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AMSOIL Formula 4 Stroke

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke synthetic motor oil stands as the go-to lubricant for snowbikers, promising superior performance in icy conditions. Its scientifically advanced formulation offers exceptional lubrication, reducing engine wear and enhancing overall efficiency. Whether riding on flat terrain or uphill, its unwavering performance ensures your snowbike engine runs smoothly and reliably. With this recommended snowbike oil, conquer the snowy trails with confidence and assurance, knowing your engine is protected against the harsh winter elements.


  • Tailored specifically for four-stroke powersports engines.

  • Provides rapid protection at startup.

  • Prevents the buildup of carbon and varnish.

  • Facilitates easy starts in cold weather.

  • Compatible with wet-clutch systems.

  • Fortified with anti-rust additives for enhanced rust protection.

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a motorcycle shop near me!



AMSOIL Formula 4 Stroke

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is transforming the snowbike experience, offering optimal performance in extreme winter conditions. The Formula 4 Stroke, which is engineered for high-demand engines, its advanced formulation maintains lubricity, reduces friction, and extends engine life. Riders using these products in their snowbikes can confidently push boundaries, experiencing smooth and reliable operation in the harshest climates. Although you can use any powersport oil of your choosing in your snowbike, AMSOIL recommends the Formula 4 Stroke! Trust this product for superior winter motor oil - your engine's best ally against the cold.

As snowbikers push the limits of endurance and performance in harsh winter conditions, AMSOIL synthetic bike oil has emerged as a trusted ally for engine protection. This scientifically formulated lubricant is uniquely engineered to handle the rigors of extreme cold and high RPM operation typical of snowbike usage. AMSOIL's state-of-the-art formulation maintains superb lubricity, even at freezing temperatures, ensuring your engine parts move smoothly and efficiently. It drastically reduces friction and wear, which are especially critical under the strenuous conditions that this equipment, especially a mountain top snowbike, often operate in. By maintaining viscosity and preventing thermal breakdown, this synthetic snowbike oil provides uncompromised protection to engines, thus prolonging their lifespan. With AMSOIL motor oil in your snowbike, you can confidently tackle any winter terrain while touring, snocross racing, or summiting, safe in the knowledge that your engine is well-protected and functioning optimally. Experience peace of mind and heightened performance with this product, your snowbike's ultimate shield against the cold's harsh extremities. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Timbersled Snow Bike


As winter sports enthusiasts continue to embrace snowbiking, one of the critical considerations in their journey is engine protection and performance. Choosing the right engine oil is as vital as selecting the perfect snowbike. Enter AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil – a revolutionary lubricant specially formulated to extend service life, enhance engine protection, and amplify performance even in the most severe conditions.

A snowbike's engine endures a lot: severe weather conditions, high revolutions, and intense power demands. The oil used in such an environment must, therefore, possess superior characteristics. This oil does just that. It offers exceptional lubrication that reduces wear and tear on engine components. The oil's advanced formulation means it can maintain its viscosity at both high and low temperatures, reducing friction and protecting your engine from premature wear. This directly translates into a longer service life, allowing owners to ride harder, longer, and with fewer maintenance stops.

When it comes to engine protection, this synthetic product excels. Thanks to its superior heat resistance, it prevents thermal breakdown – a common problem in high-demand engines such as those in snowbikes. By maintaining its chemical stability under the intense heat of engine operation, it continues to provide exceptional lubrication, preventing engine damage and keeping your engine in prime condition.

Performance is where the Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil really stands out. Its advanced additive technology ensures optimum power output, allowing your engine to run smoothly and efficiently. This synthetic engine oil also boasts excellent cold-start performance, crucial for those chilly morning starts in the snow. It helps maintain peak power, allowing riders to tackle any terrain without a hitch.

In comparison to other oils on the market, AMSOIL's offering consistently stands out. While conventional oils may lose viscosity at extreme temperatures, struggle with lubrication at high RPMs, and succumb to thermal breakdown, this synthetic motor oil remains steadfast. It retains its viscosity, provides superior lubrication, and resists thermal breakdown – offering an unrivaled level of protection and performance.

The popularity of this synthetic engine oil among snowbike enthusiasts is rapidly increasing. From novice riders to seasoned professionals, many are making the switch and reaping the benefits of this high-performance synthetic oil. This surge in popularity is no fluke but a result of the real-world benefits and reliability that this product offers.

Notably, the product has become a favorite among owners of Timbersled, Ruffian, Yeti, and KTM snowbikes, among others. These brands are renowned for their powerful engines and high-performance demands, making them the perfect candidates for this advanced synthetic oil. Users have reported noticeable improvements in their engine performance and longevity, reinforcing the product's reputation as a premier choice for snowbike engine oil.

However, the success of this product is not confined to these brands. Across the board, owners are finding that this oil provides the protection, performance, and extended service life they need for their machines. Regardless of the brand, engine type, or conditions, this synthetic motor oil consistently proves itself as an exceptional choice for snowbike engine oil. See AMSOIL's other products for your snowbike and compliment the use of this synthetic oil in your equipment.

The commitment of this company to continually refine and enhance its products is reflected in this premium oil. It is not merely a product but a testament to the company's dedication to providing the best for its customers. By listening to the feedback from riders and continuously evolving product formulas, AMSOIL has created an oil that genuinely meets the demands of this growing sport. AMSOIL has also developed a Powersports Coolant!

In conclusion, this oil offers a wealth of benefits for snowbike engines. It ensures superior engine protection, delivers unrivaled performance, and extends service life, all of which are paramount to a great riding experience. Its growing popularity among owners of different snowbike brands is a clear indicator of its excellence. With this product, riders can push their limits and enjoy the thrill of snowbiking without worrying about the health and performance of their engines.


Trust in AMSOIL – it's not just an oil; it's a revolution in engine protection and performance.


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Selecting the right synthetic oil is pivotal to ensure the optimum performance of your snowbike. It's simplified when you choose to purchase from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like us at HIGHGRADE Lubricants!

As a distinguished manufacturer of high-performance synthetic motor oils, the range of products are designed to deliver superior engine protection under the most rigorous conditions. When buying from a Dealer, you can be confident you're getting authentic products and the backing of experts. Dealers possess an in-depth understanding of snowbike oil products, offering invaluable guidance on the ideal selection for your snowbike. They also have access to the technical resources when necessary. 

One of the key benefits of using a Dealer is the potential for discount pricing with free shipping on most orders where they have access to competitive rates and exclusive promotions, thereby providing an opportunity for fiscal savings. This, combined with the superior performance and durability of AMSOIL's synthetic oil products, translates into significant long-term benefits. 

Buying your snowbike oil products from an Authorized Dealer gives you a assured quality and competitive pricing. It's an investment that maximizes both the performance of your machine and the value of your money.


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