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10W-40 & 20W-50



AMSOIL Premium Protection 10W40



AMSOIL Premium Protection 10W40 Motor Oil is an exceptional synthetic motor oil known for ensuring excellent engine health. Its composition safeguards your vehicle against wear and deposit build-up, while optimizing fuel economy and maintaining oil viscosity. Ideal for a range of vehicles, this 10W40 oil reduces oil consumption and enhances performance in all weather conditions. Choose this product to experience the epitome of engine protection and sustained peak performance for older engines and is ideal for older motorhomes as well. Considered by many as a optimal thicker oil for older engines.

AMSOIL Premium Protection 20W50



AMSOIL Premium Protection 20W50 Motor Oil is a top-tier synthetic oil, meticulously designed for ultimate engine care of older motors. Offering remarkable protection against further wear and deposit formation in older higher milage engines. Regardless of its oil thickness, it also optimizes fuel efficiency. This 20W50 oil is suitable for various vehicles, reducing oil consumption and ensuring peak performance in all climatic conditions. With this oil, elevate your driving experience while maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your older engine since it is regarded as one of the best oil for older engines.


This synthetic engine oil is renowned for its exceptional performance in all conditions. AMSOIL's (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) superior formulation exemplifies the benefits of synthetic oil by providing maximum wear protection, extending the lifespan of your engine components. Not only does it protect, but this premium engine oil also enhances your vehicle's performance by minimizing deposit formations and promoting cleaner operations. Experience the AMSOIL oil difference in improving vehicle longevity and boosting efficiency. It's more than just motor oil - it's an investment in your vehicle's health and optimal performance. Create an account and shop online! Trust this product for advanced engine protection and care and is and excellent synthetic oil in old car and trucks, including those engines that have been rebuilt by an engine builder!

Its advanced formulation offers unparalleled protection against engine wear, heat, and deposit formation. Suited for a wide range of vehicles, it also enhances fuel economy, allowing for smoother and more efficient rides. Its robust oxidative stability reduces oil usage and extends drain intervals. With this oil, you can ensure the longevity of your vehicle and experience superior performance at every drive. It's more than just synthetic motor oil, it's premium protection for your vehicle, including the old car and truck engine, some motorhomes, certain motorcycles, some diesel engines and other select applications. Spoken of well by many engine builders and fleet mechanics! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Yellow Pony Car


AMSOIL Premium Protection Motor Oil is a high-grade synthetic oil designed to deliver superior engine protection and performance, especially for flat tappet cam motors. This synthetic oil's advanced formulation guarantees ultimate wear protection, enhances fuel economy, and ensures smoother, more efficient rides. Here are some of the key benefits that make this oil stand out:

1. Superior Wear Protection: The most critical job of any engine oil is to minimize friction and prevent wear on engine parts. This product has been crafted with superior additives that provide a protective layer on engine components. This layer reduces friction, thus preventing wear and tear. As a result, the lifespan of your engine components is significantly extended.

2. Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: Another benefit of using this synthetic motor oil is its ability to improve fuel efficiency. The oil's synthetic blend formulation ensures a smooth operation of engine components, reducing energy loss due to friction. This, in turn, improves fuel economy, allowing you to get more mileage out of every gallon of fuel.

3. Reduced Deposit Formation: Deposits can form in your engine over time due to heat and the combustion process. These deposits can impair your engine's performance and reduce its lifespan. However, with this oil, you don't have to worry about this issue. The oil's advanced formulation actively reduces deposit formation, ensuring a clean, efficient engine operation.

4. High-Temperature Performance: Engines generate a lot of heat, especially during high-speed driving or in hot weather. Some motor oils can break down under these conditions, leading to reduced performance and potential engine damage. This oil, however, can withstand high temperatures, maintaining its viscosity and providing reliable engine protection even in extreme heat.

5. Low-Temperature Performance: Just as it excels in high temperatures, This product is also excellent in low temperatures. In cold conditions, some motor oils can thicken and struggle to circulate, leading to inadequate engine protection on start-up. This motor oil, on the other hand, retains its fluidity in cold temperatures, ensuring rapid circulation and providing immediate engine protection from the moment you start your vehicle.

6. Oxidation Stability: Over time, exposure to air and heat can cause oil to oxidize, leading to increased viscosity and deposit formation. This is where this synthetic engine oil shines with its superior oxidation stability. It resists oxidation far better than conventional oils, reducing oil consumption and extending oil change intervals.

7. Compatibility: One of the standout benefits of its compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. Whether you own a gasoline or diesel engine vehicle, this oil provides top-notch protection and performance. Its versatile formulation is designed to meet the needs of different engine types, making it a go-to choice for various motorists.

8. Extended Drain Intervals: Formulated to last longer than conventional oils. This extends the period between oil changes, known as the drain interval. Longer drain intervals mean less frequent oil changes, which translates into cost savings and convenience for vehicle owners.

9. Environmental Responsibility: With its high level of performance and extended drain intervals, this Premium Protection Motor Oil contributes to less waste oil. This is beneficial for the environment as it leads to reduced oil disposal and less usage of resources over time.

10. Peace of Mind: Lastly, you gain peace of mind. Knowing that your engine is protected by a premium, high-quality motor oil allows you to focus on your driving without worrying about your engine's health. You can trust that this oil is taking care of your vehicle's engine, leaving you to enjoy the driving experience.

In conclusion, this premium product offers an array of benefits that go beyond the basic requirements of an engine oil. It provides superior protection against wear, enhances fuel economy, resists deposit formation, performs excellently in both high and low temperatures, and provides extended drain intervals. With AMS OIL, you get more than just a motor oil – you invest in the longevity and optimal performance of your vehicle. Choose this for your next service oil change today!

AMS OIL Custom Older Truck


Maintaining older, well-kept vehicles requires a deep understanding of their unique needs and a commitment to using products that are up to the task. AMSOIL Premium Protection motor oil is specifically designed with these vehicles in mind. It it exemplifies the benefits of synthetic motor oil by providing a suite of advantages that aid in preserving the longevity and performance of these cherished machines.

This thicker synthetic oil is more than just a motor oil; it’s a specialized formulation that aligns with the unique requirements of old cars and old trucks, which are well-maintained. Its robust composition safeguards the integrity of older engine components, reducing engine wear and tear, and enhancing the overall engine life despite it's age.

One of the striking features of this product is its exceptional ability to minimize friction. By reducing friction between moving engine parts, this synthetic motor oil ensures the smooth running of your vehicle's engine, preserving the driving comfort that old cars and old trucks are known for. Reduced friction also means less heat, further contributing to the longevity of engine components.

Another significant advantage of this synthetic engine oil from AM SOIL is its high-temperature performance. Older vehicles often have to contend with hotter operating temperatures, and this motor oil's superior thermal stability ensures it continues to provide robust protection even under such demanding conditions. By resisting breakdown at high temperatures, it helps to maintain engine cleanliness for older vehicles, prevent the formation of damaging deposits, and preserve engine power and efficiency in these old cars and old trucks. If you have an old classic car or truck that you drive and also store for those weekend car shows, take a look at our Z-ROD Motor Oil page for products specific to your needs.


AM SOIL Ford F150 Grey

Older engines hold a special place in the world of automotive enthusiasts. These engines, often found in classic cars and vintage models, require more than just regular maintenance – they need dedicated premium protection to keep them running smoothly and reliably. Understanding the unique needs of older engines and the importance of using the right motor oil is key to preserving these automotive treasures.

Older engines differ significantly from their modern counterparts in terms of design, materials, and technology. They were built in an era when engine tolerances, metallurgy, and oil technology were quite different from today. As a result, these engines often require a specific type of lubrication to compensate for the broader tolerances and different wear characteristics inherent in their design. A professional engine builder will see this all the time.

The need for premium protection in older engines primarily stems from their construction and age-related wear. Over time, engine components such as seals, gaskets, and bearings can degrade. This wear can lead to issues like oil leaks and reduced compression, both of which can significantly impact engine performance and longevity. Premium motor oils, specifically designed for older engines, often contain additives that help rejuvenate these aging components, reducing leaks and improving seal integrity.

A regular oil change is crucial for older engines, but it's not just about the frequency – it's also about the type of oil used. Traditional oils used in the past may not provide the level of protection needed by these engines today. Advances in oil technology have led to the development of specialized formulations, such as syn oil or full synthetic oil, that offer superior protection compared to conventional oils.

Full synthetic oil change for an older engine can offer several benefits. Synthetic oils have a more uniform molecular structure, which means they can provide consistent lubrication and better protection against wear. They also remain stable at higher temperatures and don't break down as quickly as conventional oils, which is particularly important for older engines that may run hotter due to less efficient cooling systems or worn components.

Choosing the right oil and oil filter is also critical for older engines. High-quality oil filters are essential to ensure that any contaminants are removed from the oil, protecting the engine from potential damage. As these engines age, they may produce more byproducts due to combustion, making efficient filtration even more important.

The price of oil change for an older engine can vary, depending on the type of oil and filter used, as well as the specific requirements of the vehicle. While the cost may be higher for premium motor oils and high-quality filters, the investment is well worth it for the extended life and improved performance they offer.

Brands like AMSOIL (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) have developed oils specifically for older engines, recognizing the unique challenges they face. These products often include anti-wear additives, corrosion inhibitors, and seal conditioners, providing comprehensive protection that is tailored to the needs of vintage engines.

In addition to the technical aspects, there's also an emotional element to maintaining older engines. For many car enthusiasts, these engines are part of a classic car's character and charm. Ensuring they run smoothly with the right oil and maintenance is a labor of love, preserving a piece of automotive history.

A service oil change for an older engine is also an opportunity to inspect and assess the engine's overall health. During the oil change, it's a good practice to check for signs of wear, leaks, and other issues that might need addressing. This proactive approach to maintenance can prevent minor problems from turning into major repairs.

It's also worth noting that while full synthetic oils offer numerous benefits, some older engines may perform better with a synthetic blend or a high-quality conventional oil. This is often due to the specific design of the engine and the type of seals and gaskets used. Consulting with a knowledgeable mechanic or referring to the manufacturer's recommendations can help determine the best oil choice for a particular engine.

In summary, older engines require dedicated premium protection to ensure their longevity and performance. The use of high-quality motor oils, specifically designed for the needs of these engines like those offered by AM SOIL, is crucial. Whether it’s a full synthetic oil change or a carefully chosen synthetic blend, the right oil can make a significant difference in the health of an older engine. Coupled with high-quality oil filters and regular maintenance, this dedicated approach to care ensures that these venerable engines continue to run smoothly, preserving the legacy of classic automotive engineering for future generations to enjoy. Buy now and install it at a change oil near me facility today!



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The benefits of Premium Protection motor oil extend beyond the product itself and encompass the entire purchase process. As HIGHGRADE Lubricants is an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, we offer personalized service and guidance to help you choose the best motor oil and lubricants for your vehicle. Our understanding of the range of products ensures you get the most suitable solution for your specific needs identified by you. So create an AMSOIL account and buy now the oil you want for the old car or old truck that you drive and even get opportunity for discount pricing with free shipping on most orders! Moreover, the convenience of direct buying simplifies the purchasing process. Rather than spending time locating the product in a store, you can order Premium Protection and it will be delivered directly to your door. This streamlined process means you can always have high-quality motor oil at your fingertips whenever you need it. Having a Dealer assigned to you is like having a discount card and a personalized customer service agent. Order this product today and DIY or take it to a full synthetic oil change near me facility, like a Jiffy Lube near me lube shop, a Valvoline instant facility, another quick lube installer or your own motor mechanic to have it installed! Order now for your next service oil change appointment!

In conclusion, Premium Protection offers a host of advantages for owners of older, well-maintained vehicles. Its robust formulation provides superior engine protection, and its excellent high-temperature performance preserves engine power and efficiency. With the added convenience and expertise provided by your Dealer, maintaining your cherished vehicle has never been easier or more effective. Trust Premium Protection to deliver the specialized care your vehicle deserves.