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Signature Series synthetic motor oil has redefined lubricant performance by defying the basic standard, refusing to settle for less than average, and pushing the envelope in synthetic engine oil and lubricant technology.


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AMSOIL Signature Series 0W20



​Experience the exceptional benefits of AMSOIL 0W20, a top-tier synthetic motor oil designed to meet the demands of today's high-performance engines. Key benefits to think about at your next full synthetic oil change include:

  • Unrivaled Wear Protection: This oil's advanced formula significantly reduces engine wear, ensuring longevity and consistent peak performance.

  • Superior Cold-Weather Performance: The AMSOIL 0W20 viscosity grade ensures quick, easy start-ups and efficient lubrication even in frigid temperatures.

  • Enhanced Fuel Economy: Signature Series 0W20 optimizes engine efficiency, providing potential fuel savings without sacrificing power.

  • Extended Drain Intervals: Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of longer oil change intervals with this 0W20 synthetic oil, without compromising engine protection.

  • Exceptional Cleanliness: The advanced additive package minimizes sludge and deposits, maintaining optimal engine performance and extending its life.

AMSOIL Signature Series 0W30



​Discover the outstanding advantages of AMSOIL 0W30, a high-performance synthetic motor oil tailored for modern engines and challenging conditions. Key benefits to review for you next oil ch ange are:

  • Ultimate Wear Protection: This company's cutting-edge formula minimizes engine wear, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

  • Exceptional Cold-Weather Performance: The 0W30 viscosity grade guarantees rapid, reliable start-ups and efficient lubrication in extreme cold conditions.

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: This motor oil enhances engine efficiency, potentially reducing fuel consumption without compromising power.

  • Extended Oil Change Intervals: Experience the ease and cost savings of longer drain intervals while maintaining exceptional engine protection.

  • Unparalleled Engine Cleanliness: The advanced additive technology prevents sludge and deposit formation, promoting optimal engine performance and extending its lifespan.

AMSOIL Signature Series 0W40



AMSOIL Signature Series 0W40 stands out as an exceptional synthetic motor oil, expertly engineered for modern engines and demanding conditions. Its ultimate wear protection ensures lasting performance and durability, while the 0W40 viscosity grade guarantees rapid start-ups and efficient lubrication even in extreme cold temperatures. This advanced formula enhances engine efficiency, potentially reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing power. This oil's extended oil change intervals offer convenience and cost savings, maintaining exceptional engine protection throughout and keeping engine parts clean including cylinder heads, pistons, crankshafts and other important components. The unparalleled engine cleanliness provided by its advanced additive technology prevents sludge and deposit formation, promoting optimal performance and extending your engine's lifespan. This oil is the rival of the Mobil 1 Supercar 0W40, and is an excellent oil for supercar's, hypercars and the hybrid supercar in addition to the everyday driver. Experience the AMSOIL 0W40 Signature Series difference today. Key benefits to consider for your next service oil change are:

  • Provides 50% increased cleaning power when compared to AM SOIL OE Motor Oil.

  • Trusted by professional engine builders.

  • Guarantees protection for up to 25,000 miles or 1 year.

    • (Note 1) Delivers 75% enhanced engine protection against horsepower loss and wear, based on independent testing of AMS OIL Signature Series 0W-20 in ASTM D6891 as required by the API SN specification.

    • (Note 2) Protects turbochargers 72% better than the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification requires, as proven by independent testing of AM SOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the GM turbo coking test.

    • (Note 3) Offers 28% superior acid-neutralizing power compared to Mobil 1, according to independent testing of Mobil 1 Annual Protection Full Synthetic 5W-30 and AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in ASTM D2896. The oils were purchased in July 2020.

AMSOIL Signature Series 5W20



The AMSOIL Signature Series 5W20 viscosity excels as a premium synthetic motor oil, perfectly engineered for modern engines like the popular Ford F-150. Its advanced wear protection ensures long-lasting performance and durability, while the AMSOIL 5W20 oil viscosity grade offers rapid start-ups and efficient lubrication in various temperatures. The innovative formula enhances engine efficiency, potentially reducing fuel consumption without compromising power, making it an ideal choice for the best selling truck in America, the F-150. The extended oil change intervals provide convenience and cost savings, maintaining outstanding engine protection to key engine parts including the cylinder head, crankcase, pistons and valves. The superior engine cleanliness achieved with its cutting-edge additive technology prevents sludge and deposit formation, ensuring optimal performance and an extended engine lifespan. This high quality motor oil can even help with positive crankcase ventilation. Experience the AMSOIL 5W20 Signature Series 100% synthetic oil advantage today and save money on the price for oil change. Key benefits to keep in mind for your next synthetic oil change project and are:

  • Exhibits 50% superior cleaning capacity compared to AM SOIL OE Motor Oil.

  • Reliable and favored by professional engine builders.

  • Delivers guaranteed protection for a duration or distance of up to 25,000 miles or 1 year.

    • (Note 1) Offers engine protection that is 75% more effective against horsepower loss and wear, as indicated by independent testing of AMS OIL Signature Series 0W-20 following the ASTM D6891 procedure required by the API SN specification.

    • (Note 2) Exceeds GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification requirements by providing 72% better protection for turbochargers, backed by independent testing of AM SOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the GM turbo coking test.

    • (Note 3) Outperforms Mobil 1 with 28% more acid-neutralizing power, based on independent testing of Mobil 1 Annual Protection Full Synthetic 5W-30 and AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in ASTM D2896. These oils were purchased in July 2020.

AMSOIL Signature Series 5W30



​Discover the exceptional qualities of AMSOIL Signature Series 5W30, a top-of-the-line synthetic motor oil designed for modern naturally aspirated engines and demanding driving conditions. AMSOIL 5W30 synthetic oil is a highly popular motor oil due to its outstanding performance, versatility, and compatibility with a wide range of vehicle makes and models. It meets or exceeds the stringent requirements set by leading engine manufacturers, ensuring reliable protection under various driving conditions. The advanced synthetic formulation of this 5W30 oil allows for improved fuel economy, lower emissions and extended drain intervals, providing vehicle owners with the best possible value and convenience. Its exceptional engine cleanliness, along with its ability to protect against wear, oxidation, and thermal breakdown, helping with positive crankcase ventilation and making this SAE 30 oil the go-to choice for drivers who demand the highest level of engine protection and performance. Experience the difference and see why it remains the most popular motor oil choice for countless drivers.​ Key benefits for your next oil change to full synthetic project include:

  • Unmatched Wear Protection: The state-of-the-art formula dramatically reduces engine wear, ensuring lasting performance and durability, making it popular for discerning drivers.

  • Excellent Temperature Performance: The SAE 5W-30 oil viscosity grade offers quick start-ups and efficient lubrication in a wide range of temperatures, providing protection for various climates.

  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: Signature Series improves engine efficiency, potentially reducing fuel consumption without compromising power, contributing to its widespread popularity.

  • Extended Drain Intervals: Experience the convenience and cost savings of longer oil change intervals, as AMSOIL Signature 5W-30 motor oil maintains engine protection throughout extended periods.

  • Superior Engine Cleanliness: The advanced additive package combats sludge and deposit formation, promoting optimal engine performance and extending its lifespan.

AMSOIL Signature Series 10W30



This AMSOIL Signature Series 10W30 stands out as an exceptional engine oil, meticulously engineered for modern engines and demanding driving conditions. Its advanced wear protection ensures lasting performance and durability, while the Signature Series 10W30 viscosity grade delivers efficient start-ups and lubrication in various temperatures. The innovative formula enhances engine efficiency, potentially reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing power. This motor oil line's extended oil change intervals offer convenience and cost savings, maintaining outstanding engine protection. The superior engine cleanliness provided by its cutting-edge additive technology prevents sludge and deposit formation in key engine parts such as the crankcase, cylinder head, pistons and valves amongst other components, promoting optimal performance and extending your engine's lifespan. Experience the remarkable benefits of Signature Series 100% synthetic 10W30 oil today. Key benefits to take into account for your next engine oil and filter change are:

  • Demonstrates 50% enhanced cleaning capabilities in comparison to AM SOIL OE Motor Oil.

  • Endorsed by professional engine builders for reliability.

  • Ensures protection for a maximum of 25,000 miles or 1 year.

    • (Note 1) Provides 75% superior engine protection against horsepower reduction and wear, as validated by independent testing of AM SOIL Signature Series 0W-20 in the ASTM D6891 test demanded by the API SN specification.

    • (Note 2) Secures turbochargers 72% more efficiently than necessitated by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification, according to independent testing of AMS OIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the GM turbo coking test.

    • (Note 3) Delivers 28% heightened acid-neutralizing potential compared to Mobil 1, as evidenced by independent testing of Mobil 1 Annual Protection Full Synthetic 5W-30 and AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the ASTM D2896. These oils were acquired in July 2020.

AMSOIL Signature Series 5W50




The AMSOIL Signature Series 5W50 motor oil is  skillfully crafted for high-performance naturally aspirated engines and demanding driving conditions. Its superior wear protection ensures enduring performance and durability, while this versatile 5W50 synthetic motor oil grade enables quick start-ups and efficient lubrication across a wide temperature range. The advanced formula boosts engine efficiency, potentially lowering fuel consumption without sacrificing power. The extended oil change intervals provide convenience and cost savings when doing a service oil ch ange, maintaining exceptional engine protection throughout. The unparalleled engine cleanliness achieved with its state-of-the-art additive technology prevents sludge and deposit formation, ensuring optimal performance and an extended engine lifespan. Trust in Signature Series 5W50 for your ultimate engine oil care and maintenance for cars such as the Shelby GT 500, Range Rover, Focus RS and other high performance motor vehicles. Key benefits for your next oil ch ange project are:

  • Demonstrates a cleaning capacity that's 50% superior to AMSOIL OE Motor Oil.

  • Receives the trust of professional engine builders and car tuning near me motor mechanics.

  • Guarantees protection for up to 25,000 miles or 1 year.

    • (Note 1) Ensures 75% enhanced engine defense against loss of horsepower and wear, supported by independent testing of AMS OIL Signature Series 0W-20 as per ASTM D6891, required by the API SN specification.

    • (Note 2) Offers protection for turbochargers that is 72% more effective than the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification demands, confirmed by independent testing of AMS OIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the GM turbo coking test.

    • (Note 3) Exhibits 28% greater acid-neutralizing capacity than Mobil 1, based on independent testing of Mobil 1 Annual Protection Full Synthetic 5W-30 and AM SOIL Signature Series 5W-30 under ASTM D2896. The oils were bought in July 2020.


The Signature Series 100% synthetic line up is designed for car and truck enthusiasts as well as  everyday owners looking for the best performance and protection for their vehicle. It has a remarkable fluid film and anti-wear additives to ensure minimal metal contact, such as with the crankshaft, cylinder head and pistons, thereby reducing engine wear, contributing to the longevity of engine life and increased mileage. The end result of this dedication is excellent engine performance, protection and cleanliness that surpasses even the highest industry benchmarks; in addition to being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly with less oil waste! Additionally, this synthetic engine oil (aka. syn oil) is compatible for hybrid cars and hybrid SUV's, considering its benefits like extended drain intervals - which has been a common practice in Europe for many years!


This engine oil is used by numerous fleet mechanics and is an excellent choice for daily driver cars and trucks, like the Subaru Outback, Dodge Charger and Chevy S10 pickup truck. It is also great for supercar or hypercar vehicles, such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Ferrari 812 GTS and the Nissan Z sports car. One particular oil viscosity is the the AMSOIL 5W20 Signature Series, which is extremely popular with Ford F150 owners. You won't find this AMSOIL oil product at Walmart or other big box stores as it is only available through an Independent AMS OIL Dealer, like us at HIGHGRADE Lubricants! It is competitively priced with other motor oil brands such as Pennzoil Platinum, Mobil 1 Supercar 0W40 and Royal Purple Company to name a few; as well as it's closest rival the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. When searching for what is the best oil for my car is, look no further than Signature Series. Considered by many as the best synthetic oil on the market today!

Known as one of the best synthetic motor oil brands in the synthetic oil industry, AMSOIL Inc's product development and advanced technology, culminated in the Signature Series motor oil - which is their top of the line product! It outperforms any competitor motor oil ever tested, with a drain interval of up to 25,000 miles (40,000 km). Not everyone will enjoy its benefits, but it will provide the very best engine protection and performance for those who demand it; like the everyday driver to Nascar racers, Indycar 500, F1 racers and other race car competition drivers! It is also highly desired by those who want the very best for their daily driver and for vehicle fleets which look to save money on the price for oil change and maintenance, ensuring longevity of engine life! It is even considered a recommended oil by many engine builders and "car tuning near me" mechanics. The most popular oil viscosity is AMSOIL 5W30! This product lineup provides the best in synthetic motor oil protection for naturally aspirated engines. Just as the Hennessy Venom F5 has pushed the limits of vehicle performance, so has this 100% synthetic motor oil! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!



Use the chart below to compare products and see which is the right fit for your needs. You can compare AMSOIL OE vs XL vs Signature in the following chart as these oils are used across the board and not limited by high mileage or hybrid use. A very common comparison is AMSOIL Signature vs OE.

AMSOIL Compare Oil Chart


AMSOIL 0w20 Sequence Test


Signature Series motor oil has earned the trust of the professional engine builder community due to its exceptional performance, quality, and reliability. The advanced synthetic formulation delivers unmatched wear protection, ensuring the longevity and consistent peak performance of even the most demanding engines. Its superior thermal stability and resistance to oxidation enable it to maintain its protective and lubricating properties even under extreme heat and stress, making it an ideal choice for high-performance and race engines. This oil surpasses some of the best full synthetic motor oil out there, considering AM SOIL is 100% synthetic and is put through rigorous testing!

The cutting-edge additive technology used in this oil helps keep engines clean by minimizing sludge and deposit formation, which is critical in maintaining optimal engine performance and efficiency. Furthermore, the excellent shear stability and aeration control of this motor oil guarantee consistent protection and lubrication for vital engine components. The extended drain intervals offered by this line of oil, provide not only cost savings but also reduced downtime, which is highly valued by the professional engine builder world and Nascar racers alike. By choosing Signature Series, engine builders can have confidence in the product's ability to safeguard their meticulously crafted engines and ensure the best possible performance on the road or track. This trust in the Signature Series line is a testament to the exceptional quality and performance it consistently delivers, making it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Turbocharged engines demand exceptional protection due to the extreme heat and stress they generate. This motor oil is specifically designed to meet these challenges, offering unparalleled protection for turbochargers. Its advanced formula consists of high-quality base oils and carefully selected additives that create a robust lubricating film, shielding the turbocharger components from metal-to-metal contact, friction, and wear. This is one of the benefits of synthetic oil usage in specific to this product line!

The superior thermal stability and resistance to oxidation of this synthetic oil ensure that it maintains its viscosity and protective qualities, even when exposed to the extreme heat produced by turbochargers. This is crucial in preventing oil coking, a common issue in turbocharged engines, where conventional motor oils can break down and form harmful deposits that impede performance and lead to component failure. Moreover, the exceptional shear stability of Signature Series motor oil guarantees consistent, long-lasting protection for your turbocharger, minimizing the risk of premature wear and failure. The oil also provides excellent aeration control, reducing the likelihood of oil foaming, which can compromise the lubrication and cooling of the turbocharger.

In summary, this oil delivers unmatched protection for turbochargers, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and longevity in the demanding environment of turbocharged engines like in the R34 and the Shelby GT500. Popular viscosities include AMSOIL 5W30 and 0W20. Choose this oil for the ultimate defense against the unique challenges faced by turbochargers, and enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes with using a high-quality oil.

AMSOIL 25000 Mile Protection Logo

Signature Series can go up to 25,000 miles (40,000 km) or 700 hours or 1 year, whichever comes first!

AMSOIL Cold Crank Test


This 100% synthetic motor oil, also referred to as syn oil, is meticulously engineered to provide superior engine protection against wear. Its advanced formula contains a unique blend of high-performance additives and premium base oils that form a robust film barrier, minimizing metal-to-metal contact. This reduces friction and heat generation, leading to a significant decrease in component wear. It is considered by many as the best motor oil for vehicles! When you do an AMSOIL look up on your vehicle, including hybrid electric vehicles, you will most likely find Signature Series due to it's popularity!


Furthermore, AMSOIL (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) technology keeps the exceptional thermal stability of the oil which ensures consistent performance even under extreme operating conditions, maintaining its viscosity and protecting moving parts. By safeguarding your engine against wear, this oil helps extend lifespan, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. The more popular viscosities include 0W20, 5W20, 5W50, and the extremely popular AMSOIL Signature Series 5W30 to name a few, which is considered by a number of mechanics as the best engine oil out there, and used in numerous pickup trucks, all the way to the R34 and the Dodge Hellcat!

AMSOIL Wear Test

The above image is from a wear protection test between AMS OIL and a leading competitor.

AMSOIL Turbocharger Test
Oil Pick Up Tube Test

Result from a pick up screen tube test and coking test on a turbocharger; virtually clean!


Are you changing engine oil soon? Signature Series motor oil boasts an impressive extended drain interval of 25,000 miles, thanks to its advanced synthetic formulation and cutting-edge additive technology. The high-quality base oils and carefully selected additives work synergistically to resist oxidation, minimize viscosity breakdown, and combat harmful deposits, even under extreme driving conditions. This allows the oil to maintain its protective and lubricating properties for a significantly longer period compared to conventional oils. As a result, this engine oil offers superior protection and consistent performance throughout the extended drain interval, similar our XL line, providing vehicle owners with the convenience and cost savings of fewer oil changes. This is an excellent high mileage oil option and is a great product for the majority of cars, trucks and hybrid vehicles on the road today, including most popular American cars, most popular Japanese cars and most popular European cars! 


This particular oil, commonly referred to as syn oil, is a high end lubricant that offers superior performance in various conditions, particularly when it comes to cold cranking viscosity and startup protection for engine components. With its advanced formulation, this motor oil ensures optimal flow even in extremely low temperatures. Cold cranking viscosity refers to the oil's ability to maintain its fluidity during engine startup in chilly weather conditions. The Signature Series engine oil excels in this aspect, as it boasts a low pour point and exceptional resistance to thickening, allowing for quick and effortless cold starts. Furthermore, this motor oil provides exceptional startup protection for vital engine components. By creating a robust and durable protective film, it safeguards against wear and tear during those critical initial moments of operation. This enhanced startup protection ensures that engine parts are shielded from friction, reducing the risk of damage and promoting engine longevity. This full synthetic oil's outstanding cold cranking viscosity and startup protection make it an excellent choice for drivers who seek reliable engine performance, even in the harshest weather conditions. This is by far the best oil AMS OIL has made!

AMSOIL Low Number Sequence Test


This synthetic oil goes above and beyond in its ability to protect against Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI), which is one of the many benefits of synthetic oil in this specific product. LSPI is a phenomenon that can occur in modern turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engines, where an abnormal combustion event happens at low engine speeds and high loads, leading to potential engine damage. This company's motor oil is engineered to combat LSPI. It utilizes a robust additive package and advanced synthetic base oils that effectively reduce the likelihood of LSPI occurrences. By controlling the formation of deposits and providing a strong lubricating film, this motor oil minimizes the chances of pre-ignition and subsequent engine damage. The superior protection against LSPI offered by this oil is essential for drivers of modern vehicles equipped with turbocharged engines like the Hennessey Mammoth 1000. It provides peace of mind by preventing harmful combustion events and ensuring the longevity and reliability of engines. With Signature Series engine oil, drivers can confidently navigate the demands of high-performance engines while safeguarding against LSPI-related issues.


AMSOIL Change Oil Less Often Logo

Choosing a motor oil that delivers optimal performance for your engine can often feel like a labyrinthine task. However, when considering not only immediate purchase costs but also the long-term economic impact, Signature Series stands out as a cost-effective choice. This is largely due to its superior drain interval capabilities, synthetic composition, impressive engine-cleaning benefits, and resultant reduced labor expenses. 

The most immediate synthetic oil advantages offered in this AMS OIL product lineup is the extended drain interval. This premium synthetic motor oil allows drivers to go significantly longer between oil changes, up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. This dramatically contrasts with traditional motor oils that usually recommend a change every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. Hence, the total amount of engine oil required per annum reduces substantially, leading to a direct and considerable cost saving.

For instance, if your vehicle requires five quarts of engine oil and you're using a conventional oil that recommends changes every 5,000 miles, you might need to change your oil around three to four times a year, depending on your mileage. Now consider Signature Series: with its longer drain interval, you'll need just one oil change for full synthetic service per year, cutting the total oil expense significantly. This is significant when trying to save money on oil.

Yet the savings extend beyond just the cost of the motor oil. A less tangible but no less real cost-saving facet arises from the reduction in labor costs linked to oil c hanges. Whether you're paying a mechanic or spending your own time on this routine maintenance, the savings gained from fewer oil ch anges can be significant. If you drive a high-mileage vehicle or manage a fleet of cars, these oil change labor cost savings add up even more dramatically over time.

Furthermore, another one of the synthetic oil advantages in this product is the monetary benefits of Signature Series synthetic engine oil, which are augmented by its exceptional cleaning properties. High-quality synthetic oils like this one possess advanced detergent additives that help to maintain engine cleanliness. Over time, conventional oils can leave deposits that lead to the formation of sludge, reducing the engine's performance and eventually requiring a costly clean-out or even repairs.

The superior cleaning properties of AM SOIL Signature Series not only help to mitigate these issues but also extend the overall lifespan of the engine. By keeping the engine clean, this oil reduces wear and tear, preventing or delaying expensive engine problems. Ultimately, this leads to an overall smoother and cleaner-running engine, requiring less maintenance and contributing to further cost savings and well as less oil waste, making this an environmentally friendly oil.

In conclusion, while the upfront costs of premium synthetic oils may seem higher, considering the extended drain intervals from Signature Series synthetic motor oil, the savings on labor costs, and the longer engine life due to superior cleanliness, it emerges as a truly cost-effective choice. Opting for quality and extended drain intervals does not just lead to a more efficiently performing engine but also culminates in substantial financial savings in the long run. Just as a car washing self service location is important to keep your vehicle clean on the outside, so is quality syn oil for the inside of your engine. Buy now and take it to a change oil near me location today!

Positive LSPI Prevention Test Result

LSPI damage of a piston.


Low Speed Pre-Ignition (aka. LSPI), is a phenomenon that is a concern in modern gasoline engines, particularly those with turbochargers and direct injection systems. This condition occurs when an unintended and premature ignition of the fuel-air mixture takes place before the spark plug fires during the compression stroke. Unlike typical engine knock or detonation, which generally occurs at high engine speeds and loads, LSPI is characteristic of low-speed, high-torque conditions, such as when a vehicle accelerates from a stop or during upshifting, similar to being in traffic when city car driving.

Understanding LSPI requires a delve into the complex ballet of internal combustion engines, where precision is paramount. The intricacies of air, fuel, and spark timing must dance to the tune of mechanical harmony. When LSPI rears its head, it disrupts this dance, often with damaging consequences. The causes of LSPI are multifaceted, and research points to a variety of factors, including engine design, fuel composition, and oil formulation. It is surmised that the droplets of oil or fuel in the combustion chamber can become hot spots that ignite the mixture too early. Additionally, the presence of certain particles or contaminants in the combustion chamber may also contribute to LSPI.

The symptoms of LSPI are often subtle. Nonetheless, an engine mechanic can detect these through careful observation and the use of advanced diagnostic equipment. One of the telltale signs is an abnormal noise, similar to knocking, occurring under low-speed acceleration. This noise is the result of the premature combustion rattling against the engine's internal components. In severe cases, LSPI can cause significant engine damage, such as broken spark plugs, cracked pistons, or damaged connecting rods, leading to expensive repairs and reduced engine life.

Prevention of LSPI is pivotal in maintaining engine health, especially for high-performance and downsized turbocharged engines that are susceptible to this condition. One of the most effective strategies is the choice of engine oil. A high-quality engine oil, like a full synthetic motor oil, specifically formulated to address LSPI, can offer a significant shield against this unwanted engine problem. A leader in this protective quest is the AMSOIL Signature Series line of synthetic engine oils.

This company, a pioneer in synthetic lubricants, has engineered a range of synthetic oils that not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of modern engines. Products such as AMSOIL 5W30, AMSOIL 0W20, AMSOIL 5W20, AMSOIL 0W40, and AMSOIL 5W50, amongst their other motor oil offerings, are tailored to provide maximum protection against LSPI. These oils are formulated with a robust base oil and a carefully selected additive package that helps to minimize the formation of the low-speed pre-ignition phenomenon.

The popular AMSOIL Signature Series 5W30 stands out as one of the best synthetic engine oils for combating LSPI in motors which require the 5W30 oil viscosity. It is designed with advanced synthetic technology that reduces oil breakdown and resists oxidation, which can contribute to LSPI. The thermal stability of AMS OIL Signature Series oils ensures that they can withstand the high temperatures found in turbocharged engines without degrading, thereby preventing the formation of deposits that could lead to LSPI.

A fleet mechanic managing numerous vehicles, particularly those that are often subjected to stop-and-go driving or heavy loads, will find that choosing the best synthetic motor oil is not just a matter of performance but of paramount importance for engine longevity and reliability. This premier motor oil company has conducted extensive research to ensure that their products provide exceptional protection against LSPI, and the results are evident in the longevity and performance of engines using their oils. Just take a look at the reviews!

For instance, AMSOIL 0W20 is engineered for modern engines requiring lower viscosity oils for improved fuel economy without compromising wear protection. Using such high-performance synthetic oil contributes to a level of protection that even under low-speed conditions where LSPI is most likely to occur, the engine is safeguarded against premature ignition events.

The comprehensive product line offers versatility for a wide range of engine types and operating conditions. Regardless of the specific oil chosen, each variant is fortified with detergents and dispersants that keep the engine clean and free from the buildup that can facilitate LSPI.

As the automotive industry continues to advance, engine designs become ever more focused on efficiency and performance. Turbocharged and direct injection engines are now commonplace, offering the benefits of increased power output from smaller displacements and improved fuel economy. However, these advancements bring new challenges that require innovative solutions. The best synthetic oil is one that evolves with these technological trends, offering advanced protection and peace of mind to daily drivers and high performance vehicle owners.

The significance of selecting an appropriate oil extends beyond the prevention of LSPI. High-quality engine oils provide comprehensive benefits including enhanced fuel economy, reduced oil consumption, extended drain intervals, and improved overall engine cleanliness. They also deliver superior wear protection, which is critical in extending engine life and reducing downtime for repairs, a crucial consideration for those managing fleets.

In conclusion, this phenomenon is a complex issue that poses a risk to modern gasoline engines, particularly those equipped with turbochargers and direct injection systems. The use of high-quality synthetic oils, such as Signature Series, is a vital preventive measure. These synthetic oils are specifically engineered to address the unique challenges of LSPI while providing the best overall protection for engines. Whether you are an engine mechanic, a fleet mechanic, or simply an individual seeking the best for your vehicle, incorporating the right oil into your maintenance routine is a wise investment in the health and longevity of your engine. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine is protected is invaluable, making the choice for a superior synthetic oil like those offered by this leading premium motor oil and lubricant company, is not just a good decision, but the best one for your engine's future!


AMSOIL Signature Series engine oil has become a notable topic within the automotive world. Its impact has not gone unnoticed, leading to numerous write-ups across a multitude of platforms. These platforms range from media outlets and industry-specific magazines to personal blogs run by car enthusiasts and race car drivers. Such widespread discussion is a testament to the product's increasing significance within the automotive industry, especially with the most popular oil viscosity being AMSOIL 5W30.


Firstly, looking at traditional media, this superior 100% synthetic oil, referred also as syn oil, has gained attention due to its superior qualities. Media outlets have drawn attention to the oil's advanced formula, which sets it apart from standard motor oils. The product has been praised for its ability to provide superior wear protection and withstand high temperatures without breaking down. Its cleaning power has also been highly regarded. Such qualities have been seen as a game changer, enhancing the performance and longevity of engines.


Industry-specific magazines have joined the conversation, often delving deeper into the engine oil's unique properties. These specialized publications have explored the science behind the product, explaining the reasons for its exceptional performance. They have shed light on the extensive research and testing conducted during its development. Furthermore, the product's effectiveness in extending oil drain intervals has been highlighted. Such elements have intrigued and educated readers, providing them with a better understanding of this advanced synthetic lubricant and it's contribution to protection, performance and eco friendly characteristics. You can even see the product advertised at the AMSOIL Arena in Duluth!

Online blogs, too, have added to the reviews surrounding this synthetic engine oil. Here, it's not just the technical specifications that come to the fore, but also firsthand experiences of motorists who have used it, just ask engine builder near me for their review as many of them use this oil! These personal narratives have given the public a unique perspective, adding a level of authenticity that is sometimes missing in traditional reporting. Users have shared their stories of how this motor oil has enhanced their car's performance or improved their vehicle's longevity. Some have even attributed it as a crucial factor in keeping their older cars running smoothly. This user feedback has bolstered the products reputation, leading to even more positive reviews.


Critics have questioned whether its higher price tag is justified. Some argue that while it may be superior, the difference in performance does not warrant its cost. These critiques, whether seen as fair assessments or not, have spurred further debate about the product. They've encouraged consumers to research and decide for themselves, ultimately adding to the overall discussion about the oil's value. Even though there is a higher price tag for the initial purchase, the extended oil drain interval cycle ends up making it more cost effective due to the ability to drive much longer before needing an oil c hange, let alone gaining added protection and performance as well as contributing to less maintenance costs.


Moreover, media coverage has also highlighted the company's efforts towards environmental sustainability. It has been applauded for the oil's role in reducing emissions and extending drain intervals, which leads to less waste and makes for an excellent eco friendly oil. The increased focus on green initiatives in the auto industry has further raised this products profile, especially with longer service oil change cycles. Take a look at the AMSOIL High Milage and XL motor oil line for another environmentally friendly oil product!


In conclusion, Signature Series motor oil has created significant waves across various media platforms, just like AMS OIL did when the company first started from Al Amatuzio vision! Its advanced formula, superior performance, and environmental benefits have made it a hot topic for discussion. It has not only triggered conversations about the product itself but also about broader issues, such as the future of the automotive industry and the role of advanced motor oil's within it. Thus, the media's interest in this product goes beyond its functionality; it represents a step forward in motor technology and sparks a dialogue on crucial industry developments. Remember, AM SOIL does not stop at motor oil, they also have AMSOIL snowmobile oil, AMSOIL gun oil, AMSOIL hybrid oil and semi truck oil too! Choose this product for your next oil ch ange project!


AM SOIL Dodge SRT8 Hellcat

On October 13, 2023, a significant announcement echoed through the automotive world: Signature Series 0W-40 (AZF) received a nod for being the recommended full synthetic engine oil adhering to the Chrysler MS-A0921 specification. For many, this may seem like just another industry-standard announcement. However, diving deep into the implications, it's evident that this validation is a game-changer, especially for high-performance vehicles.

A Fit for the Modern Automotive Giants

The Chrysler MS-A0921 specification isn't just any other standard; it encompasses many of the modern Dodge SRT street-performance giants. Picture the thunderous roar of the Challenger and Charger SRT. These beasts, with their pulsating 6.2L Hellcat engines, represent the pinnacle of road performance, blending both speed and power in a seductive high performance motor package. Moreover, the specification covers the Ram TRX, another titan powered by a 6.2L engine. And for those who appreciate raw strength coupled with durability, the HD models like the 2500 and 3500 series trucks, equipped with the 6.4L Hemi, also fall under this specification. Hence, this oil's compatibility with this specification isn't just a minor industry footnote; it's an affirmation of the oil's quality and adaptability.

A Deeper Look into the Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil

This oil is not just another entrant in the vast ocean of motor oils; it’s a distillation of cutting-edge technology and deep-rooted expertise, resulting in a 100% synthetic motor oil designed to meet the demands of today's high-performance engines.

  1. Exceptional Engine Protection: One of the primary concerns of any vehicle owner is engine wear and the loss of horsepower over time. The Signature Series provides a staggering 75% more engine protection against such issues. This isn’t just a number plucked out of thin air; this is based on stringent independent testing of  0W-20, conducted as per ASTM D6891 protocols required by the API SN specification.

  2. Enhanced Cleaning Power: The engine, much like the heart, must remain free of obstructions for optimal performance. Deposits and sludge are adversaries that can hinder performance. Here, this oil shines again with 50% more cleaning potency compared to its OE Motor Oil variant.

  3. Superior Turbocharger Protection: Turbochargers are intricate components that demand exceptional lubrication for sustained performance. This oil doesn’t just meet the industry standards; it transcends them, offering protection to turbochargers that's 72% more efficient than what the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification requires. This is ascertained by the independent testing of the 5W-30 in the GM turbo coking test.

  4. Acid-Neutralizing Might: Acidity in motor oil can spell disaster for engines, causing corrosion and compromising performance. Once again, it sets itself apart with a remarkable 28% more acid-neutralizing capability compared to Mobil 1. This is not a speculative claim but one rooted in empirical evidence from independent tests comparing Mobil 1 Annual Protection Full Synthetic 5W-30 and AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 using the ASTM D2896 methodology.

  5. Trust and Reliability: Words and numbers can convey performance, but trust is earned in the field. This oil has garnered the confidence of professional engine builders, a testament to its impeccable quality and reliability.

  6. Long-Term Protection Guarantee: In today's fast-paced world, frequent maintenance can be a hassle. Recognizing this, the company offers guaranteed protection for a staggering 25,000 miles or a complete year, ensuring peace of mind for users combined with fiscal savings with extended service oil c hange cycles.


The High-Performance Edge

From the days of the 1967 GT 500 to today's naturally aspirated motors, in high performance vehicles like Hennessy cars, engines aren't just about speed and power, especially those designed for high performance. They represent the pinnacle of engineering, demanding the finest in care and lubrication. With increasing demands on performance, there's a parallel need for motor oils that can withstand the stresses and strains of high-speed operations, rapid acceleration, and constant revving, whether on the race track on during daily driving scenarios.

This oil not only meets these demands but often exceeds them. The aforementioned benefits are not just numbers and claims; they represent tangible benefits for high-performance engines, ensuring that they deliver consistent performance, remain free of deposits, and last longer. The focus on aspects like acid neutralization ensures that the engine remains free of corrosive damage, further enhancing its lifespan. This oil is perfect for your next synthetic motor oil change service, ensuring your high performance engine has the best syn oil to deliver the horsepower your vehicle has under the hood!

In Conclusion

The automotive world is in constant evolution, with cars becoming faster, stronger, and more efficient. This progress demands parallel evolution in ancillary products, especially automotive oil. AM SOIL’s Signature Series 0W-40 (AZF) doesn't just mark an evolution; it signifies a revolution in motor oils, tailored for the modern age of high-performance vehicles. The endorsement for the Chrysler MS-A0921 specification isn't just a stamp of approval; it's a beacon of excellence for all to see. (Note: Accurate at time of writing)


In the blistering world of supercars, hypercars, hybrid supercars, sports cars and other performance-oriented race cars, such as the Hennessy Venom F5, every aspect of the vehicle and engine is tailored for speed, precision, and performance. From the glossy aerodynamics of the exterior to the meticulous engineering underneath the hood, every piece plays its part. Among the essentials, the motor oil – the lifeblood of these machines – is pivotal. But not just any oil will do. When it comes to top-tier racing and sheer road prowess, AMS OIL Signature Series has carved its niche as a leader, offering unrivaled benefits for high-performance vehicles!

The Essence of High-Performance Cars

Before diving into the unique offerings of this company's synthetic oil, let’s understand these vehicular beasts. Hypercars, the absolute pinnacle of automotive engineering, push the limits with their cutting-edge tech, blistering speed, and jaw-dropping price tags. Then we have supercars, the quintessential dream machines of many, offering superior performance, design, and exclusivity. Hybrid supercars take it a notch higher, merging the best of combustion engines and electric power. And let’s not forget the various race cars, designed to tackle the challenges of specific racing competitions. There are even high performance diesel engines in these top end race cars with state of the art compression ignition systems!

Signature Series: A Game-Changer for Performance Machines

Why this line of synthetic engine oil, you ask? High-performance vehicles demand the absolute best when it comes to motor engine oil being used to ensure engine protection, thermal stability, and optimal performance of their vehicles. Each engine component, be it the piston moving in rhythmic precision, the cylinder head managing heat and combustion, or the crankcase safeguarding the engine’s internals, has a role to play.

For such intricate workings, oil viscosity plays a vital role. Too thick, and you compromise on performance; too thin, and the engine's protection can be at stake. Signature Series, with its range from 0W40, 5W30, 5W20, to 10W30 and more, offers impeccable oil viscosity that strikes the perfect balance. It not only ensures smooth operation but also extends the engine's life.

Racing Competitions & AMS OIL’s Dominance

Now, let’s talk about the tracks and the asphalt. The NASCAR race, synonymous with speed and stamina, is the epitome of car racing. In such races, the engine's demands are extreme. From maintaining oil pressure during high G-force turns to ensuring proper positive crankcase ventilation through the PCV valve, the challenges are manifold. And this is where this full synthetic motor oil shines, being the best choice for many engine builders involved in the sport.

Similarly, the underground car scene, with its raw, unfiltered races, demands nothing but the best. Be it drift race competitions, where cars are pushed sideways with roaring RPMs, Indy car races that test the limits of speed and agility, or drag racing that demands sheer power and acceleration – this oil stands tall as the ideal companion.

Beyond the tracks, on the highways, where Hennessey beasts and naturally aspirated machines flex their muscles, this oil ensures that these marvels achieve their optimal performance, maintaining their engine’s health in the long run.

Maintenance and Convenience

Supercars and hypercars, despite their superiority on the road or track, require impeccable maintenance. Frequent searches for "oil change near me" or "jiffy lube near me" indicate the regular need for engine upkeep. But with extended mileage, the intervals between synthetic motor oil change can be longer, ensuring both performance and convenience. This has been in practised in Europe for many years and therefore, changing oil in car engines over an extended period is proven to be efficient!

For those unplanned moments when you need an "oil change close to me", provider like "one stop quick lube" offer quick solutions. However, by choosing this oil, the best oil for engines, you’re not just getting a product, you're investing in peace of mind. Choose this product line for your next full synthetic oil change.

In Conclusion

The world of high-performance cars is dynamic, demanding, and ever-evolving. These cars aren't just vehicles; they're masterpieces, a blend of art and engineering. For such marvels, an ordinary oil will simply not suffice. They deserve and demand the best. And that’s where Signature Series, with its precision, performance, and prowess, comes into play. Whether you're a racer, an enthusiast, or someone who refuses to settle for anything less than the best for your machine, AMS OIL is the choice that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The need for a car washing self service location is important for your vehicle to be clean on the outside, so is quality syn oil for the vital parts of your engine. Buy now and taking it to a change oil near me facility to enjoy protection and performance today!

AM SOIL Corvette Blue Side View


AMSOIL Bobby Unser Race Car

Bobby Unser, a name synonymous with speed, courage, and grit, was one of the most notable figures in American motor racing history. Born in Colorado Springs in 1934, he hailed from a family rich in racing pedigree, with his father and uncles all being an accomplished race car driver. The racing gene didn't skip a generation, and Unser quickly found his calling in the exhilarating world of motor sports, following in his father's footsteps, just as his daughter Lori Unser would later do.

Early Racing Career (1955 - 1964)

Unser's racing career started modestly in 1955, competing in local dirt track events in New Mexico, where he quickly began making a name for himself. By 1959, he had moved up to the US Auto Club (USAC) Stock Car division and soon after, he started participating in the Sprint Car division. Throughout these early years, Unser displayed an instinctive ability to harness the raw power of a race car, demonstrating an uncanny ability to navigate difficult tracks with ease and precision.

Move to IndyCar Racing (1963 - 1981)

Unser's breakthrough came in 1963 when he made his debut in IndyCar racing, one of the most prestigious open-wheel racing series in the world. In 1968, after years of rigorous training and relentless pursuit of victory, Unser found his place at the pinnacle of the sport by winning his first Indianapolis 500, a feat he would repeat in 1975 and 1981.

Throughout his career in IndyCar racing, Unser became known for his fearlessness and his tactical brilliance on the track. His aggressive style often courted controversy, but it also led to an incredible tally of victories. By the time he retired in 1981, Unser had won a staggering 35 IndyCar races, a testament to his skill and resilience.

Bobby Unser's successes were not limited to the smooth, open courses of IndyCar racing. He also thrived in the harsh and unpredictable conditions of hill climbing, a discipline requiring a unique combination of speed, control, and sheer bravery. Between 1956 and 1986, Unser won the challenging Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as "The Race to the Clouds," an unprecedented 13 times, cementing his reputation as one of the most versatile drivers of his generation.

Use of AMSOIL in Motorsport

Unser's relationship with AMS OIL, a leading producer of synthetic motor oil, played a pivotal role in his late-career successes. He discovered the advantages of synthetic oil in the harsh conditions of motor racing. As engines were pushed to their limits, the superior heat resistance and lower friction offered by AMSOIL's synthetic oil proved decisive, allowing Unser to maintain performance over long races without the risk of engine failure. AM SOIL became his choice of lubricant in the later stages of his career, contributing to several victories, including his final triumph at the Indianapolis 500 in 1981 and his numerous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb wins.

Legacy and the Continuing Unser Dynasty

Bobby Unser retired from professional racing in 1981, but his impact on the sport endures. His victories, his relentless pursuit of success, and his willingness to push the boundaries of what was possible in a race car made him a legend. His influence, however, extends beyond his own achievements.

Unser's daughter, Lori Unser, who grew up surrounded by the world of motor racing, has continued in her father's footsteps. Having absorbed her father's passion for speed, courage, and competition, Lori has carved out a successful racing career of her own. Just like her father, she too has shown an affinity for the AM SOIL brand, recognizing the performance benefits of synthetic oil in high-stress racing conditions.


The story of Bobby Unser is one of enduring passion, courage, and a relentless pursuit of victory. From his humble beginnings in local dirt track racing to his ascension to the pinnacle of motor racing, Unser's career is a testament to his exceptional talent and unyielding determination. As his legacy continues through his daughter, Lori Unser, his influence on motor racing shows no sign of diminishing. Unser's remarkable career serves as an enduring reminder of the power of passion, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. His relationship with AMS OIL, a key component of his later victories, underlines the importance of technology and innovation in the sport. Today, as his daughter navigates the exhilarating world of motor racing, one can't help but see the reflection of Bobby Unser's passion, daring, and tenacity in her.


As the world of motor vehicles evolves, so too does the demand for superior engine performance. One product that has consistently set benchmarks for quality, durability, and efficiency is the AMS OIL Signature Series Motor Oil. This oil isn't just another lubricant; it's a testimonial to the power of innovative technology coupled with unwavering commitment to high performance.

Tom Weiland, a Ford Flex owner, stands as a resounding testimony to the performance of Signature Series. A proud member of the high-mileage club, Weiland managed to get his Ford Flex over the 350,000-mile mark - a feat not easily attainable. He attributes his vehicle's longevity and high performance to the consistent use of this synthetic oil.

Weiland's Ford Flex isn't a flashy, high-performance car with an engine built to withstand a nuclear explosion. It's a family vehicle, chosen for reliability and comfort. Nevertheless, it withstood the trials of time, miles, and use. The thing that made his vehicle engine last this long was this oil, as attributed by Tom. His vehicle's engine performance had never waned. See the full article at the link below.

But it's not just everyday vehicle owners who testify to the powers of this premium synthetic engine oil. This product has made its mark even in the world of professional racing, where the need for speed meets the necessity for durability.

Race car drivers often push their vehicles to the extreme, testing the limits of both machine and man. Under these conditions, engines must endure high heat, high revs, and aggressive driving styles. Here, the superior protection offered by the those synthetic motor oil truly shines.

Prominent professional race car driver share their experiences, In the high-pressure world of racing, they demand the absolute best from their vehicles. Every gear shift, every corner, every straight – they all make a difference. The engine oil used is a critical factor to ensuring smooth running and longevity of race cars. They found that in Signature Series, it provided unparalleled protection against wear and maintains peak performance even under intense racing conditions.

The testimonials don't stop there. This oil has made a name for itself among those who drive heavy-duty vehicles for a living. Truckers, construction vehicle operators, and others who rely on heavy-duty machinery need an oil that can endure the most strenuous conditions. In these high-demand settings, the need for superior lubrication and protection is not just a preference – it's an absolute necessity and doesn't just stop at motor oil, but includes gear oil that can withstand extreme conditions, such as the popular 75W90 viscosity (Product Number: SVGPK-EA). 

A veteran long-haul trucker adds, "The miles I've put on my rig could take you to the moon and back. With Signature Series, I don't just get to my destination; I get there with an engine that purrs like a kitten despite the heavy loads and the long, challenging hauls. No other motor oil has offered such exceptional engine protection and efficiency."

Whether it's an everyday vehicle like Tom Weiland's Ford Flex or a high-speed race car or even a heavy-duty truck, the experiences of these drivers demonstrate the universal appeal and application of this synthetic motor oil. Its innovative formulation delivers excellent wear protection, phenomenal heat resistance, and outstanding performance under even the most extreme conditions.

In conclusion, this product goes beyond simply lubricating. It acts as the lifeblood of an engine, safeguarding it against wear and tear, and ensuring optimal performance. It's a testament to what motor oil can achieve when crafted with precision, innovation, and a true understanding of an engine's needs. These experiences aren't just statements; they are affirmations that with the right motor oil, the limits to vehicle longevity and performance can be significantly expanded. Take a look at the latest development for older vehicles with the AMSOIL High Mileage oil product line up.

AMSOL Testimonial Timothy Product Review
AMSOL Testimonial Mihai Product Review


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Opting to acquire your motor oil and lubricants through an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like us at HIGHGRADE Lubricants, brings numerous advantages to customers, most notably financial savings in the form of discount pricing opportunities, a comprehensive product selection, and the convenience of direct delivery with free shipping on most orders.

Financial savings is one of the key attractions to AMSOIL (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry). As with many industries, having a discount card provides financial savings. Going through an Authorized Dealer often presents opportunities for more attractive pricing structures compared to standard retail outlets. AMSOIL distributors have a direct relationship with the manufacturer, which typically means they can offer personalized service by cutting out the middleman. This direct relationship can translate into savings for customers, making the upkeep of your vehicle more cost-effective as well as having a point of contact at your fingertips.

Furthermore, having a personalized point of contact offers an all-encompassing line of products which a dealer can provide guidance. From passenger vehicle motor oil to commercial-grade lubricants, this extensive product range caters to a wide variety of customer needs. They have access to an inventory, including synthetic motor oil and lubricants for automotive, powersports, and industrial applications, along with fuel additives, filters, and more. By offering this comprehensive selection, they ensure customers don't have to make compromises on their specific needs or preferences. They can find the perfect product to enhance the performance and longevity of their machinery, whether it be semi truck oil, snowmobile oil, gun oil or products for a car, boat, motorcycle, or commercial equipment.

Last but certainly not least, they provide the utmost convenience with a direct buy and delivery option. The digital age has ushered in an era of online shopping where convenience is king. You can easily purchase your required products with a few clicks from the comfort of your home, and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. This process not only saves time and effort but also allows customers to plan their vehicle or equipment maintenance more efficiently, minimizing downtime. Order this product today and DIY or take it to a synthetic oil change near me facility, like a Take 5 oil change location, a Jiffy Lube near me lube provider, a Valvoline instant installer, another one stop quick lube provider or your own motor mechanic to have it installed professionally. 

In summary, when looking at the next time you plan to be changing engine oil, remember that purchasing through an Authorized AMS OIL Dealer combines the trifecta of benefits: cost-effectiveness, a complete product line, and the convenience of home delivery. These factors contribute to a customer-centric experience that places your needs at the forefront, ultimately ensuring the health and longevity of your equipment.


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