V-Twin.

This synthetic engine oil plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth, reliable ride. It offers superior protection against wear and tear, preventing any mechanical issues during long haul road trips and regional tours. The oil's formulation helps maintain peak performance by reducing friction, controlling heat, and improving fuel efficiency.

The use of this synthetic motor oil is a testament to the attention to detail that the Twin V community values. Ensuring the motorcycle is in optimum condition not only guarantees a reliable ride but also boosts performance. In this aspect, this motor oil stands as a trusted partner for bikers, promising an enhanced biking experience and a longer life for the motorcycle engine.

As more bikers recognize the importance of high-quality synthetic oil in the V-Twin manufacturing process, brands like AMSOIL have come into prominence. The community's trust in this company's product mirrors their love for the open road, regional touring, and long haul road trips.

In essence, this motorcycle community is much more than just bikers on a road. It's a society that thrives on passion, camaraderie, and the thrill of the ride. Whether it's the Honda cutting through mountain passes, the Harley rumbling along coastal highways, or the Kawasaki purring on the open road, these motorcycles are the heartbeat of the community. And with the assistance of this oil, the community is set to continue its journey, marking miles, and creating memories.



As the herald of the motorcycle season, Daytona Beach Bike Week 2023 welcomed motorcyclists from all over the nation to celebrate their shared love of two wheels. The 2023 edition of this iconic event was especially memorable due to the supportive involvement of industry leaders. AMSOIL, with its history of encouraging motorcycling events and its commitment to improving motorcycle performance, played a significant role in enriching the week-long festival.

With its legendary synthetic engine oils, the company has long been a champion of performance enhancement and engine protection. These qualities, coupled with a deep-rooted passion for the open road, made their involvement in the Bike Week a natural fit. It was an opportunity to engage with motorcycle enthusiasts on a personal level, demonstrating the advantages of using synthetic oils in their bikes. Interactive discussions about the future of motorcycling further amplified the company's commitment to supporting the biking community.

In addition to community building, the company's participation also added a unique flavor to the event. Their dedication to the motorcycle community not only strengthened relationships with existing users but also introduced a new audience to the world of synthetic oils. This blending of community engagement and entertainment truly embodied the spirit of the Daytona Beach Bike Week.

Overall, the company's involvement added a valuable dimension to the Daytona Beach Bike Week 2023, creating a more engaging and enriching experience for attendees. Their commitment to enhancing motorcycling performance and their unwavering support for the community undoubtedly played a significant role in making the event a resounding success.


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Purchasing V-Twin bike oil products from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like HIGHGRADE Lubricants, ensures that you're investing in top-notch quality and benefiting from expert knowledge to help maintain your bike at its optimal performance.

The company's range of synthetic motor oil for V-Twin motorcycles is specifically designed to deliver superior engine protection, increase fuel efficiency, and extend the life of your bike. Purchasing these products from a Dealer guarantees that you're receiving genuine products, engineered to cope with the unique demands of V-Twin motorcycle engines.

One standout advantage of purchasing from an Authorized Dealer is the access to competitive pricing. Dealers often provide discount pricing rates with free shipping on most orders, and other special offers, making it more cost-effective to maintain your V-Twin motorcycle with high-quality synthetic oils. This translates to excellent value for money, both in terms of the product's performance and its cost. It is like having a discount card and sales agent together in one package, with free shipping options on top of that as well!

Furthermore, Dealers offer access to a vast array of technical resources. These range from specific product information, usage guidelines, to detailed maintenance advice, all geared towards ensuring the best care for your Twin V motorcycle. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a motorcycle enthusiast, these resources can significantly enhance your understanding of your bike's lubrication requirements and how to achieve optimal performance.

In essence, choosing an Authorized Dealer for your bike oil products offers a host of benefits. It combines the assurance of premium quality, cost-effectiveness, and a wealth of technical resources, providing you with everything you need to keep your motorcycle running at its best.


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