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In the rigorous world of mining, the durability and efficiency of machinery are paramount. Operations often occur in hostile environments, making the choice of lubricants a critical one. AMSOIL, with its advanced formulation, stands out as an invaluable resource for mining professionals, ensuring equipment not only survives but thrives in these challenging settings. Here's a closer look at the benefits of this lubricant and the long-term advantages of opting for a wholesale account.

Performance in Extreme Conditions: Mining locations are typified by their harsh conditions, whether it's intense heat, extreme cold, or abrasive dust. AMSOIL is crafted to offer robust protection to engines and critical machinery components, ensuring they function optimally irrespective of the environment.

Boosted Equipment Life: Investment in mining machinery represents a substantial financial commitment. With AMSOIL's protective qualities, the wear and tear faced by this machinery is significantly diminished. This translates to equipment that doesn't just perform at its best but also enjoys an extended service life, offering a greater return on investment.

Decreased Operational Interruptions: Maintenance is an unavoidable aspect of machine upkeep, but the frequency of such stoppages can heavily impact productivity. Thanks to AMSOIL’s superior quality, equipment necessitates less frequent maintenance, leading to more operational hours and fewer setbacks.

Economic Advantages of Bulk Procurement: Choosing to establish a wholesale account is an exercise in foresight and economic acumen. By making bulk purchases, mining operations can benefit from cost savings. Additionally, the assurance of a steady supply minimizes the risk of operational pauses due to lubricant shortages, safeguarding against unforeseen market dynamics.

Dedicated Expert Support: AMSOIL's dedication extends beyond mere product provision. Their knowledgeable team offers specialized guidance, ensuring mining operations receive insights tailored specifically to the demands of their unique equipment.

In essence, incorporating AMSOIL into mining operations is a strategic decision that promises unparalleled equipment performance and robust financial savings. When complemented with the long-term benefits of a wholesale account, the compounded advantages in operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness become truly compelling.

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AMSOIL Commercial Program Overview

*NOTE: Free shipping in northern and isolated regions is offered on orders weighing 250lbs or more.

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