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AMSOIL Diesel Oil 0W20


AMSOIL 0W20 Diesel Oil is a 100% synthetic that stands at the forefront of engine protection and performance. Expertly formulated, this premium synthetic engine oil provides superior lubrication, even in extreme temperatures, ensuring your diesel engine runs smoothly and efficiently. Ideal for modern high-performance diesel engines, this 0W20 diesel oil offers exceptional wear protection, fuel efficiency, and engine cleanliness, helping to prolong your engine's lifespan. Trust in this product for the ultimate diesel engine care and get it today for your DIY oil change or take it to an oil change near me! Key points are:

  • Provides exceptional protection for smaller American diesel vehicles including pickups, vans, cars, and SUVs.

  • Offers up to 6 times more wear protection than what is mandated by a prominent industry standard¹.

  • Preserves viscosity, contributing to enhanced engine protection and improved fuel economy.

  • Performs excellently in both hot and cold temperature extremes.

  • Reduces oil consumption.

    • (Note 1) This claim is based on third-party testing in the OM646LA cam wear test, using 0W-20 oil as the worst-case representation.


AMSOIL Diesel Oil 5W30


For peak diesel engine performance, look no further than this synthetic diesel oil in SAE 5W30. This top-tier synthetic motor oil is meticulously designed to offer superior protection, especially in extreme weather conditions. Its advanced formulation reduces engine wear and deposit formation, promoting longevity and maintaining the engine's overall health. This 5W30 diesel oil further excels in providing outstanding fuel efficiency and performance, even under heavy-duty use. Choose this product for your diesel engine, a trusted companion for your journey, ensuring your vehicle runs at its best, every mile of the way. Key points to look at are:

  • Offers superior protection tailored for smaller American diesel vehicles such as pickups, vans, cars, and SUVs.

  • Provides wear protection up to 6 times greater than the requirement of a major industry standard¹.

  • Maintains viscosity, leading to extra engine protection and better fuel economy.

  • Thrives in both extreme hot and cold temperatures.

  • Effectively reduces oil consumption.

    • (Note 1) This statement is substantiated by third-party testing in the OM646LA cam wear test, using 0W-20 as the most challenging representation.


AMSOIL Heavy Duty Diesel Oil 5W40


AMSOIL Heavy Duty 5W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is a top-notch choice for those seeking exceptional engine performance and protection. Expertly engineered to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications, this synthetic motor oil provides superior wear protection, prolonging the life of your engine. This 5W40 diesel oil ensures your engine runs smoothly in all conditions, reducing friction and enhancing fuel efficiency. Choose this product for superior lubrication and ultimate peace of mind for your heavy-duty diesel engine. Key points to consider are:

  • Provides 4 times greater wear protection¹.

  • Effectively reduces oil consumption.

  • Performs exceptionally well in extreme temperature conditions.

  • Aids in maintaining trucks and equipment at optimal performance levels.

  • Presents excellent value.

    • (Note 1) This claim is substantiated by third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222, using 10W-30 oil as the most challenging representation.


AMSOIL Heavy Duty Diesel Oil 10W30


This Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 10W30 is a lubricant for those requiring high-performance engine protection. Specifically formulated for heavy-duty applications, this motor oil offers outstanding wear protection, ensuring longevity and peak performance for your diesel engine. Its advanced synthetic formulation not only reduces friction but also boosts fuel efficiency. AMSOIL 10W30 Diesel Oil delivers consistent high performance, even in severe operating conditions, maintaining your engine's health and optimal function. Choose this engine oil for a remarkable driving experience and the ultimate protection for your heavy-duty diesel engine. Key points to take into account for your next synthetic motor oil change project are:

  • Provides wear protection that is four times greater than standard¹.

  • Effectively curtails oil consumption.

  • Demonstrates superior performance in both hot and cold extreme temperatures.

  • Contributes to keeping trucks and equipment functioning at their best.

  • Represents an exceptional value proposition.

    • (Note 1)  Verified by third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222, using 10W-30 oil as the most severe representation.


AMSOIL Heavy Duty Diesel Oil 15W40


Unleash superior performance with AMSOIL Heavy Duty Synthetic 15W40 Diesel Oil. Specially engineered for heavy-duty diesel engines, this high-grade synthetic oil provides unbeatable wear protection, contributing to an extended engine lifespan. This 15W40 oil stands out with its advanced formulation designed to minimize friction, resist high-temperature degradation, and optimize fuel efficiency. Whether your operations are normal or severe, it ensures consistent performance, helping maintain your engine's health and optimal function. Trust in this product for top-tier engine lubrication and robust protection, delivering an exceptional driving experience every time. Key points to think about are:

  • Furnishes four times the wear protection compared to regular standards¹.

  • Reduces oil consumption efficiently.

  • Thrives in conditions of extreme temperatures.

  • Assists in maintaining trucks and equipment at their peak operational performance.

  • Delivers remarkable value for the investment.

    • (Note 1)  This is corroborated by third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222, using 10W-30 oil as the harshest representation.


  • Provides four times the wear protection.

  • Reduces oil consumption.

  • Performs excellently in extreme temperatures.

  • Ensures peak performance for trucks and equipment.

  • Delivers exceptional value.

  • Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to an oil change near me!



AMSOIL Heavy Duty Diesel Oil 15W40

This synthetic diesel oil line is a top-tier oil, explicitly designed for the rigorous demands of diesel engines such as the Dodge 2500 Ram, Ford F350 Dually, and GMC 2500 Diesel, amongst other trucks and the hyper truck. Renowned by many owners as the best oil for diesel engines, it caters to a variety of performance requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient operation regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. The benefits include exceptional engine wear protection. Its robust formulation reduces friction, extending the lifespan of your diesel engine, and keeping it running at peak performance levels. This oil for diesel engines enhance the  performance by reducing deposit formation and high-temperature degradation. It ensures that your engine runs smoothly and powerfully, boosting overall vehicle performance. This motor oil  not only enhances engine performance but also contributes to improved fuel efficiency. Its synthetic nature provides superior lubrication, reducing engine strain and helping you get the most from your fuel tank. If you're looking for the finest engine care and the benefits of synthetic oil in diesel engines, this oil is your optimal choice, designed to meet and exceed the demands of your diesel engine and used by many the diesel fuel engine builder community. Choose this product line for your next oil change project or take it to your diesel oil oil change near me provider!

Expertly engineered, this high-quality synthetic diesel oil ensures your engine runs smoothly and efficiently, helping to prolong its lifespan. AMS OIL provides optimal engine performance, reducing friction and wear while maintaining excellent cleanliness and oil viscosity. This oil for diesel engine is specially formulated to withstand the rigorous demands of modern diesel fuel engines, helping to prevent deposit formation, resist high-temperature degradation, and maintain fuel efficiency. The result is an enhanced driving experience marked by exceptional performance and peace of mind. For those seeking the finest, this synthetic diesel oil is the benchmark for superior engine protection and efficiency. Its leading-edge synthetic formulation ensures that your diesel engine receives the quality care it deserves, making this product the standard for excellence in engine lubrication. Suitable for an array of diesel engines, including as a semi truck oil, it offers an expansive range for all engine needs. Remember, as car washing self service locations are important to keep your diesel truck clean on the outside, so is quality diesel syn oil for the inside of your engine. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Yellow Semi Truck


In the realm of diesel engine maintenance, one product stands out among all others as the gold standard: AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil and Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil. Formulated with cutting-edge technology and the deepest understanding of engine performance needs, This product offers superior protection and efficiency, optimizing the performance of diesel engines like those amongst the best selling truck in America, the Dodge 2500 Ram, Ford F350 Dually, and GMC 2500 Diesel amongst many other diesel trucks, SUV's and vehicle types.

Engine Compatibility

As touted by many owners and mechanics, the best oil for diesel engines, this synthetic engine oil has been meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of diesel engines. Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, this oil is designed to provide optimal protection, even under the most challenging operating conditions. This product ensures that your engine delivers peak performance every time.

Unique Formulation

The secret behind AMSOIL's (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) stellar performance lies in its unique synthetic motor oil formulation. This advanced formulation is the result of extensive research and testing, ensuring it delivers superior performance and competitive with traditional diesel oils like Rotella oil, Duramax oil, and Mobil Delvac.

Diesel Engine Oil Liner Test

Benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil

  1. Superior Wear Protection: The primary role of any engine oil is to provide wear protection, and this product excels in this aspect. It reduces friction within the engine, minimizing wear and tear on vital components, like the crankshaft and liner. This leads to a longer engine lifespan, ensuring your diesel engine runs smoothly and efficiently for an extended period.

  2. Enhanced Performance: Apart from providing superior wear protection, this oil also enhances your engine's overall performance. It helps reduce deposit formation and resist high-temperature degradation, common issues with diesel fuel engines. This ensures your engine runs at peak performance levels, leading to an enhanced driving experience like those owning a fast truck such as one like the power of a 5.7 Hemi horsepower!

  3. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Finally, the oil contributes to improved fuel efficiency. Its advanced synthetic formulation ensures superior lubrication, reducing engine strain and boosting your vehicle's fuel economy. This means you can drive longer distances on a single tank of fuel, making this product a cost-effective choice for diesel engine maintenance.


AMSOIL vs. Traditional Diesel Oils

Compared to traditional diesel engine oils like Rotella 15W40, DexosD oil, Lucas 15W40 and Mobil Delvac 15W40, AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil and it's Heavy Duty line, offers several distinct advantages. Its advanced synthetic formulation ensures superior wear protection, enhanced performance, and improved fuel efficiency, making it the preferred choice for maintaining diesel engines.

AMSOIL Diesel Oil Consumption Test

Diesel Oil in Gas Engine

One common question among vehicle owners is whether they can use diesel oil in a gas engine. While it's generally not recommended due to the differences in the additives used in diesel fuel and gas engine oils, AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil , just like the Signature Series Max-Duty, has been crafted with a unique formulation that's compatible with diesel and gasoline engine types. This makes it a versatile choice for vehicle owners who value performance and protection. Please refer to the AMSOIL diesel data bulletins for all diesel products to see the specifications about using this product in gasoline engines.

Diesel Oil Change

Just like any other engine oil, this product requires regular changes to ensure optimal performance. Unlike the Signature Series Max-Duty, the interval for a diesel oil change depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle, driving conditions, and the specific oil used. 


When it comes to maintaining your diesel fuel engine, whether it's a Dodge 2500 Ram, Ford F350 Dually, or GMC 2500 Diesel, this product stands out as the preferred choice and used by many who are in the engine builder world. Its unique formulation offers superior wear protection, enhanced performance, and improved fuel efficiency, making it the best oil for diesel engines as attested by many owners. It surpasses traditional diesel engine oils like Rotella oil, Duramax oil, and Mobil Delvac in various performance aspects.


Whether you need a diesel oil change or looking to switch from your current engine oil brand, consider AM SOIL! It is the reliable choice that ensures your engine delivers peak performance at all times. You will see the benefits of this synthetic oil in action! Buy now and get it installed from a change oil near me provider today!


The robust performance of diesel engines underpins many industries, from construction and agriculture to heavy-duty hauling. Whether it's normal driving or demanding off-road conditions, these engines require a high-quality synthetic diesel engine oil that can keep up with their rigorous performance needs. AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil rises to this challenge, offering a range of benefits tailored specifically for diesel engines operating under both heavy-duty and standard driving conditions.

This oil is uniquely formulated to tackle the demands of hard-working diesel engines. Its robust composition provides superior lubrication and wear protection, prolonging engine life and maximizing performance. In industries like mining, construction, and agriculture where vehicles are subjected to extreme conditions and heavy loads, this diesel oil shines by providing steadfast engine protection. This is truly an excellent choice for your next oil change endeavor!

Heavy-duty engines are continually exposed to high-temperature and high-pressure conditions. These harsh operating conditions necessitate an oil that can resist thermal breakdown and maintain its protective qualities. This synthetic diesel engine oil exhibits exceptional thermal stability, ensuring the oil maintains its protective film strength even under intense heat. This prevents damaging deposits and wear, safeguarding engine components, and enhancing efficiency.

In the context of trucks tasked with hauling heavy loads, the stress on the engine is significantly increased. This diesel oil is crafted to help ensure it neutralizes acidic by-products of combustion, protecting engine surfaces from corrosive wear. This ensures the vehicle can handle the intense pressure of heavy loads without sacrificing engine integrity and performance. If this diesel oil is something you are interested in, take a look at our Signature Series Max-Duty Diesel Engine Oil as well! 

AMS OIL Dually Diesel Truck Angle Shot


Compression ignition in diesel engines is a fundamental concept that distinguishes diesel engines from their gasoline counterparts. Understanding this process is essential for engine mechanics, fleet mechanics, and anyone involved in the maintenance and operation of diesel-powered vehicles. The role of engine oil, particularly synthetic oil, in facilitating efficient and reliable compression ignition cannot be overstated, making it a critical factor in the overall health and performance of diesel engines.

In diesel engines, the principle of compression ignition is at the core of their operation. Unlike gasoline engines, which rely on a spark plug to ignite the fuel-air mixture, diesel engines use the heat generated by compressing air to ignite the fuel. When air is compressed, its temperature rises significantly. In a diesel engine, when the air reaches a high temperature due to compression, fuel injected into the combustion chamber spontaneously ignites. This method of ignition provides several benefits, including higher fuel efficiency and more torque, making diesel engines particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications such as in fleet vehicles.

The efficiency of the compression ignition process is heavily dependent on the condition of the engine, particularly the cleanliness and integrity of the combustion chamber. This is where high-quality engine oils come into play. Synthetic motor oil provides superior protection and cleanliness for diesel engines, ensuring that the components involved in compression ignition remain in optimal condition.

AMSOIL Diesel Motor Oil, as one of the best synthetic engine oils, contributes to the proper operation of diesel engines in several ways. First, it offers exceptional lubrication, which is crucial in handling the high-compression environment of diesel engines. Adequate lubrication minimizes wear on engine components such as pistons and cylinders that are critical to the compression process. This reduction in wear helps maintain the engine's compression ratios, ensuring efficient ignition and operation.

Furthermore, the thermal stability of synthetic oil is a significant factor in diesel engine performance. Diesel engines, particularly when used for demanding tasks such as city car driving or in fleet vehicles, generate a considerable amount of heat. Syn oil products are formulated to resist thermal breakdown better than conventional oils, maintaining their protective properties even under high temperatures. This stability helps prevent the buildup of deposits in the combustion chamber, which can adversely affect the compression and, consequently, the ignition process.

Another aspect where this oil shines is in its detergency. The best synthetic engine oil must be able to keep the engine clean by effectively removing and preventing the buildup of soot and other combustion by-products. These contaminants can interfere with the precision operation of fuel injectors and other components critical to the compression ignition process. A clean engine is more efficient, reliable, and has a longer service life, which is crucial for fleet mechanics managing multiple vehicles.

For those who perform DIY oil change or seek oil change services, using a high-quality synthetic oil is a smart choice. Whether it's a professional service like an oil change near me facility, ensuring that the diesel engine receives the best possible lubrication and protection is essential. Moreover, for those managing their maintenance, resources like the AMSOIL Lookup can be invaluable in selecting the right oil for their specific vehicle and engine type.

In addition to protecting the engine, this oil has broader implications for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With better engine protection and performance, vehicles experience fewer breakdowns and require less maintenance over time. This reliability is especially important for fleet vehicles, where downtime can have significant financial implications. Furthermore, the enhanced lubrication and cleanliness provided by syn oil can lead to better fuel economy – a critical factor in managing the operational costs of a fleet.

In conclusion, compression ignition is a key characteristic of diesel fuel engines, offering benefits in terms of efficiency and power. The role of engine oil in supporting this process is critical. High-quality synthetic oils provide the lubrication, thermal stability, and cleanliness necessary to maintain efficient compression ignition. For engine mechanics, fleet mechanics, and motor mechanics, choosing the best synthetic motor oil is not just about maintaining an engine; it's about ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether for city car driving, a fleet vehicle, or a heavy-duty application, investing in the right oil can make a significant difference in the operation and longevity of a diesel engine. Just as a car washing self service location is important to keep your vehicle clean on the outside, so is quality syn oil for the inside of your engine. Choose this for your next synthetic oil change project!


The world of automotive maintenance often brings up questions regarding the specific needs of different types of engines, especially when comparing automotive motor oil to diesel oil. Understanding the distinctions between these two types of engine oils is crucial for ensuring proper maintenance, whether it's during a routine oil change or a more comprehensive service oil change and service.

Automotive engine oil, typically used in gasoline engines, and diesel oil, designed for diesel engines, have distinct formulations to meet the unique demands of their respective engine types. The primary differences arise from the operational characteristics and requirements of gasoline and diesel engines.

Gasoline engines, which are commonly found in most personal vehicles, operate at higher RPMs and generally generate more heat compared to diesel engines. The motor oil used in these engines is formulated to provide high-temperature stability, ensuring it maintains its oil viscosity and lubricating properties under the intense heat generated. This aspect is crucial during an oil change, as using the correct oil ensures the engine's internal components are adequately protected against wear and thermal breakdown.

On the other hand, diesel engines, which are often used in heavier vehicles like trucks and buses, operate under higher compression and generate more soot and contaminants. Diesel oil is tailored to address these conditions. It typically has a higher viscosity and contains more detergents and dispersants to manage the higher levels of soot and acid produced in diesel engines. Additionally, diesel oil often includes anti-wear additives to cope with the increased compression and stress on engine components.

The choice of oil also influences the frequency of "change oil how much". Gasoline engines, with their high-temperature operation, can cause motor oil to break down faster, necessitating more frequent oil changes. Diesel engines, although their oil lasts longer due to its robust formulation, still require regular changes due to the accumulation of contaminants.

The development of synthetic oils has added a new dimension to this discussion. Syn oil, or synthetic oil, is engineered to provide superior performance in both gasoline and diesel engines. Brands like AMSOIL (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) offer specialized synthetic oils that can handle the extreme conditions of both engine types. Synthetic oils are designed to offer better high-temperature stability, reduced oil breakdown, and extended oil change intervals, making them an increasingly popular choice for both gasoline and diesel engines.

When performing a full synthetic oil change, the benefits are twofold. For gasoline engines, synthetic oil provides enhanced protection against high-temperature wear and helps maintain engine cleanliness by reducing sludge formation. For diesel engines, the robust nature of synthetic oil helps in managing soot and contaminants while maintaining viscosity under high stress. This is particularly beneficial for modern diesel engines with advanced emission control systems, where oil quality is crucial for maintaining engine and emission system health.

The role of oil filters in both gasoline and diesel engines is equally important. During an oil and filter change, the filter plays a critical role in removing contaminants from the oil, regardless of the engine type. High-quality oil filters are essential for maintaining the integrity of the oil, especially when using synthetic oils, which have longer service intervals.

An oil change with synthetic oil can be more cost-effective in the long run, despite the higher initial cost. Synthetic oils' extended life reduces the frequency of oil changes, which can lead to savings over time. This is especially beneficial for diesel engines, where the oil capacity is generally larger, and the cost of oil changes can be higher.

In summary, while automotive engine oil and diesel oil are designed for different engine types, the advent of high-quality synthetic oils has bridged the gap between them. Whether you're using a traditional gasoline engine or a robust diesel engine, the selection of the right oil, coupled with regular oil changes and quality oil filters, is essential for engine health and longevity. Brands like AM SOIL have developed specialized products that cater to the specific needs of both gasoline and diesel engines, ensuring optimal performance and protection. As engine technologies continue to evolve, the importance of choosing the right oil and adhering to a proper maintenance schedule remains paramount for all vehicle owners. Buy this product now and get it installed at a change oil near me facility today!




AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Alongside the numerous benefits of this product, the advantages of purchasing through an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, like HIGHGRADE Lubricants, cannot be overlooked. As your Dealer, we are committed to ensuring you receive genuine products, providing the high-quality protection that your diesel engine needs. You can create an AMSOIL account and buy now the products you need and even get a discount through offers, with free shipping on most orders! Having a Dealer is similar to having a discount card with a sales representative along your side. They bring knowledge of AMS OIL's comprehensive range of motor oils and lubricants and does their best to ensure you receive guidance tailored to your specific requirements. We can help you navigate the wide array of products and identify the best fit for your diesel engine's needs.

The convenience of direct buying enhances the experience further. Instead of the time-consuming process of locating the oil in a physical store, you can easily order products and have them delivered right to your home, office or other location, offering a seamless and hassle-free purchasing process. This ensures you always have access to high-quality engine oil whenever your vehicle needs it. Once you have it, take it to an oil change near me facility, like a Take 5 oil change location, a diesel oil change near me provider, a Jiffy Lube diesel oil change facility, another one stop quick lube installer or your own motor mechanic to have it installed.

In summary, this synthetic diesel oil provides a specialized solution for diesel engines operating under heavy-duty and normal driving conditions. Its robust formulation offers superior wear protection, excellent thermal stability, and a specialized formula that safeguards your diesel engine even under intense pressure. Coupled with the expert guidance and convenience offered by us as your Dealer, AMSOIL Diesel Oil stands out as the superior choice for preserving the performance and integrity of your diesel engine.


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