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AMSOIL Hybrid Oil 0W20


Experience superior engine care with AMSOIL Hybrid 0W20 Motor Oil, a specific product tailored specifically for hybrid vehicles. This premium-grade lubricant offers an array of benefits to users. With its enhanced fuel efficiency, it supports a greener driving experience, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions. The oil has been formulated to provide superior sludge and deposit control, ensuring that your engine remains clean and functions optimally. The highly refined oil offers corrosion protection, increasing the longevity of your engine components. Trusted by professional engine builders, it stands as a testimony to quality and performance.


Notably, this AMSOIL product provides guaranteed protection for 15,000 miles or 1 year under normal service conditions, ensuring extended periods between oil changes. This API licensed oil ensures compliance with stringent industry standards, reflecting its commitment to deliver high-quality performance. Therefore, choosing this synthetic motor oil translates into exceptional reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ecological responsibility. Key points to consider:

  • Expertly developed to fulfill the unique requirements of hybrid engines

  • Excellent control of sludge and deposit formation, ensuring peak engine performance

  • Promotes maximum fuel efficiency for cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability

  • Provides increased corrosion protection, extending engine component lifespan

  • Held in high esteem by professional engine builders due to reliable performance

  • Delivers assured protection for either 15,000 miles or 1 year under normal service conditions

  • API licensed, signifying adherence to stringent industry standards

  • Note: The stated protection limit applies to personal vehicles not operating under severe service. The need for an oil change arises either after 15,000 miles or one year, whichever occurs first.


AMSOIL Hybrid Oil 0W16


Introducing AMSOIL Hybrid 0W16 Motor Oil, a specific product expertly designed to meet the needs of modern hybrid car, trucks and other vehicles. This high-performing lubricant offers numerous benefits. Its low viscosity enables better fuel economy, reducing the overall environmental footprint of your vehicle. It ensures enhanced wear protection, extending the life of your engine. The unique formulation maintains engine cleanliness, warding off deposits and sludge buildup. Being thermally stable, it resists oxidation, even at high temperatures, preventing oil breakdown. Moreover, its superior cold-start protection safeguards your engine during initial starts in extreme cold, providing immediate lubrication. Consider this motor oil as your go to for an AMSOIL 0W16 hybrid oil change. 


Notably, this product is compatible with emissions systems, helping preserve the environment. Its robust design guarantees prolonged intervals between motor oil changes, enhancing convenience. Therefore, this synthetic motor oil is an excellent choice, bringing reliability, efficiency, and sustainability to your hybrid vehicle experience. Buy today for your DIY oil change or take it to an hybrid car mechanic near me! Key points are:

  • Specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of hybrid engines

  • Provides excellent control over sludge and deposit build-up, maintaining engine cleanliness

  • Boosts fuel efficiency to an optimal level, promoting cost savings

  • Offers enhanced protection against corrosion, increasing engine longevity

  • Relied upon by professional engine builders for its proven performance

  • Protection for up to 15,000 miles or one year (under normal service conditions)

  • API licensed, validating its quality and standards

  • Note: The given mileage or time period applies to personal vehicles not operating under severe service conditions. 


  • Designed specifically for hybrid engines.

  • Superior control of sludge and deposits.

  • Optimizes fuel economy.

  • Provides enhanced corrosion protection.

  • Endorsed by professional engine builders.

  • Offers guaranteed protection for 15,000 miles or one year.

  • Holds API licensing.

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to an hybrid car mechanic near me! 



AMSOIL Hybrid Oil 0W16

AMSOIL motor oil is a high-performance synthetic lubricant designed to meet and exceed the unique demands of hybrid vehicles. These vehicles require specialized care to balance the requirements of both electric and combustion engine components. The advanced formulation offers superior protection against wear and tear, reduces friction and heat build-up, and maintains optimal viscosity under varying operating conditions. Additionally, it aids in improving fuel efficiency and extending the life of your hybrid car, SUV or truck engine. Use the AMSOIL lookup to see the right fit for your hybrid truck or car engine, and even search for oil for hybrid semis! 


Trustworthy and reliable, this synthetic motor oil, like the Signature Series line used by many owners as their Toyota Prius hybrid engine oil, provides a comprehensive solution for hybrid vehicle owners who demand superior performance and protection for their investment. Choose this product as your hybrid motor oil for ensuring the smooth, efficient operation of your hybrid vehicle like the Toyota Prius all the way to the hybrid supercar models like the McLaren Artura, Ferrari Laferrari or Porsche 918 Spyder. Considered by many automotive experts as the best engine oil for hybrid cars, trucks and SUV's. Also consider AMSOIL coolants, transmission, gear oil and other fluids for your hybrid!

Their advanced synthetic provides superior engine protection, optimizes fuel efficiency, and reduces wear and tear and are an excellent hybrid lubricant. By mitigating heat buildup and maintaining viscosity in various conditions, AMSOIL products ensure smooth operation and longevity for hybrid engines. Whether you drive a Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Toyota RAV4 or other hybrid vehicle, trust this oil for high-quality, compatible lubrication solutions for your hybrid car, hybrid supercar or hybrid SUV. See the new Hybrid SAE 0W16 and 0W20 oil below, in addition to other applicable motor oils! Considered by many as the best engine oil for hybrid cars due to the reputation AMSOIL oil products have in the industry. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


AMSOIL Hybrid Top View

AMSOIL motor oil, an industry-leading synthetic lubricant, offers an array of compelling benefits specifically designed to meet and exceed the unique needs of hybrid vehicles. From exceptional wear protection to fuel efficiency, AMSOIL motor oil is specifically engineered to deliver superior performance while ensuring the longevity of hybrid engines, which are partly internal combustion engines (ICE) and naturally aspirated.

One of the most crucial benefits of this oil lies in its exceptional wear protection. Hybrid cars typically combine a combustion engine and electric motor to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions. However, the unique operating characteristics of hybrid engines, including frequent start-stop cycles and extended periods of engine idling, can increase the engine's susceptibility to wear. This product's advanced formulation offers an excellent defense against wear, reducing metal-to-metal contact in the engine. This formidable wear protection contributes to prolonging the lifespan of naturally aspirated hybrid engines, ensuring the vehicles perform optimally for longer. This is especially important in the hybrid semi truck which is a hard working engine!

This premium synthetic oil product also stands out in terms of its thermal stability. Hybrid engines can generate significant heat, especially during high-load operation. If not adequately managed, this heat can break down conventional motor oils, leading to the formation of sludge and deposits that can impede engine performance. This company's synthetic engine oil is designed to resist thermal breakdown, maintaining its lubricating properties even in harsh operating conditions such as those in the engine of a hybrid hypercar like the Toyota GR010 hybrid! This thermal stability helps keep the hybrid naturally aspirated engine clean and operating efficiently, contributing to overall vehicle performance.

Another noteworthy benefit of this synthetic motor oil for hybrid SUV's and hybrid's in general, is its contribution to fuel efficiency. The primary goal of a hybrid vehicle is to achieve greater fuel economy without sacrificing performance. The lower friction properties of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil allow the engine components to move more freely, reducing the energy required to operate the engine and thereby improving fuel efficiency. This efficiency boost not only saves owners at the pump, but also aligns with the eco-friendly ethos of hybrid vehicles.

The superior cold-temperature performance of these motor oil products are another significant advantage for hybrid vehicles. The oil maintains its fluidity in cold temperatures, ensuring quick and reliable engine starts while providing immediate lubrication to critical engine parts. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for hybrid vehicles, which rely on the combustion engine kicking in seamlessly in colder conditions once the battery’s performance decreases.

In addition to its performance benefits, AMSOIL hybrid motor oil also contributes to extended oil change intervals, since our extended drain synthetic motor oils are applicable to hybrid engines too. Its robust synthetic formulation is designed to maintain its protective qualities over a longer period compared to conventional and other synthetic oils. This extended performance capability translates into fewer oil changes over the life of the vehicle, reducing both maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Finally, the brand reputation and proven performance of this company's products offer vehicle owners peace of mind. AMSOIL has a long-standing commitment to quality and innovation, with a history of developing high-performance synthetic lubricants that meet the needs of a wide range of vehicles. For hybrid vehicle owners, choosing these products means choosing a product backed by a reputation for excellence.

In conclusion, AMSOIL motor oil offers a multitude of benefits tailored specifically to the needs of hybrid vehicles. Its exceptional wear protection, thermal stability, and contribution to naturally aspirated engine fuel efficiency make it a smart choice for hybrid owners seeking to optimize their vehicles' performance and longevity. Its superior cold-temperature performance and extended drain intervals further enhance its appeal, while the backing of a trusted brand offers additional reassurance.


Ultimately, this motor oil represents a comprehensive solution for hybrid owners looking for a high-quality, high-performance engine oil that fulfills their unique requirements.

AMS OIL Grey Car Hybrid


The automotive landscape is rapidly evolving with the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles. These vehicles, which combine a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor, present unique challenges and opportunities in terms of maintenance and engine care. As such, the future of hybrid motor oil, particularly the role of high-quality synthetic motor oil, is becoming a critical topic among engine mechanics, motor mechanics, and those involved in the maintenance of fleet vehicles. Just as self a service car washing near me facility is important to keep your vehicle clean, so is the importance of a high quality synthetic engine oil to keep you hybrid motor running efficiently to avoid costly repairs.

Hybrid cars, trucks and SUV's operate in a manner that is significantly different from traditional combustion engine vehicles. They often run in a start-stop mode, where the engine is frequently turned off and restarted, or they operate in conditions where the electric motor does most of the work and the engine kicks in only when extra power is needed. These operating conditions put different strains on the engine and the oil, which has led to the development of specialized oils for hybrid vehicles.

Why Hybrid Vehicles Need Special Motor Oil

In hybrid engines, the combustion engine is not always running when the vehicle is in use. This means there are extended periods when the oil is not circulating as it would in a traditional engine. As a result, the oil can suffer from extended exposure to contaminants and moisture without the benefit of regular circulation to help remove them. This can lead to increased sludge and varnish buildup, which a high-quality synthetic oil is better equipped to handle.

Furthermore, the intermittent operation of the engine in hybrid vehicles can lead to more rapid oil aging. The repeated heating and cooling cycles can degrade the oil faster than in a continuously running engine. This is where the best synthetic oil, known for its superior oxidative stability, plays a vital role in maintaining engine health.

The Role of Synthetic Oil in Hybrid Vehicles

Synthetic oils, particularly those formulated for hybrid engines, offer several advantages. These oils are designed to provide better protection during the cold starts that are more frequent in hybrid cars. They also have improved low-temperature properties, ensuring that the oil flows quickly even after the engine has been off for a while, providing immediate protection upon startup.

Moreover, the best synthetic engine oil typically contains additives that help combat the buildup of contaminants and moisture. These additives can neutralize harmful acids and help keep the engine clean, thus prolonging its life. This aspect is especially crucial for fleet mechanics who manage a large number of hybrid fleet vehicles, as it can significantly reduce maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.

Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance for hybrid vehicles often requires specialized knowledge and equipment. For instance, a hybrid mechanic near me facility needs to be equipped not only with the right type of oil but also with tools and diagnostic equipment that are specific to hybrid SUV, trucks and cars. The same goes for a hybrid repair near me location or a hybrid car repair near me provider, where technicians must be trained to handle the unique aspects of hybrid vehicle engines and electrical systems.

When it comes to oil changes, hybrid vehicles may not require them as frequently as traditional vehicles due to their reduced reliance on the combustion engine. However, when an oil change is needed, it's crucial that the right type of oil is used. Facilities offering oil change services should be aware of the specific requirements of hybrid vehicles and stock the appropriate synthetic oils.

For those who prefer a DIY oil change, it’s important to use a high quality product, specifically formulated for hybrid vehicles. Using the right oil will ensure that the vehicle’s engine is protected under the unique operating conditions it faces. The AMSOIL Lookup tool can be a helpful resource in this regard, guiding vehicle owners to the right type of oil for their specific hybrid model.

Choosing the Right Oil for Hybrid Vehicles

The choice of motor oil for a hybrid cars is not one to be taken lightly. Hybrid engines need oil that can protect against the effects of frequent starting and stopping, resist oxidation, and remain stable under a range of temperature conditions. The oil also needs to have the right viscosity to ensure it flows quickly during cold starts while providing adequate protection at operating temperature.

For those seeking an oil change near me facility, it’s important to choose a place that understands the needs of hybrid vehicles and offers the appropriate synthetic motor oil options. The same goes for those searching for a hybrid mechanic near me facility or a hybrid car repair near me provider – the expertise in handling hybrid vehicles is crucial.

The Future of Hybrid Motor Oil

As the automotive industry continues to evolve with an increasing focus on sustainability and efficiency, the demand for hybrid vehicles is expected to grow. This shift will necessitate further advancements in hybrid motor oil technology. The best synthetic engine oil manufacturers are continually researching and developing their products to meet the evolving needs of these complex engines.

The future of hybrid motor oil is likely to see innovations in additive technology to address the specific challenges posed by hybrid engines. These may include more advanced detergents and dispersants to handle contaminants, as well as enhanced anti-oxidation properties to combat oil aging.

In summary, the maintenance of hybrid vehicles, particularly in terms of engine oil, requires a specialized approach. The intermittent nature of how these engines operate creates unique challenges that high-quality synthetic motor oils are well-equipped to handle. For engine mechanics, fleet mechanics, and motor mechanics, staying abreast of the latest developments in hybrid motor oil technology is essential. The use of the best synthetic oil, tailored for hybrid vehicles, ensures that these modern marvels of automotive engineering continue to operate at peak efficiency, offering reliable and eco-friendly transportation options.


Whether it’s through professional oil change services, seeking out a hybrid mechanic near me, or undertaking a DIY oil change, using the right oil is crucial for the longevity and performance of hybrid engines. The AMSOIL Lookup tool remains a valuable resource for finding the most suitable oil for any hybrid vehicle, ensuring optimal engine health and performance.


AMSOIL Compare Oil Chart


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Choosing to make your purchases through a trusted AMSOIL Dealer like HIGHGRADE Lubricants ensures that you'll be getting top-notch products. Opting for an Authorized Dealer adds an extra layer of confidence, guaranteeing the acquisition of genuine items.

One significant advantage offered by Dealers is the convenience of direct buying and doorstep delivery. This straightforward purchasing method streamlines your shopping experience, allowing for quick and hassle-free online orders, eliminating the need to visit physical stores – all potentially with available discounts! This efficient and uncomplicated approach is further enhanced by swift home delivery, ensuring your products arrive promptly. Dealers maintain a direct link to the manufacturer, enabling them to pass on special offers directly to customers. It's almost like having a combined discount card and sales consultant, along with complimentary shipping on many orders! Moreover, this direct purchasing model allows for a leisurely exploration of the extensive product range, assisting you in making well-informed choices tailored to your specific needs. Order this product today and put it into your vehicle's engine yourself or take it to a synthetic oil change near me facility, like a Take 5 oil change provider, a Jiffy Lube near me lube shop, a Valvoline instant facility, another one stop quick lube installer or your own motor mechanic to ensure that it is installed by a professional individual. 

Opting for buying through a Dealer offers benefits beyond just superior product quality. They place a high value on exceptional customer service and is always ready to address any questions or concerns you might have.


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