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AMSOIL Heavy Duty Oil Filter


AMSOIL Diesel Oil


  • Formulated to provide superior wear protection, enhancing the durability and performance of bus engines under frequent stop-and-go conditions.

  • It offers excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance, reducing sludge buildup and maintaining engine cleanliness even during extended idle periods.

  • The oil is designed to preserve fuel economy by minimizing frictional losses, which is essential for the cost-effective operation of bus fleets.

  • With strong anti-corrosion properties, AMSOIL ensures components are protected against the harsh environments and varied climates buses frequently encounter.

  • Get it now for your DIY maintenance or take it to a diesel mechanic for your next bus oil change!



AMSOIL Diesel Oil

Designed with advanced synthetic compounds, these premium motor oil products offers superior protection against engine wear, improving fuel efficiency and operational reliability. It demonstrates exceptional resilience under demanding city driving conditions and maintains engine cleanliness through superior detergency. Furthermore, these synthetic engine oils are a perfect bus engine oil as it offers excellent protection during cold starts. With these gasoline and diesel products, fleet operators can reduce maintenance downtime, extend engine life, and ultimately lower operational costs. Do you operate a bus fleet for a business or school district? See our Commercial Account for wholesale pricing and free shipping!

Full synthetic oil products are a game-changer for bus fleets, delivering unmatched performance, protection, and cost savings. Engineered with advanced synthetic base oils and premium additives, these oils reduce engine wear, enhancing both fuel efficiency and overall performance. This is crucial for bus fleets where operational costs and service quality are tightly linked. These engine oil's superior high-temperature stability makes it resilient under demanding stop-and-start city driving conditions, while its excellent detergency keeps engines clean and deposit-free. Cold starts? No problem. These products retains its fluidity, providing immediate effective lubrication. By using synthetic oil products in these gasoline and diesel motor oil lines, bus fleet operators can ensure reduced maintenance downtime, prolonged engine life, and consequently, lower operational costs. Trust AMSOIL INC products to elevate your fleet's efficiency and reliability. Order direct through an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like us! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Bus in Winter


AMSOIL 100% synthetic diesel and gasoline motor oils are a highly respected product within the realm of commercial transportation, especially for bus fleets. Bus fleet managers and maintenance teams recognize that maintaining their vehicles' performance and reliability is critical. Downtime due to mechanical issues can lead to missed schedules, inconvenienced passengers, and significant repair costs. Using a high-quality synthetic diesel or gasoline engine oil can significantly reduce these risks.

These synthetic engine oil products are meticulously engineered from chemically synthesized base oils. These oils are free from the contaminants and irregular molecular structures that can be found in conventional mineral oils. Moreover, the blending of these pure base oils with premium additives results in a superior product offering unmatched performance and protection.

One of the fundamental roles of any motor oil is to lubricate the engine's moving parts, reducing friction and preventing wear. These synthetic motor oils excel in this capacity. Its uniform molecular structure ensures minimal friction, thereby enhancing fuel efficiency and engine performance - both critical considerations for bus fleets where fuel costs and engine performance directly affect operational costs and service quality.

Bus engines, particularly those in city buses, often operate under demanding conditions, with constant stop-start driving leading to high engine temperatures. These products offer exceptional thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, maintaining its protective properties even under such challenging circumstances. This resilience not only protects the engine from potential damage but also results in reduced oil consumption and extended oil change intervals - a significant benefit for bus fleets, where maintenance downtime can directly impact service levels and profitability.

Deposits forming within an engine can reduce efficiency, impair performance, and, over time, lead to engine damage. These oils boasts excellent detergency, which helps keep engines clean and free from deposit build-up. This cleanliness ensures smooth oil flow, maintaining optimal lubrication and cooling within the engine, which in turn prolongs engine life and maintains consistent performance.

A significant challenge in maintaining bus engines is the intrusion of contaminants like dust and dirt, which can lead to premature engine wear. These products provide superior protection against such contaminants. Its synthetic nature allows it to hold more contaminants in suspension without losing its lubricating properties, and it works in harmony with the engine's oil filter to ensure continued cleanliness and protection.

In colder climates, bus engines face the challenge of cold starts, where the oil must be able to flow freely to provide immediate lubrication. These oils retains its fluidity in cold temperatures, ensuring effective lubrication from the moment the engine starts, thus preventing the wear that can often occur during this critical period.

The value of this company's products to bus fleets is clear. It offers enhanced engine performance and fuel efficiency, superior protection in high-temperature operating conditions, excellent detergency to keep engines clean, superior contaminant protection, and excellent cold-start performance. All these benefits combine to reduce maintenance downtime and extend engine life, resulting in lower overall operational costs.

In summary, 100% synthetic oils offer significant benefits for bus fleets. It enhances performance, reduces operational costs, and offers superior engine protection, even under the most demanding conditions. For bus fleet operators seeking the best for their vehicles, premium oil is an investment in reliability, performance, and efficiency. These powerful blends of benefits from AMSOIL's engine oil line, make it an invaluable ally in maintaining the health and performance of bus fleets. Order this product today and DIY or take it to an oil change near me facility or your own motor mechanic. 



AMSOIL Heavy Duty Oil Filter

AMSOIL engine oil filters offer optimal protection for bus engines, effectively removing contaminants and ensuring clean, efficient operation. Built with advanced filtration technology, these filters maximize engine performance and extend engine life. Paired with 100% synthetic motor oil, they offer a comprehensive engine protection solution. Trust these products for reliable, high-quality filtration that keeps your bus fleet running smoothly.


AMSOIL Diesel Oil

AMSOIL motor oil delivers superior performance and protection for bus engines. Its advanced synthetic formulation reduces engine wear and boosts fuel efficiency. Built to withstand demanding conditions, these products maintain its protective qualities in high-temperature environments and ensures engine cleanliness. It also excels in cold-start scenarios, providing immediate lubrication. Rely on these gasoline and diesel engine oils to enhance your bus fleet's operational reliability and efficiency. Use these products for your next bus engine oil change and keep your fleet performing at it's optimal condition!


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