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AMSOIL OE 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil is an advanced, high-performance lubricant designed to provide optimum protection and efficiency for your vehicle's engine under manufacturer reccommended oil change interval cycles. This innovative product is created using a state-of-the-art synthetic base oil and fortified with an industry-leading additive package. Its exceptional formulation resists oil breakdown, ensuring the product maintains its oil viscosity even under severe operating conditions. This AMSOIL 5W30 synthetic motor oil offers extended drain intervals, which can result in significant cost and time savings for the vehicle owner. In addition, this product showcases the benefits of synthetic oil by it's superior cleaning properties, effectively keeping engine components (e.g. the engine block) free of sludge and other harmful deposits. Trusted by oil change services installers, engine rebuilders, fleet mechanics and daily drivers, this premium synthetic engine oil is an excellent choice for naturally aspirated engines that are on the road today and considered as one of the best synthetic motor oil products for OE standards.


Finally, its excellent low-temperature properties ensure rapid oil flow during cold starts, providing immediate lubrication to vital engine components, reducing wear, and enhancing the engine's overall lifespan. With AMSOIL 5W30 oil, you're investing in advanced protection, extended performance, and superior care for your engine and its components. Order this 5W30 synthetic oil product today and either DIY or take it into your one stop quick lube to have it installed! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


Key points to remember are:

  • Combats sludge and deposits using a 100% synthetic formula.

  • Provides 47% more wear protection (1) than what the GM dexos1 Gen 2 standard mandates.

  • Achieves 100% protection against Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (2) in the engine test required by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification.

    • (Note 1) Wear protection results are derived from independent testing of OE 0W-20 in the Peugeot TU3M Wear Test as mandated by the dexos1 Gen 2 specification.

    • (Note 2) LSPI protection demonstrated through five consecutive tests of AMSOIL OE 5W-30 Motor Oil in the LSPI engine test required by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification.



Introducing AMSOIL OE 5W30, a highly advanced lubricant meticulously designed to provide an unmatched level of engine protection and efficiency. This exceptional product signifies the convergence of innovative technology and exceptional engineering. The superior full synthetic oil formulation allows this engine oil to offer robust performance, proving to be a comprehensive solution for your vehicle's engine. It not only ensures smooth and efficient operation but also significantly extends the engine's lifespan.

This synthetic engine oil is a unique blend of high-quality synthetic base oils, complemented by a state-of-the-art additive package. This unique synthetic oil 5W30 formulation ensures the motor oil delivers more than just the traditional function of lubrication. It goes beyond, addressing the complex needs of modern vehicle engines, ensuring they perform optimally and last longer.

One of the prominent advantages of this synthetic motor oil is its extraordinary wear protection. The high-quality synthetic base oil forms a sturdy protective layer around the engine components, like the cylinder block, pistons and crankshaft, significantly reducing metal-to-metal contact during start-up and operation. This reduction in friction not only mitigates wear and tear but also extends the life of the engine, ensuring your vehicle performs optimally for a long time.

AMSOIL Oil Peugeot Wear Test

In modern engines, low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) is a prevalent issue that can cause severe engine damage. However, this synthetic motor oil comes with a robust solution to this problem. It is specifically designed to protect the pistons from LSPI. By reducing the chances of these pre-ignition events, it ensures that your engine stays safe and operates smoothly and efficiently.

Another crucial benefit of AMSOIL OE is its cleaning power. The advanced additive package in its formula has superior detergency properties, ensuring it keeps the engine components clean by preventing the buildup of sludge and other harmful deposits. This capability ensures the engine continues to operate at its optimal capacity without being impeded by debris or blockage.

In essence, this AMSOIL 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil offers the following three key benefits:

  • Superior Wear Protection: Its unique formulation ensures a strong film of protection around the engine components, significantly reducing metal-to-metal contact and ensuring extended engine life.

  • Protection Against LSPI: The oil is designed to significantly reduce the chances of low-speed pre-ignition events, protecting the engine from severe damage.

  • Exceptional Cleaning Power: The advanced additive package ensures the engine stays clean, maintaining its optimal operational capacity.


In conclusion, with its advanced technology and comprehensive range of benefits, this OE 5W30 oil line is the ideal choice for any vehicle owner looking for the highest level of engine performance and protection. It offers reliability and efficiency that contribute significantly to the overall lifespan and performance of your vehicle. It is indeed an advanced solution to engine maintenance that goes beyond the simple lube process. This synthetic motor oil 5W30 product can be ordered direct and be installed at a quick oil change shop by an installer, or DIY at home if you have experience or want an automotive project. Just use the AMSOIL Lookup to find the products for your investment!


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