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WIX Crankcase Breather Filter

The WIX Crankcase Breather Filter is an essential automotive component designed to ensure optimal engine performance. This high-quality filter effectively captures contaminants, preventing them from entering the engine's oil system. By maintaining a clean airflow, it aids in reducing the potential for engine wear and enhancing the overall efficiency. For drivers seeking longevity and peak performance from their vehicles, investing in such superior filtration solutions is a wise choice. With its durable construction and proven effectiveness, this filter is a testament to WIX's commitment to engineering excellence. 


WIX Oil Filters

WIX Filters represent the pinnacle of filtration technology, providing unparalleled protection for your engine. They boast four significant benefits. Firstly, these filters effectively remove contaminants, extending your engine's lifespan. Secondly, their durable construction withstands diverse driving conditions, ensuring reliability. Thirdly, WIX Oil Filter simplifies the installation and replacement process, making vehicle maintenance a breeze. Lastly, cleaner motor oil leads to smoother engine operation, offering better fuel efficiency. With this truck and car oil filter, you're not just choosing an engine oil filter; you're investing in your vehicle's health, guaranteeing top performance mile after mile


WIX Transmission Oil Filter

The WIX Transmission Oil Filter is a vital component for vehicle maintenance, ensuring smooth gear shifts and extended transmission life. Crafted with precision, it works diligently to remove contaminants from the transmission fluid, which can otherwise lead to premature wear or potential damage. By safeguarding the intricate parts of a transmission system, this filter plays a pivotal role in preserving the vehicle's efficiency and performance. Trusting such advanced filtration solutions is a proactive step for motorists who prioritize the longevity and optimal functioning of their vehicles.


WIX Air Filters

This product stands as a testament to engineering precision, designed to ensure that your engine breathes the cleanest air possible. Every vehicle requires an influx of air for combustion, and any contaminants entering can degrade performance and lead to premature wear. This filter effectively traps these impurities, allowing only purified air to reach the engine. By optimizing airflow and preventing contamination, it plays a critical role in maintaining engine efficiency and longevity. For motorists who seek the best for their vehicles, this product is an indispensable asset.


WIX Cabin Air Filter

The WIX Cabin Air Filter is a crucial component for enhancing in-car air quality. Expertly designed, it efficiently traps pollen, dust, and other airborne contaminants, ensuring that passengers breathe cleaner, fresher air. Especially in urban environments or during allergy season, this filter proves invaluable. Beyond comfort, it also helps protect HVAC systems, leading to prolonged efficiency. For those prioritizing a healthier driving experience, this product is a must-have.


WIX Fuel Filter

Ensuring the purity of fuel is paramount for optimal engine performance, and the WIX Fuel Filter is specifically designed to address this need. As fuel travels from the tank to the engine, it can collect various impurities, from tiny particles to larger contaminants. These can significantly hinder engine efficiency and lead to untimely wear and tear. This filter acts as a vigilant sentinel, meticulously screening out these contaminants to deliver clean fuel to the engine. Its high-grade construction and superior filtration capabilities make it a standout choice for motorists. Prioritizing such a product not only elevates performance but also extends the lifespan of the engine, showcasing the importance of quality filtration in automotive care.


  • WIX Oil Filters are equipped with high-quality filtration media that captures and holds more contaminants, ensuring clean oil circulates through the engine.

  • They feature durable, heavy-duty construction that withstands tough operating conditions and prevents filter collapse.

  • The filters include an anti-drain back valve to maintain oil supply to the engine at startup, reducing wear and extending engine life.

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to an oil change near me!



In the realm of engine protection, WIX Filters have emerged as a robust solution. Each filter boasts top-tier design and construction, serving as the first line of defense against contaminants in your engine oil. Their benefits are manifold. First, they promote engine longevity by efficiently removing impurities, ensuring optimal performance over time. Second, the motor oil filter has a robust build quality, made with materials that guarantee durability even under harsh driving conditions. Third, these truck and car oil filter products are streamlined their design for easy installation and replacement, making vehicle maintenance a simpler task. Finally, improved fuel efficiency is a key benefit, as cleaner motor oil ensures smoother engine operationBy choosing a WIX Oil Filter, you're not just selecting a product, but embracing a commitment to quality and performance that keeps your vehicle running smoothly for miles. It's an investment in the health and vitality of your vehicle.

Their motor oil filters are at the forefront of this innovative approach, providing comprehensive protection for your engine. These WIX Filters are engineered to efficiently remove contaminants from engine oil, thus optimizing engine efficiency and performance, thereby increasing its longevity. The unique design ensures optimal oil flow, and the high-quality materials used promise durability under various driving conditions. Some of the more popular WIX filters are WIX XP Oil Filter, WIX 51348, WIX 57035, WIX 51056 and WIX 51358 to name a few. 


Beyond just effectiveness, the WIX Oil Filter is prioritized with ease of installation and replacement design, ensuring that maintaining the health of your vehicle is a simple, straightforward task. This dedication to excellence, paired with the promise of enhancing vehicle life span and performance, makes WIX's product a trusted choice among automotive enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday drivers. They are not just filters; they are a testament to WIX's dedication to preserving your engine's health and vitality. Find your WIX Oil Filter by using the WIX oil filter cross reference. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


In an age where vehicles are as much a necessity as a luxury, protecting and maintaining your car's engine is of paramount importance. This is where the leading filtration products, such as those from WIX Filters, come into play. With over eight decades of experience, the WIX Oil Filter is a testament to the company's dedication to quality, performance, and innovation for OEM vehicle filters.

An oil filter serves as the heart of your vehicle's lubrication system, responsible for filtering out any impurities, such as dirt, metal particles, and other contaminants that can lead to engine wear and tear. WIX's advanced filtration technology, steeped in meticulous research and continuous development, effectively removes these contaminants from engine oil. It ensures that only clean oil circulates within the engine, protecting integral components from damage and significantly extending the engine's lifespan.

Quality and durability are synonymous with this product. Just like other brand oil filters such as Fram filters, these filters are constructed using premium materials that promise longevity even under demanding driving conditions. This robust build quality contributes to the filter's durability, promising a steady performance over time. Additionally, the unique design and structure of these oil filter products offer greater burst resistance and can withstand higher oil flow rates, making them suitable for modern engine requirements.

What sets this filter apart is not just the superior filtration performance but the ease of maintenance that their products offer. The design and construction of the filters are optimized for simple installation and replacement. This attention to user convenience makes routine vehicle maintenance a more straightforward task, even for those who are not automotive experts. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a car enthusiast who likes to take care of your vehicle, you'll appreciate the user-friendly approach.

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of using this oil filter is the improvement in fuel efficiency. A cleaner engine operates more smoothly and efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. It might seem like a small difference, but over the life of your vehicle, wixfilters can contribute to considerable savings in fuel costs. It's an advantage that also extends to environmental sustainability, an aspect that's increasingly important in today's world.

However, the benefits of WIX Filters extend beyond tangible advantages. By choosing this company's products, you are choosing a brand with a rich history and a strong reputation. The trust and loyalty that WIX has earned among its users worldwide are built upon consistent performance and an unwavering commitment to quality. When you install this oil filter in your vehicle, you're not just installing a product; you're making a decision that reflects your commitment to ensuring the best for your vehicle. Just as you may use a fram oil filter look up, you can also use the AMSOIL lookup to find the right filter!

Moreover, the customer service and support that comes with choosing these products should not be understated. From helping you select the right filter for your vehicle to providing valuable tips for maintenance, WIX stands by its customers at every step of their journey.

In conclusion, the WIX Oil Filter embodies the perfect blend of technological advancement, superior performance, and user convenience. Their benefits, from extending the engine's lifespan to improving fuel efficiency, make them a worthy investment for your vehicle. The robust construction ensures durability, and the user-friendly design facilitates easy installation and replacement while doing an engine oil oil change. Most importantly, choosing these filter products is choosing a commitment to quality, a decision that brings with it the peace of mind that you're providing the best care for your vehicle. In the world of engine protection and maintenance, this company stands as a symbol of reliability and OEM product performance. They are not just oil filters; they are a pledge to preserving the health and vitality of your vehicle, guaranteeing top performance mile after mile.


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Opting to buy from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer like HIGHGRADE Lubricants brings with it a myriad of benefits. This decision assures that your high-performance vehicles consistently run at peak levels, courtesy of WIX oil filter.

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Moreover, the advantage of discounted rates on most orders via a Dealer ensures you procure premium products without denting your budget. It's like having the privilege of a discount combined with the immediacy of a direct vendor, amplifying the value of each purchase. To sweeten the deal, most orders placed through Dealers come with the benefit of free shipping. The products you need are dispatched straight to your residence, saving you from incurring any extra delivery charges. Such an efficient service ensures that your vehicle maintenance regime remains undisturbed and efficient.

By opting to purchase through us, you're not just buying products; you're securing top-notch quality, attractive pricing, prompt home deliveries, and unparalleled customer support. Choosing HIGHGRADE Lubricants is a harmonious fusion of excellence, cost-effectiveness, and convenience, keeping your vehicles always prepared for the next escapade.


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