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AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner
AMSOIL Firearm Lubricant



  • AMSOIL products offer robust high-performance lubrication that enhances the reliability and responsiveness of police vehicles, essential for high-speed pursuits and emergency response.

  • They provide exceptional wear protection and thermal stability, ensuring that critical components of police equipment function optimally in various operating conditions.

  • Get it now for your DIY maintenance or take it to a police fleet mechanic!


Police Car


AMSOIL motor oil and lubricants have gained a reputation for providing superior performance and durability, making them an ideal choice for police vehicles. The use of high-quality products like the Signature Series 100% synthetic motor oil line, can yield significant savings in departmental budgets while keeping police fleet vehicles operational with minimal out of service time and performing at an optimal level. Police car maintenance is extremely important for ensuring the safety of both police and the public.

Police fleets are typically subject to heavy usage and extreme operating conditions, making them prime candidates for the robust protection offered by AMSOIL products. These oils are designed to resist thermal breakdown, reducing oil consumption and extending the time between oil changes. This feature alone can result in significant savings in maintenance costs, as well as reducing the time that vehicles are out of service for routine maintenance.

These oil products are also engineered for extended drain intervals, meaning they can perform longer than conventional oils before needing to be replaced. This not only reduces the frequency and cost of oil changes but also minimizes the downtime required for maintenance. This contributes to a more efficient and cost-effective operation, as vehicles can remain in service for longer periods.

In addition to these cost and time-saving benefits, these products can help maintain optimal vehicle performance. They're designed to minimize engine wear, keeping engines running smoother and more efficiently, thus prolonging their life. This is particularly beneficial for severe service vehicles such as those used cop cars, where engine reliability and longevity are crucial. The longer an engine lasts, the less the department will have to spend on costly engine replacements or overhauls, as well as being in optimal condition for emergency situations where vehicle performance is necessary.

Moreover, the superior lubrication properties of these products reduce friction, which can increase fuel efficiency. Over the lifespan of a police vehicle, these fuel savings can add up, contributing to further budgetary savings. This is a critical factor in a time when departments are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact and fuel consumption, let alone budgetary spending.

Lastly, the use of these oil and lubricants can improve overall reliability of police fleet vehicles. With superior protection against heat, wear, and deposit build-up, the potential for mechanical issues is greatly reduced. Fewer breakdowns translate to less unexpected downtime, fewer costly repairs, and more time on the road serving communities. AMSOIL has the right products for operational police vehicles, which also includes coolant, transmission fluid, differential fluid and other lubricants in addition to their motor oil

In conclusion, while the initial cost of these motor oil and lubricants may be higher than conventional products, the long-term benefits significantly outweigh the upfront expenditure. By extending the life of engines, reducing police car maintenance needs and costs, and improving fuel efficiency, AMSOIL INC can help police departments save money and keep their fleets running at peak performance rather than going to a police auction car bidding event. This will ensure the vehicles are ready to respond when needed, providing a vital public service while maintaining fiscal responsibility.


I served in the law enforcement industry for 20 years and I understand the operational torture that law enforcement vehicle’s take on a daily basis. The average of 25,000-30,000 miles a year and the varied terrain which these vehicle’s are exposed to (depending on agency and region), highlight the need for reliable fleet vehicle's which agencies require to carry out their operational law enforcement tasks. Police car maintenance is vital to ensuring public safety.


AMSOIL does its own performance testing and the Las Vegas Taxi Study shows how these products provide excellent 100% synthetic oil and lubricant protection for fleet vehicles as well as reducing maintenance costs under severe driving conditions (which police vehicles fall under).

One example of the benefits of using these products in operational fleet vehicles is a Texas Police Department (see the attached Jourdanton Police Department Chevy Tahoe), who saved operational time and the department budget with AMSOIL's synthetic motor oil and oil filters in their police fleet vehicles. See below for the review. 

I am your Authorized Dealer and will be able to give you personalized one-on-one service as well as providing value added knowledge and experience from being a law enforcement officer.  The experience I bring will be an asset to our business relationship!

The company's support of front line police is seen belowwhere you can read about how AMSOIL is involved in “Operation K-9,” which supports the Northland Law-Enforcement K-9 Foundation.

AMSOIL Operation K9 Banner
Handgun and Ammunition


Another product that provides excellent protection for agency equipment is AMSOIL's 100% Synthetic Firearm Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant! These firearm lubricant products are designed to optimize the performance and longevity of firearms, crucial factors for law enforcement agencies. These products offer superior cleaning, lubrication, and protection, ensuring firearm performance in times of emergency use of force situations. They remove fouling, prevent rust, and reduce wear, thus extending firearm life and reducing maintenance costs. Their weather-resistant properties also enhance officer safety and firearm reliability in all conditions.


By ensuring smoother operation, increased durability, and consistent performance, these firearm lubricants provide a significant advantage for law enforcement agencies, reinforcing their operational readiness and efficiency. It is safe for use on metals, woods, composites, and rubbers, of which many firearms have in their construction. See below for more information on these excellent gun oil products!


This premium gun lube comes in a spray, and can form a kit with your other firearm cleaning tools.

This firearm cleaner and protectant provides numerous benefits for law enforcement agencies. It's designed to effectively clean firearms, removing fouling and powder residues that can affect performance. This ensures that firearms function reliably, crucial in high-stakes law enforcement situations. Moreover, it protects against corrosion, extending the life of agency weapons and reducing costs associated with repair or replacement.


Its quick-drying formula leaves no residue, minimizing maintenance time and enabling officers to focus on their core duties as prioritizing officer safety is a must! In sum, this product enhances firearm efficiency, longevity, and officer safety. Available only in the USA.

This firearm lubricant and protectant offers substantial benefits for law enforcement agencies operating in diverse weather conditions. It provides reliable, long-lasting lubrication, reducing friction and wear, and improving firearm functionality. Notably, its anti-rust formula safeguards firearms against corrosive damage from moisture, critical in humid or rainy climates. In freezing conditions, it prevents 'gumming up', ensuring consistent firearm performance. The lubricant is also heat-resistant, maintaining its properties even during high-volume shooting.


These factors contribute to extended firearm life and lower maintenance costs, essential for budget-conscious agencies. In essence, this product enhances firearm reliability, lifespan, and performance. Available in Canada and the USA.


AMSOIL Firearm Fog Humidity Test
AMSOIL Firearm Range Test



AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner

AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner offers a specialized solution designed with law enforcement professionals in mind. Recognizing the critical importance of firearm maintenance in the field of law enforcement, this cleaner is engineered to ensure that firearms remain in peak operating condition. Its formula effectively removes fouling and deposits that can affect accuracy and reliability, without damaging firearm finishes or parts. With a focus on safety and performance, this product ensures that firearms are ready for immediate use after cleaning. This product stands out for its commitment to supporting the rigorous demands of law enforcement duties, offering a practical and efficient cleaning solution that helps officers maintain their firearms in optimal condition, thereby enhancing safety and reliability in the line of duty.


AMSOIL Firearm Lubricant

AMSOIL Firearm Lubricant & Protectant is meticulously formulated to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement professionals. This high-performance gun lube offers superior protection and lubrication for firearms, crucial for the reliability and longevity of equipment in critical situations. It significantly reduces friction and wear, ensuring that firearms operate smoothly, even under the stress of continuous use. Its advanced formulation also provides exceptional rust and corrosion protection, which is vital in varying environmental conditions encountered by law enforcement officers. Easy to apply and long-lasting, this product is an essential tool for maintaining firearm readiness and performance, reinforcing the commitment to officer safety and operational excellence.


AMSOIL Gasoline Oil

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil represents a leap forward in engine protection and performance, particularly tailored for the demanding conditions faced by law enforcement vehicles. Understanding the unique challenges of high-speed pursuits, idling, and varied operational conditions, AMSOIL has engineered a motor oil that ensures superior wear protection, exceptional heat resistance, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Its advanced synthetic formula significantly extends engine life by reducing the buildup of harmful deposits and minimizing the oxidative thickening of oil. This results in smoother engine operation, improved response, and reduced maintenance costs over time. Furthermore, these oil's robust formulation delivers reliable performance in extreme temperatures, ensuring that law enforcement vehicles remain operational in the heat of pursuit or the cold of a stakeout. By choosing AMSOIL, law enforcement agencies invest in the longevity and reliability of their fleet, ensuring that officers have the dependable vehicles they need to perform their duties safely and efficiently.


AMSOIL Heavy Duty Oil Filter

AMSOIL oil filters are engineered to provide law enforcement vehicles with unparalleled protection and performance under the most demanding conditions. Recognizing the critical nature of reliability and efficiency in law enforcement operations, these oil filters are designed to deliver superior filtration efficiency, effectively removing harmful contaminants from engine oil. This capability is crucial for maintaining engine integrity and performance during high-speed pursuits, extended idling, and the varied operational scenarios officers face daily. The robust construction of these filters ensures they can withstand the rigors of duty, offering exceptional durability and a long service life. This results in extended intervals between replacements, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for law enforcement fleets. Additionally, their advanced design aids in maintaining optimal oil flow, even in extreme temperatures, supporting engine health and performance. By choosing AMSOIL oil filters, law enforcement agencies ensure their vehicles are always ready for the challenges of protecting and serving the community.


AMSOIL Diesel Oil

Specifically formulated to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement, AMSOIL diesel oil is offers exceptional performance and protection. Its advanced synthetic composition is designed to handle the intense operational stress these vehicles endure, including high-speed pursuits, prolonged idling, and the varying environmental conditions of daily patrols. AMSOIL diesel oil ensures optimal engine cleanliness by effectively reducing soot and other contaminants, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced engine wear. This translates to enhanced reliability and longevity of vehicles critical to law enforcement missions. Additionally, its superior cold-weather performance ensures that vehicles remain responsive and ready for duty in any situation, providing agencies with the confidence that their fleet is protected under all circumstances.

Police Cars


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