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AMSOIL Formula 4 Stroke

When used in Argo vehicles, AMSOIL 4-Stroke Powersports Oil delivers superior protection and performance. This advanced, fully synthetic oil formula safeguards engines under extreme conditions, reducing wear and ensuring longevity. It also provides optimal lubrication, enhancing engine efficiency and responsiveness. This translates into a smoother, more powerful ride. Plus, with extended service intervals, maintenance is made easier. Choose this product as your Argo oil and experience unrivaled reliability and performance.


AMSOIL 10w40 Small Engine Oil

Harness the power of AMSOIL 4-Stroke Power Equipment Oil in your Argo vehicle. This meticulously engineered synthetic engine oil offers exceptional protection, especially under extreme conditions. It minimizes wear, enhancing engine longevity, and improves performance by optimizing lubrication. Whether you're navigating rough terrains or weathering harsh conditions, AMSOIL provides the confidence of reliability. With extended service intervals, you'll also enjoy simplified maintenance. Elevate your Argo's performance and dependability with this oil line


  • AMSOIL as an Agro oil is specifically formulated to meet the rigorous demands of off road  and agricultural equipment, providing high-performance lubrication under extreme conditions.

  • It offers exceptional protection against wear and corrosion, helping to extend the lifespan of engines and hydraulic systems in agricultural machinery.

  • The oil ensures consistent performance, maintaining its viscosity and effectiveness over a wide range of temperatures, which is crucial for optimal operation throughout varied agricultural seasons.

  • Get it now for your DIY maintenance or take it to an equipment mechanic!



AMSOIL Formula 4 Stroke

AMSOIL synthetic engine oils are compatible with Argo vehicles. The Formula 4 Stroke and the Small Engine Oil offer high resistance to extreme conditions, it significantly reduces engine wear and enhances efficiency. With AMSOIL, not only can you maximize your Argo's performance, but you also increase its longevity. Experience smoother operations and longer service intervals with AMSOIL, and see the difference in your Argo today. Trust this synthetic engine oil for uncompromised performance in the wilderness and other challenging environments. 

For Argo vehicles operating in extreme conditions, the choice of engine oil can make all the difference. AMSOIL motor oil stands out, offering unmatched protection and longevity. Engineered with advanced technology, this lubricant forms a shield around engine components, drastically reducing wear and tear. Despite its protective prowess, this company's products never compromise on performance. It's designed to maintain optimal engine efficiency, ensuring your Argo runs smoothly and powerfully. Extend your service intervals and experience fewer breakdowns. Trust in this product for a remarkable blend of engine protection and high-performance. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


Arising from the intricate relationship between machines and lubrication, AMSOIL motor oil has established itself as an unrivaled champion in the world of engine oils, especially when it comes to the rigorous demands of Argo off-road utility vehicles. A leading choice among Argo owners, this high-quality synthetic motor oil enhances service life, optimizes engine protection, bolsters performance, and excels in resisting wear and heat. But what sets it apart from other engine oils, and why is it a preferred choice among Argo vehicle owners?

An engine is a symphony of moving parts. The continual and coordinated efforts of these parts often generate immense heat and friction. For Argo vehicles that often face challenging terrains and harsh conditions, this becomes particularly important. This is where the role of engine oil comes into play. It lubricates these components, reducing friction, and minimizing heat, which, in turn, contributes to the motor's longevity. However, not all engine oils are made the same, and this is where this company has managed to set itself apart.

Engine oil must resist high temperatures without breaking down or evaporating to maintain its lubrication properties. This product, formulated with high-quality synthetic base oils and state-of-the-art additives, performs exceptionally well in resisting heat. It maintains a stable viscosity even in high-temperature operations, providing reliable and consistent protection, which is a critical factor for the longevity of any engine, including Argo's.

When it comes to resisting wear, the superiority of this premium motor oil is unquestionable, which makes it an excellent Argo oil. Its unique formulation coats engine components with a robust lubricant film that stands up to high loads and severe conditions. This protective layer effectively mitigates metal-to-metal contact, thereby reducing wear and tear, and significantly prolongs the life of the engine.

Performance is another area where this oil shines brightly. It reduces energy losses due to friction, which directly translates into increased engine output. Argo vehicles, known for their rough-terrain capabilities, demand high torque and power. By enhancing engine efficiency, this product provides Argo owners with a smoother and more powerful ride.

Extended service life is another benefit that Argo owners enjoy with this oil. Unlike conventional oils, this product doesn't degrade quickly under harsh conditions. It retains its lubricating properties for longer periods, leading to fewer oil changes and lower maintenance costs. This not only saves money but also ensures less downtime for the vehicle, a valuable feature for Argo owners who use their vehicles for work or extended outdoor activities.

So, how does AMSOIL stack up against other oils marketed for use in Argo vehicles? To put it simply, it outperforms them in nearly all areas. Other motor oils often degrade quickly under extreme conditions and require more frequent changes. They may not provide the same level of wear resistance, leading to increased engine wear over time. Furthermore, they may not deliver the same level of performance enhancement that these product do, because of suboptimal lubrication and higher energy losses.

The preference for this synthetic engine oil among Argo owners is well-founded. It isn't just about the impressive specifications and advantages outlined on paper. It's about real-world performance, about an engine that runs smoother, quieter, and more powerfully. It's about the confidence of knowing that the engine is well-protected, even under the harshest conditions. It's about enjoying a longer service life and reduced maintenance costs. When it comes to the performance and protection of their valued Argo vehicles, owners know that they can rely on AMSOIL in various outdoor environments!

In conclusion, the benefits of this oil in Argo vehicles are substantial. From prolonged service life, superior engine protection, and enhanced performance to impressive resistance against wear and heat, the advantages are plentiful. Compared to other synthetic motor oils, it provides better value for money due to its superior performance and longer drain intervals. This has not only earned it the trust and preference of many Argo owners but also solidified its place as a top-rated engine oil in the market. For anyone looking to enhance the performance and longevity of their Argo vehicle, AMSOIL products are a choice worth considering to use as an Argo oil and their filters as an Argo oil filter.

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