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Six-month trial is $10 ($15 CDN) and a full year membership is $20 ($30 CDN)

Save BIG by becoming a preferred customer with up to 25% off, free shipping and other perks! (Preferred Customer Membership is only for US & Canadian Customers)


AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership offers exclusive benefits to individuals seeking premium AMSOIL oil and lubricants and performance products. Members enjoy substantial savings on AMSOIL products, typically up to 25% off retail, free shipping on qualifying orders, exclusive promotions, and access to the latest technical resources. By joining, customers gain a cost-effective way to maintain their vehicles with high-quality, reliable products from a trusted industry leader. You receive a printable membership card (like a discount card), and similar to other companies releasing a promotion code, like Nike promo code, Target promo code and Amazon promo code to name a few, AMSOIL promo codes come out regularly!



You see cars as more than just a means of transportation. They are a part of your identity. You are defined by them. We understand! We are not simply engineers, chemists, and producers; we are also mechanics and drivers who are enthusiastic about the protection and performance of vehicles and equipment! We gain firsthand knowledge of the toll that power, speed, and performance have on engines, thanks to our time spent both beneath the hood and in the driver's seat. We are motivated to develop AMSOIL synthetic oil and lubricants in order to push the limits of protection and performance. While we like making financial savings, we never sacrifice performance. Does this describe you? The best of both worlds is offered by a Preferred Customer membership, which combines cutting-edge oil and lubrication technology with special discounts and advantages for you, our customer!

The AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership provides a host of benefits for those looking to invest in superior synthetic lubricants and performance products. With this membership, customers can experience numerous advantages that make it an attractive option for vehicle and equipment owners.

  1. Savings on AMSOIL products: Preferred Customers enjoy substantial discounts, typically up to 25% off retail prices and Free Shipping. This cost reduction enables them to maintain their vehicles with high-quality products without breaking the bank.

  2. Free shipping: Members can take advantage of free shipping on qualifying orders, which helps to reduce overall expenses and provides added convenience.

  3. Exclusive promotions: Throughout the year, AMSOIL offers exclusive promotions and special offers only available to Preferred Customers. These deals provide even more opportunities to save on premium products.

  4. Access to technical resources: Preferred Customers receive access to the latest technical information, product data sheets, and expert advice to ensure they are using the right products for their vehicles and equipment. This helps members make informed decisions and optimize the performance and longevity of their equipment and vehicle assets.

  5. Dedicated customer support: AMSOIL offers dedicated customer support to Preferred Customers, ensuring that they have a smooth and hassle-free experience with their purchases and inquiries.

  6. Members-only community: The membership also grants access to a community of like-minded individuals who value high-performance products and are eager to share their experiences and knowledge.

  7. Regular updates: Members stay informed about new products, industry news, and updates through regular communications from AMSOIL, ensuring they have access to the latest innovations in synthetic lubricants and performance products. 


In summary, the AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership offers a multitude of benefits for those seeking premium synthetic lubricants and performance products. From significant savings to exclusive offers, members enjoy a cost-effective and valuable way to maintain their vehicles with industry-leading products and resources.

AMSOIL PC Membership Benefits
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