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AMSOIL Heavy Duty Oil Filter

AMSOIL oil filters provide exceptional filtration performance for tractors, ensuring clean and efficient engine operation. Engineered with advanced filter media, these filters effectively remove contaminants that can lead to premature engine wear. When used with synthetic motor oil, they provide a comprehensive solution for engine protection, boosting performance, and extending engine life. Trust in the quality and reliability of these products for your tractor's essential maintenance.


AMSOIL Diesel Oil

AMSOIL diesel synthetic motor oil is the ideal choice for tractor engines, delivering superior protection, efficiency, and performance. It reduces engine wear, enhances fuel economy, and excels under tough farming conditions. The advanced synthetic formulation keeps your tractor's engine clean, well-lubricated, and performing at its peak. Rely on these synthetic engine oil products for unmatched engine protection and longevity. Use these oils for you next tractor motor oil change.


  • AMSOIL is designed to handle the multifunctional requirements of tractor engine, hydraulic, and transmission systems, providing all-in-one efficiency.

  • It offers excellent protection against the high pressures and temperatures found in modern agricultural equipment, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of critical components.

  • The oil features advanced additive technology that guards against rust, corrosion, and foaming, maintaining system cleanliness and operational reliability.

  • Enhanced with a high viscosity index, this oil maintains its performance in extreme temperatures, ensuring smooth operation from season to season.

  • Get it now for your DIY maintenance or take it to a mechanic for a tractor motor oil change!



AMSOIL Diesel Oil

Engineered with advanced synthetic compounds, these oil products not only reduces engine wear but also boosts fuel efficiency - a crucial factor for farming operations. Its high-temperature stability ensures consistent protection under challenging working conditions. These oil's superior detergency keeps engines clean, reducing deposit build-up and maintaining peak performance. Cold starts are also made easier thanks to retained fluidity. For maximum engine lifespan and enhanced operational efficiency, choose these synthetic motor oil products for your tractors. Do you have a farming or agriculture business? See our Commercial Account for wholesale pricing and free shipping!

This oil line up is a trailblazer in the agricultural sector, offering exceptional benefits for tractor engines. As a 100% synthetic oil, it's engineered from pure, chemically synthesized base oils, devoid of the impurities found in conventional oils. This means these products deliver unmatched protection against engine wear and boosts fuel efficiency, directly impacting operational costs. Its uniform molecular structure ensures minimal friction, enhancing performance even under high-load farming conditions. The oil's high-temperature stability and superior detergency keep your tractor's engine clean and protected, even in the harshest conditions. Cold starts become less of a challenge, thanks to the synthetic oil's retained fluidity in low temperatures. By using these products, tractor owners can extend their engine's lifespan, reduce maintenance downtime, and enhance their machinery's efficiency and reliability. Competitive with John Deere engine oil and oil for Kubota diesel engine, amongst other brands. You won't find this on the shelf in the Tractor Supply motor oil section, at Wal Mart or other big box stores, as these products are purchased direct from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, such as us at HIGHGRADE Lubricants! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


AMSOIL 100% synthetic motor oil is a game-changer in the agricultural sector, specifically designed to cater to the unique demands of tractor engines and other agricultural machinery. As a product meticulously crafted from 100% synthetic base oils, AMSOIL provides an impressive array of benefits that significantly outstrip those of conventional oils, delivering unparalleled protection, performance, and longevity.

Firstly, it's essential to understand the unique challenges faced by tractors and other agricultural equipment. They operate under severe conditions, including heavy loads, high temperatures, and sometimes, adverse weather. These conditions can strain engines, leading to increased wear, reduced performance, and a shorter lifespan. To effectively combat these challenges, a high-quality, durable motor oil is crucial. 

These 100% synthetic engine oil products are formulated from chemically engineered base oils, completely free from the impurities present in conventional mineral oils. The result is a uniform molecular structure that reduces internal engine friction far more effectively than traditional oils. This reduction in friction leads directly to enhanced performance and improved fuel efficiency, which can significantly reduce operational costs in a farming context, where large volumes of fuel are often used.

The robust nature of these oils also translates into superior high-temperature stability. When agricultural equipment is pushed to its limits, engine temperatures can skyrocket. Lower quality oils can break down under these conditions, leading to a loss of lubrication, increased engine wear, and potential damage. AMSOIL, on the other hand, maintains its protective properties even at high temperatures, safeguarding your engine when it needs it most.

A vital benefit of synthetic oil is its exceptional detergency. Tractor engines are susceptible to deposit build-up, which can reduce efficiency, hinder performance, and even lead to engine damage over time. These oils actively fights against this deposit formation, keeping your engine clean and ensuring unimpeded oil flow. This cleanliness extends the lifespan of the engine and keeps it operating at peak performance, enhancing the overall productivity of your farming operations.

Even in cold climates, 100% synthetic motor oil shines. During cold starts, motor oil needs to flow freely to provide immediate lubrication. Whereas conventional oils can become thick and sluggish in cold conditions, these full synthetic engine oil products maintains its fluidity. This ensures effective lubrication from the moment the engine starts, reducing wear and tear that commonly occurs during this critical phase of engine operation.

Moreover, the use of synthetic motor oil can result in extended oil change intervals. Its high-quality synthetic composition and robust additive package allow it to protect your engine for longer periods, reducing the time and cost associated with frequent oil changes. It is considered by many owners and mechanics as the best engine oil for Kubota tractor and the best engine oil for older diesel tractors.

In conclusion, the benefits of using synthetic oil in tractors and other agricultural equipment are clear and substantial. It enhances performance, improves fuel efficiency, provides superior protection even in high-temperature operating conditions, keeps engines clean, and excels during cold starts. Furthermore, its impressive longevity can lead to fewer oil changes, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. For owners of agricultural machinery seeking the very best protection and performance for their equipment, AMSOIL synthetic oil represents a valuable investment in the longevity and productivity of their operations. Order this product today and DIY, or take it to an oil change near me facility who specializes in tractors, or your own motor mechanic for professional installation. 


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