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Donaldson Blue Oil Filter


Engineered for efficiency and longevity, Donaldson Blue oil filters offer premium protection for engines. Their technologically advanced design captures and eliminates harmful contaminants from engine oil, preserving optimal performance. These motor oil filters stand out with two remarkable benefits: extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs. The high dirt holding capacity minimizes the need for frequent replacements, while the rigorous filtration protects the engine from premature wear and tear. These robust, reliable engine oil filters are a good choice in heavy-duty industries, testifying to Donaldson filters quality and commitment to delivering excellence in filtration solutions. Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to an oil change near me!

Donaldson P Series Oil Filter


The Donaldson P Series Oil Filters offer superior engine protection with a perfect blend of efficiency and durability. Their advanced filtration technology effectively captures and eliminates harmful engine oil contaminants, promoting better engine performance. A significant advantage is helping promote engine life, thanks to reduced wear and tear. Additionally, the filters' high dirt holding capacity decreases maintenance requirements by minimizing frequent replacements. Designed for resilience under harsh conditions, this truck and car oil filter is ideal for heavy-duty applications. The P Series stands as a testament to Donaldson filters quality and dedication to providing high-quality, reliable filtration solutions.

Donaldson Blue Heavy Duty Air Filter


Donaldson Blue Heavy Duty Air Filters represent cutting-edge filtration technology for heavy-duty applications. Renowned for their superior dust holding capacity, these filters optimize engine performance by ensuring clean airflow. Made with premium media, they offer extended service intervals, saving both time and money. They're specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, making them essential for trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment. Donaldson Blue contributes to enhanced fuel efficiency, making it a trusted choice for heavy-duty operations.

DONALDSON P Series Heavy Duty Air Filter


Donaldson P Series Heavy Duty Air Filters are engineered for optimal filtration in demanding environments. Specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, they capture contaminants effectively, ensuring clean air intake and optimal engine performance. Constructed using high-quality materials, these filters offer consistent airflow and extended service life. The P Series is a testament to Donaldson's commitment to quality, providing reliable protection against engine wear, reduced emissions, and enhanced fuel efficiency. 

Donaldson Coolant Filter


Donaldson Coolant Filters provide advanced protection against contaminants, ensuring efficient engine cooling and prolonged component life. Utilizing specialized media, these filters capture minute particles and maintain optimal coolant flow, preventing overheating and engine damage. Designed for heavy-duty applications, Donaldson's filters extend service intervals, offering cost savings in maintenance. By ensuring clean coolant circulation, they contribute to engine efficiency, reduce wear, and minimize unscheduled downtime. Trust in Donaldson for superior coolant system care.

Donaldson Hydraulic Filters


Donaldson Hydraulic Filters are synonymous with high-quality filtration in demanding hydraulic systems. Precision-engineered to capture contaminants, these filters safeguard sensitive hydraulic components, ensuring smooth operation and prolonged lifespan. With advanced media technology, they deliver consistent fluid flow, preventing system failures and costly downtimes. Ideal for heavy-duty applications, they are the definitive choice for optimal hydraulic system health.

Donaldson P Series Filter


Donaldson P Series Heavy Duty Fuel Filters are the frontline defense against fuel contaminants, ensuring engine health and peak performance. Crafted for heavy-duty applications, these filters employ advanced media to effectively remove impurities, safeguarding vital engine components. Their robust construction guarantees extended service life and reliability. By optimizing fuel cleanliness, the P Series reduces wear, prevents injector clogging, and ensures efficient combustion. Donaldson's commitment to quality shines through, making these filters indispensable for demanding operations.

Donaldson Transmission Filter


Donaldson Transmission Filters are precision-engineered to protect transmission systems from harmful contaminants. Designed for heavy-duty scenarios, these filters use advanced filtration media to capture impurities, ensuring smooth gear shifts and prolonged transmission life. Their robust construction guarantees durability and consistent performance. By maintaining clean transmission fluid, they prevent premature wear and potential system failures. Donaldson's reputation for quality is evident in these filters, making them a top choice for those prioritizing transmission health and longevity.

Donaldson Powercore Ford Filter


Donaldson's authentic PowerCore filters are renowned for their outstanding protection and performance. They boast a lower initial restriction, ensuring enhanced engine performance and fuel efficiency. With an impressive filter capacity, users benefit from extended filter lifespans, fewer replacements, and subsequently reduced maintenance costs. For over two decades, PowerCore® filters have consistently met the exacting standards set by original equipment manufacturers. Additionally, the dependable Radial Seal technology ensures the filter remains securely positioned, even amidst intense vibrations.

Donaldson Powercore GM Filter


Donaldson's authentic PowerCore filters offer unparalleled protection and performance. Their design results in reduced initial restriction, ensuring optimal engine performance and improved fuel efficiency. Furthermore, their enhanced filter capacity extends filter lifespan, translating to fewer replacements and maintenance savings. For over two decades, PowerCore filters have consistently met the specifications set by original equipment manufacturers. Incorporating the dependable Radial Seal technology, these filters remain securely positioned, resisting leaks and withstanding intense vibrations.


Renowned for their performance, Donaldson oil filter products stand out in the filtration industry. They deliver two significant benefits: prolonged engine life and reduced maintenance costs. The advanced filtration technology integrated into these filters efficiently traps and removes harmful contaminants from car oil. By doing so, they significantly extend the lifespan of engines, safeguarding them against premature wear and tear. Moreover, their high capacity for dirt holding reduces the frequency of filter replacements, translating to cost savings. The durable construction and meticulous quality control tests ensure these truck and car oil filter products reliably perform their tasks, even under the harshest conditions. This blend of advanced technology and robust design have made these products popular among industries that depend on heavy-duty machinery. Therefore, with the benefits of extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs, Donaldson filters have become the go-to choice for many industry professionals.

One of its most sought-after product lines, the motor oil filters, offer superior protection for engines. Their technologically advanced designs efficiently remove contaminants, ensuring clean motor oil for optimal engine performance. The impressive longevity and durability they provide have made them popular in heavy-duty industries such as transportation, construction, and agriculture and are seen on both diesel trucks and various cars including sports cars and muscle cars to your everyday commuter vehicle.


Donaldson oil filter construction ensures a high dirt holding capacity, further enhancing engine life. Through rigorous testing and quality control measures, Donaldson ensures these filters meet stringent performance requirements. These factors have contributed to making the brand a leader in the filtration industry, with its truck and car oil filter products standing as a testament to its commitment to quality and excellence. Competitive with others brands and models including Fram oil filter, Mobil 1 oil filter, K&N oil filter, Purolator oil filter and STP oil filter to name a few. Consider Donaldson filters for your vehicle needs! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


As industry leaders in filtration solutions, Donaldson oil filter products have been trusted by professionals worldwide for their superior performance and reliability. These motor oil filters are a testament to Donaldson's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. They provide competitive benefits, making them a alternative choice for engine protection.

The technology and design behind Donaldson filters contribute greatly to their effectiveness. Their advanced filtration system efficiently removes harmful contaminants from the engine oil. This not only ensures the engine oil remains clean for optimal engine performance but also significantly prolongs the life of the engine. By shielding the engine from premature wear and tear, Donaldson filters can help maintain the engine's health, thus reducing the risk of unexpected and costly repairs.

Another advantage of these filters is their impressive dirt holding capacity. Unlike some engine oil filters that may require frequent replacements, Donaldson's design allows for more extended periods between oil filter changes. This results in fewer maintenance intervals, which can lead to significant time and cost savings for the user. The filter's high capacity for dirt holding also ensures consistent performance, even under heavy-duty usage or challenging environmental conditions.

Donaldson's rigorous testing and quality control measures ensure that their oil filter products meet stringent performance requirements. Each filter is thoroughly tested to guarantee it performs optimally under a variety of conditions. This dedication to quality ensures that customers receive a reliable, durable product that delivers consistent results.

The robust construction of Donaldson filters allows them to operate effectively in challenging conditions. This makes them ideal for industries such as transportation, construction, and agriculture, where machinery is often subject to harsh environments and heavy loads. Donaldson's longer maintenance intervals also provide a significant advantage. Fewer filter changes not only reduce maintenance costs but also minimize downtime, making operations more efficient. 

The superior filtration technology, high dirt holding capacity, and longer maintenance intervals make Donaldson filters an attractive alternative to other brands. The brand's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in products that not only meet but often exceed industry standards. By choosing Donaldson oil filter products, customers are investing in a filter that delivers reliable performance, protects their engine, and offers potential cost savings, making it a preferred choice for many industry professionals from fleet mechanics to owners of engine oil oil change near me facilities.



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