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AMSOIL Max-Duty 0W40


AMSOIL Max-Duty 0W40 is an excellent diesel motor oil for engines, thanks to its advanced synthetic oil formulation designed specifically for diesel engines. With its 0W40 viscosity grade, it ensures efficient start-ups and effective lubrication across various temperatures. By providing superior wear protection, engine cleanliness through cutting-edge additive technology, and exceptional thermal stability, This SAE40 oil offers enhanced performance and extended component life, making it a top choice for drivers who value premium diesel engine protection and performance. Key points are:

  • Provides superior protection against extreme pressure.

  • Offers six times the usual wear protection¹.

  • Ensures the retention of appropriate viscosity (thickness) of the oil.

  • Effectively minimizes oil consumption.

  • Enhances fuel efficiency to the maximum.

  • Performs remarkably well in both very hot and very cold temperatures.

  • Allows for confident extension of oil drain intervals.

    • (Note 1)  This claim is supported by third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222, using 5W-30 oil as the toughest representation.


AMSOIL Max-Duty 5W30


AMSOIL Max-Duty 5W30 is an excellent synthetic diesel oil specifically formulated for diesel engines, offering numerous benefits that ensure optimum performance and protection. By providing these advantages, Max-Duty 5W30 is a top choice for drivers seeking premium diesel engine protection and performance. Its advanced formulation ensures that your diesel engine receives the best care, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Key points to consider with your next oil change service are: 

  • Advanced Formulation: This product is engineered with a cutting-edge synthetic formula that provides enhanced lubrication and protection, even under extreme conditions.

  • Superior Wear Protection: This motor oil is designed to reduce friction and minimize wear on vital engine components, extending the lifespan of your diesel engine.

  • Engine Cleanliness: AMSOIL 5W30 diesel  oil incorporates state-of-the-art additive technology that helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits, ensuring optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Thermal Stability: This diesel motor oil offers exceptional thermal stability, maintaining consistent protection and lubrication across a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions.

  • Fuel Economy: This synthetic oil is designed to improve fuel economy by reducing engine friction, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for diesel engine owners.


AMSOIL Max-Duty 5W40


The AMSOIL 5W40 Max-Duty diesel engine oil is an excellent motor oil offering a range of benefits that ensure optimal performance and protection. By providing these advantages, this SAE40 oil is a top choice for drivers seeking premium diesel engine protection and performance. Its advanced formulation ensures that your diesel engine receives the best care, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Key points to look at for your next synthetic motor oil change are:

  • Advanced Synthetic Formulation: AM SOIL has engineered this oil with a state-of-the-art formula that delivers enhanced lubrication and protection, even under extreme conditions.

  • Superior Wear Protection: This motor oil is designed to reduce friction and minimize wear on vital engine components, extending the lifespan of your diesel engine.

  • Engine Cleanliness: This 5W40 synthetic oil diesel incorporates cutting-edge additive technology that helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits, ensuring optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Thermal Stability: This synthetic motor oil offers exceptional thermal stability, maintaining consistent protection and lubrication across a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions.

  • Fuel Economy: This oil is designed to improve fuel economy by reducing engine friction, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for diesel engine owners.


AMSOIL Max-Duty 10W30


This AMSOIL Max-Duty 10W30 synthetic diesel oil is an excellent motor oil, thanks to its advanced formulation designed specifically to meet diesel engine needs. With its 10W30 viscosity grade, it ensures effective start-ups and lubrication across various temperatures. By providing superior wear protection, engine cleanliness through innovative additive technology, and outstanding thermal stability, this 10W30 synthetic diesel oil offers enhanced performance and extended component life, making it a top choice for drivers seeking premium diesel engine protection and performance. Key points to take into consideration for your next synthetic motor oil change project are:

  • Exhibits excellent protection under extreme pressure conditions.

  • Furnishes six times more wear protection than standard¹.

  • Keeps the right viscosity (thickness) levels.

  • Successfully curtails oil consumption.

  • Optimizes fuel efficiency to its fullest potential.

  • Demonstrates exceptional performance in extreme temperature variations.

  • Allows for the confident extension of drain intervals.

    • (Note 1)  Validation comes from third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222, using 5W-30 as the most severe case representation.


AMSOIL Max-Duty 15W40


AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 15W40 is a popular motor oil for diesel engines, boasting an advanced formulation tailored specifically for diesel engine requirements. Its 15W40 viscosity grade ensures efficient start-ups and effective lubrication across diverse temperatures. By offering exceptional wear protection, engine cleanliness through cutting-edge additive technology, and superior thermal stability, Max-Duty 15W40 diesel oil enhances performance and extends component life. This makes it a highly-regarded choice for drivers seeking premium protection and performance for their diesel engines.  This synthetic diesel oil comes in various gallon sizes as well as in one quart bottles. Key points to look at are:

  • Provides exceptional protection against extreme pressure.

  • Delivers wear protection that is six times greater than standard¹.

  • Upholds the correct viscosity (thickness) of the oil.

  • Successfully reduces oil consumption.

  • Works to achieve the highest possible fuel efficiency.

  • Exhibits top performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

  • Permits the confident extension of oil drain intervals.

    • (Note 1)  This information is grounded on third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222, utilizing 5W-30 oil as the most demanding representation.


  • Exceptional protection against extreme pressure.

  • Provides six times the wear protection.

  • Maintains appropriate oil viscosity (thickness).

  • Reduces oil consumption.

  • Enhances fuel efficiency.

  • Performs well in extreme temperatures.

  • Allows for extended drain intervals with confidence.

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to an oil change near me!



AMSOIL Max-Duty 15W40

AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty synthetic diesel oil is a top-tier synthetic lubricant designed specifically for heavy-duty diesel engines and hyper truck builds. No matter diesel truck you drive, be it a 6.0 Powerstroke, 6.7 Powerstroke, Cummins 2nd Gen or a LB7 Duramax, the advanced formulation offers exceptional wear protection, friction reduction, consistent oil viscosity and thermal stability, ensuring optimal performance and extended engine life, let alone being an excellent high mileage synthetic engine oil. This oil's superior detergency properties maintain cleanliness of diesels and their internal components, preventing harmful deposit buildup and optimizing performance, even engines with 5.7 Hemi horsepower! With excellent cold-weather fluidity, this diesel engine oil ensures smooth starts and reduced strain on components, even in harsh conditions. This high-performance synthetic diesel oil is the ideal choice for diesel vehicle owners seeking exceptional protection, performance, and reliability for their engines. The benefits of synthetic oil for diesel engines come to the surface with Signature Series and is spoken of highly in the engine builder community!

This AMSOIL (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) product provides a level of protection that addresses both on and off-road situations through Signature Series synthetic oil technology, as well as the versatility of this diesel oil to be used in either gasoline or diesel engines. This SAE synthetic diesel oil comes in a variety of viscosities including SAE 0W40, 5W30, 10W30 as well as AMSOIL Signature Series 5W40 and the most popular AMSOIL Signature Series 15W40, and with this line, you can confidently increase drain intervals and safeguard your investment! The AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty synthetic diesel oil gives your diesel vehicle the added security it needs helping avoid costly auto repair. See our full line, including the popular year round synthetic diesel oil, AMSOIL 5W40 Signature Series Max-Duty. This product line is a popular choice as a semi truck oil and is a favorite of many diesel fleet mechanics. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!



AMSOIL Max-Duty diesel engine oil is a premium choice for vehicle owners seeking an exceptional synthetic motor oil product (aka. syn oil) that delivers top-quality engine protection and performance, specifically tailored for diesel engines such as those in the best selling truck in America category, like the Dodge 2500 Ram, Ford F250 and GMC 2500, in addition to many other models with diesel engines. This advanced synthetic motor oil is designed to provide long-lasting protection and superior engine performance, making it the ideal choice for discerning drivers who expect the best from their diesel vehicles. The benefits of synthetic oil for diesel engines are highly noted with this specific product!


By incorporating state-of-the-art technology and meeting the stringent requirements of modern diesel engines, This diesel oil has become a go-to choice for those seeking the ultimate in engine care and is considered by numerous auto professionals and the engine builder community as the best diesel engine oil on the market! This is truly an excellent product line to consider for your next service oil change cycle.


One of the main benefits of using this diesel motor oil is its ability to offer superior wear protection. The advanced formulation of this synthetic oil is designed to reduce friction and wear on vital engine components such as the crankshaft and pistons. By minimizing wear, such as protecting from liner scuffing, this motor oil helps extend the lifespan of your diesel engine, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently for a longer period. This is crucial for vehicle owners who want to maximize the performance and longevity of their diesel engines.

Diesel Engine Oil Liner Test


Another advantage of using this synthetic diesel oil is its ability to maintain engine cleanliness. Its cutting-edge additive technology helps prevent the formation of rust, sludge and deposits, which can impair engine performance and efficiency. By keeping your diesel engine clean, this motor oil ensures optimal performance and fuel efficiency, while also contributing to the engine's longevity.


Furthermore, this premium AMSOIL oil is engineered to resist breakdown even under extreme heat and stress. This ensures consistent protection and lubrication across a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions, providing reliable performance and protection for your diesel engine. This excellent thermal stability is essential for drivers who operate their vehicles in varying climates and demanding driving situations and want the best for their diesel engine parts and components.


Additionally, this diesel oil is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of diesel vehicles, including gasoline engines, offering reliable protection and performance for a diverse range of engines. This diversity helps fleet mechanics keep things simple when it comes to motor oil choice. It makes a versatile and dependable option for vehicle owners who expect the best for their diesel engines. By delivering the right blend of protection and performance, this synthetic motor oil is well-suited for vehicles operating in the most demanding conditions.

AMSOIL Diesel Oil Rust Test


AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty synthetic diesel oil stands as a remarkable product for diesel vehicles, engineered meticulously to offer unparalleled protection and performance. It's crafted from top-tier synthetic base oils and fortified with an advanced additive package that distinguishes it from other oils on the market.


Max-Duty is renowned for its exceptional robustness, designed to withstand the rigors of weather conditions, heavy towing, high engine temperatures, and severe working conditions. This synthetic motor oil is not just about protection, but also efficiency. It contributes to improved fuel economy, which is vital for modern diesel engines, reducing operational costs and contributing to a greener environment!

AMSOIL Diesel Oil Consumption Test


One of the key benefits of AMSOIL Max-Duty is its extended drain intervals. Its superior formulation ensures that it remains effective for far longer than traditional oils, reducing the frequency of diesel oil change cycles and associated downtime and is considered a great high mileage motor oil! Moreover, its resistance to thermal breakdown and the prevention of harmful deposits and sludge make this oil an excellent choice. It also ensures optimal cold-start performance, a vital factor in extending engine life.

In summary, the AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty diesel oil is an excellent product for diesel vehicles, delivering a range of benefits that meet the expectations of even the most discerning vehicle owners. Whether you drive one of the most popular diesel trucks like the Ford 7.3 Powerstroke, Dodge 6.7 Cummins or a GMC 3.0 Duramax, this oil is a perfect compliment to engine longevity. With its superior wear protection, engine cleanliness, thermal stability, and compatibility, this engine oil ensures that your diesel vehicle receives the care and protection it deserves, providing you with peace of mind and a smooth, enjoyable driving experience. Just like the Signature Series gasoline motor oil that Hennessey trucks are compatible with, you won't go wrong with this premium diesel engine oil for your truck! Buy this product now and get it installed at a change oil near me facility today!


Choose this best diesel engine oil and experience the difference that advanced synthetic motor oil can make for your diesel vehicle.


AMSOL Ultimat Callout Truck Race

Diesel engines are the workhorses of many industries, their raw power and durability making them indispensable in sectors such as construction, agriculture, and mining as well as in the hyper truck builder world. Given the strenuous conditions these engines operate in, they need a powerful synthetic diesel oil that can match their strength and endurance. AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Diesel Oil is designed specifically for this purpose, offering a host of benefits that align perfectly with the needs of both heavy-duty and standard driving conditions.

A hallmark of this product is its exceptional capacity to push the extended oil drain interval up to 60,000 miles. The oil's superior stability and longevity mean that it continues to deliver robust protection and performance, far beyond the duration of typical oils. This extended drain interval reduces maintenance downtime, enabling your vehicles to stay operational for longer and deliver continuous productivity, especially in hard working heavy duty industries.

This synthetic diesel oil has been carefully formulated to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty tasks. Whether it's the dusty landscape of a mining operation, the rugged terrain of a construction site, or the intense workload of hauling heavy loads, this oil provides steadfast engine protection. Its robust composition offers superior lubrication, minimizing wear and tear on engine components, and significantly enhancing engine lifespan.

Another impressive feature of this diesel engine oil is its high-temperature performance. Diesel engines operating under heavy-duty conditions often generate considerable heat, and this oil’s excellent thermal stability ensures it continues to provide robust protection even under these demanding conditions. This ability to resist breakdown at high temperatures helps maintain engine cleanliness and prevent the formation of damaging deposits, thereby preserving engine power and efficiency, reducing the need for costly auto repair. Take a look at the other diesel oil available to see the options available for your vehicle.


Diesel engines are known for their durability and efficiency, often serving as the backbone of many commercial operations in fleet vehicles, as well as being a popular choice for heavy-duty and long-distance drivers. However, like all mechanical systems, they are prone to certain issues. Understanding these common problems and how the best synthetic diesel oil from AMSOIL can play a crucial role in preventing and mitigating these issues is essential for engine mechanics, fleet mechanics, and motor mechanics alike.

Glow Plug Failures: Diesel engines rely on glow plugs for cold starts. These components heat the combustion chamber, aiding in the ignition of the diesel fuel when the engine is cold. When glow plugs wear out or fail, starting the engine becomes challenging, especially in colder climates. Using high-quality synthetic engine oil can help in this regard. The oil’s improved flow at lower temperatures ensures that the engine components, including the glow plugs, are adequately lubricated, minimizing wear and tear and helping the engine start more easily in cold conditions.

Fuel System Contamination: Diesel engines are particularly sensitive to contaminants in the fuel system. Water, dirt, and other particulate matter in the fuel can cause significant damage to the fuel injectors and pump. Synthetic motor oils often come with detergents and dispersants that help to keep the engine and its components clean. By maintaining cleanliness, synthetic engine oil reduces the likelihood of contaminants wreaking havoc in the fuel system compared to conventional oil.

Oil Oxidation and Thickening: Diesel engines, particularly those used in fleet vehicles, operate under high-stress conditions for extended periods, which can lead to oil oxidation and thickening. This issue can result in reduced oil flow and increased wear on engine components. Synthetic oils have better oxidative stability compared to conventional oils. This stability helps in preventing the oil from becoming too thick and abrasive, thereby protecting the engine parts from excessive wear.

Turbocharger Problems: Many modern diesel engines are equipped with turbochargers for increased power and efficiency. Turbochargers operate at high temperatures, which can cause conventional oil to degrade faster, leading to deposits and inadequate lubrication. The best synthetic oil products are designed to withstand these high temperatures, ensuring that the turbocharger remains well-lubricated and free from deposit buildup.

Excessive Emissions: Diesel engines can produce higher levels of soot and other emissions compared to gasoline engines. These emissions can lead to the clogging of the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve and the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). High-quality synthetic oils are formulated to produce fewer emissions. This property helps in keeping the EGR valve and DPF cleaner, thereby reducing the frequency of maintenance and potential for costly repairs.

Soot Buildup: Soot is a common byproduct in diesel engines that can accumulate in the engine oil and on engine components. Accumulated soot increases oil viscosity, which in turn puts extra strain on the engine. Synthetic oils typically have better soot dispersal properties than conventional oils, helping to keep the oil fluid and protecting the engine from the abrasive effects of soot particles.

Corrosion: Diesel engines are prone to corrosion due to the high levels of combustion by-products and acidic compounds that can accumulate, especially in engines that go through frequent short trips where the engine doesn't reach full operating temperature. The best synthetic oils contain high quality additives that neutralize these acidic compounds, thereby reducing the risk of corrosion and prolonging engine life.

DIY Oil Change and Professional Oil Change Services: For those who prefer a DIY oil change or professional oil change services, using a high-quality synthetic oil can make a significant difference in the health and longevity of a diesel engine. Whether you’re searching for an "oil change near me facility" or planning to perform the service yourself, using a superior synthetic oil ensures your engine gets the best possible care.

Using AMSOIL Lookup for the Right Oil: Choosing the right oil for a diesel engine is crucial, and tools like the AMSOIL Lookup are invaluable in this process. This tool helps users select the right AMSOIL product for their specific vehicle and engine type, ensuring that the engine receives optimal protection and performance from the oil.

In conclusion, while diesel engines are known for their reliability and efficiency, they are not without their issues. The use of synthetic oil can play a significant role in mitigating common diesel engine problems. From protecting against glow plug failures, fuel system contamination, and oil oxidation, to reducing turbocharger problems, emissions, soot buildup, and corrosion, the benefits of using high-quality synthetic oil are clear. For engine mechanics, fleet mechanics, and motor mechanics, the choice of oil is a critical factor in maintaining the health and efficiency of diesel engines in fleet vehicles and beyond. With the right maintenance approach, including regular oil changes with the best synthetic engine oil such as AMSOIL, many of the common problems associated with diesel engines can be significantly reduced, leading to better performance, longer engine life, and ultimately, cost savings.


Owning a diesel truck comes with a range of benefits that appeal to both individual and commercial users. From their renowned durability and torque to their efficiency and longevity, diesel trucks offer a unique set of advantages that make them a preferred choice in many situations.

One of the most significant benefits of a diesel truck is its remarkable efficiency. Diesel engines are known for their fuel economy, which is a result of the higher energy content in diesel fuel compared to gasoline. This efficiency translates into longer distances covered per gallon of fuel, making diesel trucks an ideal choice for long-haul transportation and heavy-duty use. In addition to their fuel efficiency, diesel trucks produce significantly more torque than their gasoline counterparts. This high torque output makes them exceptionally capable for towing and hauling heavy loads, a key reason why they are often the preferred choice in industries that require the transportation of heavy materials.

Durability is another hallmark of diesel trucks. Diesel engines are built to withstand the rigors of heavy use and are known for their long life spans. The robustness of these engines can be attributed to their strong construction and the efficient combustion process of diesel fuel. With proper maintenance, including regular service oil change, a diesel truck can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. This longevity not only reduces the total cost of ownership but also ensures reliability over the years with proper oil change and service from a professional.

When it comes to maintenance, diesel trucks have certain advantages. While service intervals might be less frequent, it's crucial to use high-quality automotive engine oil and oil filters to maintain engine health. Brands like AM SOIL offer specialized products designed for diesel engines, ensuring optimal performance and protection. Using syn oil or full synthetic oil change can further enhance engine protection, especially in extreme conditions. Synthetic oils resist breakdown and maintain their viscosity better than conventional oils, making them an ideal choice for the demanding environments in which diesel trucks often operate.

Understanding "change oil how much" is vital for diesel truck maintenance. Diesel engines typically have larger oil capacities than gasoline engines, which can mean longer intervals between oil change cycles. However, this also means that more oil is required per change. Opting for an oil change with syn oil can be more cost-effective in the long run, as synthetic oils generally allow for extended intervals between changes, reducing overall maintenance costs.

Diesel fuel is another aspect where diesel trucks stand out. Modern diesel fuel is cleaner than in the past, thanks to advancements in fuel technology and stricter environmental regulations. The use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and biodiesel blends has significantly reduced emissions from diesel trucks, making them more environmentally friendly than they were in previous decades.

The use of quality oil filters, often referred to as "oil filter oil," is essential in maintaining the health of a diesel engine. These filters trap contaminants and particulates, ensuring that the oil circulating through the engine remains clean and effective. This is particularly important for diesel engines, as they can generate more particulates due to the combustion process.

In terms of performance, diesel trucks excel in areas where power and torque are paramount. The high torque output of diesel engines provides excellent acceleration and pulling power, which is essential for tasks like towing trailers, boats, or heavy equipment. This makes diesel trucks a popular choice in sectors such as construction, agriculture, and transportation.

Another advantage of diesel trucks is their resale value. Due to their durability and long life span, diesel trucks often have higher resale values compared to their gasoline counterparts. This is a significant consideration for buyers who plan on selling or upgrading their vehicle in the future.

However, it's important to note that diesel trucks may have higher upfront costs compared to gasoline trucks. The initial investment is typically higher due to the more robust construction of diesel engines and the advanced technology required for emission control systems. But many users find that the long-term savings in fuel and maintenance costs, along with the longevity and reliability of diesel trucks, offset the initial expense.

In conclusion, owning a diesel truck offers a range of benefits that include fuel efficiency, high torque, durability, and longevity. These trucks are ideally suited for heavy-duty tasks and long-haul driving, offering superior performance in demanding situations. Proper maintenance, including the use of high-quality engine oils and oil filters, is crucial to ensuring the longevity and reliability of diesel trucks. Brands like AM SOIL provide specialized products that cater to the specific needs of diesel engines. While the upfront costs of diesel trucks may be higher, their long-term efficiency, robustness, and strong resale value make them a worthwhile investment for many users. Buy this product now and have it installed from a change oil near me provider today!


AMSOIL Callout Challenge Competition Logo

When the power of turbodiesel trucks meets the exhilarating environment of competitive racing, the result is the Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC). This event became a prime showcase of the turbodiesel world's leading modifications, cutting-edge technology, and most notably, the role of AMSOIL, its dynamic sponsor. As an oil giant, AMSOIL has been integral in promoting the UCC, a diesel truck race, and its sponsorship reflects the shared commitment to performance and innovation between the two entities.

The UCC is more than just a competition; it is a gathering of passionate truck owners who revel in pushing the limits of their turbodiesel machines. Over the years, the UCC has risen in prominence and gained considerable attention for its unique blend of challenge and camaraderie. At the heart of its success lies the synergy between the UCC and AMS OIL, an industry leader known for its superior lubricants.

This company's sponsorship of the UCC is more than just a financial commitment—it's a partnership that underlines their shared ethos of performance, quality, and innovation. As a leading manufacturer of high-performance synthetic motor oil, the dedication to improving performance aligns perfectly with the heart and soul of this diesel truck race. The diesel competitors use these products to help their trucks run smoothly under the extreme conditions of the UCC, where turbodiesel trucks are tested for their horsepower, torque, and overall performance.

The company's support goes beyond mere brand endorsement. It offers technical advice and support to truck owners, helping them choose the right products for their vehicles. This two-way interaction has allowed them to better understand the needs of the turbodiesel community, which in turn influences product development and innovation at the company lab. It is this close, collaborative relationship with the turbodiesel community that sets AMSOIL apart in its sponsorship approach.

The Ultimate Callout Challenge is also an excellent resource for turbodiesel truck modifications. It serves as a melting pot of ideas, where truck owners can observe, learn, and exchange their modification techniques and strategies. This creates an environment conducive to innovation, encouraging owners to push their limits and explore the boundaries of what their turbodiesel trucks can do on the diesel truck drag racing strip.

The truck owners competing in this competition bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in turbodiesel modifications. Many have years, if not decades, of hands-on experience in tweaking and tuning their machines to achieve optimal performance. Their modifications often include enhanced engine cooling systems, upgraded fuel injectors, improved exhaust systems, and much more. The collective knowledge of these owners forms a valuable repository of information that can be tapped into by newcomers and veterans alike in the turbodiesel world.

In essence, the involvement in the Ultimate Callout Challenge is more than a mere marketing strategy—it is a testament to their dedication to the world of turbodiesel performance. As a sponsor, they provide much-needed support to the competitors, while also gaining invaluable insights into the needs and wants of the diesel engine community. Meanwhile, the event provides a unique opportunity for truck owners to showcase their skills, exchange knowledge, and form a community dedicated to pushing the limits of turbodiesel performance.

The collaboration with the race also reinforces the brand's commitment to quality and performance. Its products are put to the test in the most demanding conditions, demonstrating their ability to meet and exceed the highest standards. This offers the company the unique opportunity to highlight the superiority of its products in a very tangible and visible way.

The Ultimate Callout Challenge and AMSOIL's sponsorship form a symbiotic relationship that benefits all involved. The competition gains the backing of a leading brand in the industry, while AMSOIL engages with a dedicated community that tests and pushes their products to the limit. The diesel truck owners, in turn, gain a platform to showcase their skills, learn from others, and engage in a competitive spirit that drives innovation and performance in the turbodiesel world.

In conclusion, this competition serves as the ultimate stage for these premium products to prove the company's commitment to quality, innovation, and performance, just as it offers turbodiesel truck owners the ultimate platform to show off their modifications. By bringing together a community of passionate individuals, the diesel truck race not only push the limits of what is possible in the turbodiesel world but also inspire and ignite the spirit of competition and camaraderie regardless if the engine is a Cummins drag truck or a Duramax drag truck. The dynamic relationship of this event is a shining example of how a committed sponsorship can fuel a sport, cultivate a community, and drive continuous innovation. 





AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Buying from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like HIGHGRADE Lubricants, is like having a discount card, it offers additional benefits, possibilities for significant discounts and options for free shipping. As an Authorized Dealer, we do our best to ensure you receive the product your engine requires. With our in-depth knowledge of the range of products, we can provide advice to guide you in choosing the most suitable oil for your specific needs. Another major advantage is the convenience of direct buying and delivery. Instead of the time-consuming process of searching for the product in a physical store, you can easily order this product and have it delivered straight to your address, simplifying the purchasing process and keeping your maintenance schedule on track. You can take your purchased premium motor oil and DIY or take it to a diesel oil change near me facility, like an oil change 5 location, another oil change services installer or your own motor mechanic. Create an AMSOIL account and buy now this oil for your truck!

In conclusion, this product offers unparalleled benefits for diesel engines used under both heavy-duty and standard driving conditions. Its ability to extend drain intervals to 60,000 miles sets it apart, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing productivity. With the additional benefits of guidance and convenient purchasing provided by us, your AMS OIL Dealer, this diesel engine oil stands as the superior choice for meeting the demanding needs of your diesel engines.


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