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AMSOIL Al Amatuzio's Plane


AMSOIL INC is a premier 100% synthetic oil and lubricant producer which surpasses conventional engine oils! It was the first 100% synthetic oil company to meet the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API). This company was also the first to developed an extended drain full synthetic motor oil for vehicles, which continues under the Signature Series and XL motor oil lines! Al Amatuzio, an US Air Force Veteran, created this company which continues to produce world leading oil and lubricant products for vehicles, powersports, equipment and various types of machinery. AMSOIL oil and lubricants continue to lead the pack!

As a high-performance lubricant brand, AMSOIL oil is known for its superior engine protection, cleaning ability and fuel efficiency. Established in 1972, the company has revolutionized the automotive industry by setting new standards in performance, durability, and environmental responsibility. With a comprehensive range of products, the company caters to various performance vehicles, automotive, powersports, machinery and equipment applications, offering customers a reliable solution to extend vehicle life and improve overall performance. The company's products include their specially formulated oil and lubricants for everyday and high performance vehicles, which are also compatible with hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, underlining its commitment to sustainability and innovation. 


AMSOIL Refinery

The story of motor oil is intrinsically intertwined with the history of internal combustion engines. This tale embodies the advancement of technology, global politics, and environmental consciousness. It encompasses everything from the earliest antique cars, through the roaring engines of race cars, to the high-precision motors powering hypercars, airplanes, and bullet trains. We'll explore the evolution of motor oil, with particular emphasis on synthetic engine oil, which has marked a significant shift in the industry, especially with the performance that the Signature Series lineup offers!

The Dawn of Motor Oil (Late 1800s - Early 1900s)

In the late 19th century, as the first old classic cars started rolling off the assembly line, lubrication was a rudimentary affair. In this era, animal fats and plant oils were commonly used to reduce friction in various industrial applications. However, these bio-lubricants were inadequate for the emerging world of automobiles, being unstable and quickly degrading under high heat.

As early as the 1860s, the commercial extraction and refinement of crude oil had begun, primarily for the production of kerosene as a lighting fuel. With the advent of automobiles, the leftover thick and sticky residue from the distillation process, deemed as waste, found its use as a more resilient lubricant for these new machines.

The Age of Conventional Oil (Early 1900s - 1970)

The turn of the 20th century witnessed an incredible expansion in the oil industry. The burgeoning automobile industry, the inception of semi-truck transport, the birth of aviation with the airplane, and the advancement of trains necessitated an increased production and refinement of crude oil.

For much of the first half of the 20th century, conventional oil, derived directly from crude oil, dominated the market. These oils were refined to remove impurities, and additives were included to enhance their performance. The oil price per barrel was low and the oil barrel price was stable, making it a cost-effective solution for the time.

However, the limitations of conventional oil were starting to show. It was susceptible to degradation under high heat, leading to the buildup of sludge and damaging engine components. It was also relatively thick at lower temperatures, making cold starts more challenging. The concept of extended oil drain intervals was nonexistent in this era. Frequent oil changes were required to keep the engines running smoothly.

World War II and the Advent of Synthetic Oil

World War II (1939-1945) played a pivotal role in the history of synthetic oil. In the war's high-demand environment, Nazi Germany faced a severe lack of crude oil resources. As a response, German scientists developed synthetic engine oil from coal, providing their military machinery, such as their planes and tanks, with a high-performance alternative to conventional oil.

Post-war, the United States and other nations acknowledged the potential of synthetic motor oil and commenced research and development. In the years that followed, the first fully synthetic oil, a product far removed from crude oil, was born.

Synthetic oil offered superior performance compared to its conventional counterpart. It demonstrated better stability under high temperatures and flowed easier at colder temperatures. It resisted degradation and sludge buildup, promising longer engine life and the beginning of extended oil drain intervals.

The Rise of Synthetic Oil (1970 - Present)

Since the 1970s, synthetic engine oil's popularity has steadily grown. It's become an integral part of high-performance machinery like race cars, NASCAR racers, and drag racers. The extreme conditions of racing exposed the clear superiority of synthetic oils over conventional ones. Even hypercars, the epitome of automotive performance and engineering, rely on synthetic motor oil for its remarkable properties. Many choose Signature Series as their go to synthetic motor oil due to the top end protection and performance it provides!

In aviation, synthetic oil is widely used in jet engines for its heat resistance. The bullet trains, engineering marvels that run at incredibly high speeds, also employ synthetic oil to ensure optimal performance. Even in powersports, where motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles push the limits of their engines, synthetic oil is the lubricant of choice.

Despite its higher oil price compared to conventional oil, synthetic oil's benefits — extended drain intervals, superior engine protection, and improved fuel economy — justify the cost for many consumers and industries. However, the oil price chart over the years has shown a general increase in the cost of both types of oil, driven by rising crude oil prices and other economic factors.

The Environmental Impact and AMSOIL

The rising environmental consciousness in the late 20th and early 21st centuries has brought the issue of pollution and waste from motor oil into focus. Conventional oil changes generate considerable waste, and the extraction of crude oil for motor oil production has a substantial environmental footprint.

In this context, synthetic oil, and specifically AMSOIL oil products, have emerged as an environmentally friendly alternative. AMSOIL INC, one of the pioneers in 100% synthetic motor oil, emphasizes environmental responsibility in its products. Its synthetic oils are designed to last longer with extended drain intervals, such as those found in the Signature Series lineup, and which means fewer oil changes and less waste. The company has also invested in research to minimize the environmental impact of its production processes. As a result, choosing AMSOIL oil can be a step towards reducing the environmental footprint of our vehicles.


The history of motor oil is a testament to human ingenuity and adaptability. From the crude oil beginnings, through the era of conventional oil, to the advent of synthetic motor oil, this journey reflects our constant striving for better, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly solutions. As we stand today, with the growing adoption of synthetic oils and the pursuit of environmental sustainability, the future of motor oil looks brighter and greener than ever before.


For many years, conventional engine oil was the standard for vehicle owners worldwide. However, with the advent of synthetic motor oils, there has been a significant shift in preference, and for good reason. Full synthetic oils have proven to offer distinct advantages over their conventional and synthetic blend counterparts and is trusted by numerous vehicles owners, including those who own a hyper car, sports car, race car, heavy duty trucks, fleet vehicles and even the everyday driver, to name a few. To illustrate this point, let's delve into the benefits of synthetic engine oil, particularly AMSOIL's 100% synthetic engine oil lineup.

Superior Engine Protection and Wear Resistance:


The primary function of motor oil is to reduce friction between the various moving parts within the engine, such as the crankshaft, pistons and lifters to name some. This friction generates heat, and over time can cause significant wear and tear on these parts, leading to a decline in engine performance and, ultimately, engine failure. Synthetic engine oil molecules are more uniform in shape and size, reducing friction and providing better wear protection than the irregularly shaped molecules found in conventional oils. These oils also maintain a protective film that lasts longer, offering continuous protection even when the engine is under severe stress. Because of these benefits, synthetic oil is use by some as a racing car oil! This includes Nascar racers, F1 racers, street racers and Indycar 500 racers like Bobby Unser to name a few.

These premium products take protection to another level. It's formulated with a unique blend of additives that provide a robust protective layer, reducing metal-to-metal contact even under intense conditions. This results in less engine wear and extends the life of your vehicle's engine.

Improved Performance in Extreme Temperatures:


Another advantage of full synthetic motor oil is their performance under extreme temperature conditions. They don't thicken in cold weather or thin out in hot weather as quickly as conventional oils. This trait ensures that the oil viscosity maintains its protective properties and flow characteristics in a wide range of conditions. In freezing temperatures, these oils are designed to flow more quickly to engine parts than conventional oils, ensuring immediate protection and easier starts, like 0W20, 5W20 and 5W30 oil viscosities. Since these products perform exceptionally well in cold temperatures and provide superior lubrication to vital engine parts almost instantly, it reduces wear and tear during cold starts and ensures optimal performance right from the start.

Maintains Viscosity:


Viscosity, or an oil's resistance to flow, is a crucial characteristic of motor oil. If the oil viscosity is too low, it will flow too easily and not provide adequate protection. If it's too high, it won't flow well enough to lubricate the engine parts. Synthetic oils maintain their viscosity over a broader range of temperatures compared to conventional oils, ensuring consistent protection. AMSOIL's premium products maintain its oil viscosity under various operating conditions, providing optimal protection throughout its life. This company's synthetic engine oil can be used in new, used, rebuilt and crate engines. It resists thermal breakdown, retains its protective properties for longer, and remains stable under different operating conditions, including when a stock engine has undergone engine tuning for high end performance like the Ram Mammoth, or a brand new hypercar engine that comes in the Hennessy Venom F5.

Extended Drain Intervals:


One of the most practical benefits of this company's 100% synthetic engine oils is their extended drain intervals, particularly the Signature Series and Max-Duty motor oil lines which provides the best protection for engine components, such as the carburettor, camshaft, supercharger, turbos and so on. Because these oils resist breakdown better than conventional oils, they don't need to be replaced as often and are a perfect high mileage oil for owners of everyday vehicles driven in the city as well as highway miles, and fleet vehicle used by businesses. This advantage saves vehicle owners time and money by reducing the frequency of oil changes. AMSOIL oil offer drain intervals significantly longer than those of conventional oils (up to 1 year or 25,000 miles for gasoline engines and 60,000 miles for diesel engines). These extended intervals mean fewer oil changes, less time spent on maintenance, and more cost savings over the life of your vehicle. Extended drain engine oil intervals are not new and have been practiced in Europe for many years!

Enhanced Fuel Economy:


By reducing engine friction more effectively than conventional oils, full synthetic oil can also improve fuel economy. Less friction means the engine doesn't have to work as hard, which can lead to better fuel efficiency. These products are designed to maximize fuel economy. Its friction-reducing properties help your engine operate more efficiently, saving you money at the pump over time.

Lower Oil Consumption:


Synthetics resist evaporation better than conventional oils, leading to lower oil consumption. This trait translates to additional savings for the user, as less oil is needed to maintain the optimal oil level in the engine. This company has developed synthetic motor oil's which have been proven to reduce oil consumption. Its superior resistance to evaporation (burn off) ensures that more oil stays in the engine, reducing the need for top-ups between oil changes which in turn reduces oil usage and contributes to less engine oil waste.

In conclusion, synthetic motor oils offered by us, a premium oil producer, offer a host of advantages over conventional oils. They provide superior engine protection, better performance in extreme temperatures, maintaining oil viscosity under varying conditions, offering extended drain intervals, enhancing fuel economy, and reducing oil consumption. It's clear to see why synthetic motor oils are now the preferred choice for many vehicle owners, providing not only superior protection and performance but also significant cost savings over the life of their vehicles. Remember, AMSOIL is the "First in Synthetics!"


AMSOIL Adding Motor Oil

AMSOIL Signature Series 100% synthetic motor oil line boasts of a wide range of top-quality synthetic oil viscosities designed to extend the drain cycle, improve performance and maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle. The extended drain oil interval of this 100% synthetic engine oil is a standout feature that sets this company's offerings apart from other products in the market, and is the longest of their products for gasoline engines. The other line is the AMSOIL XL, which has the second longest for gasoline engines. Specifically engineered using advanced synthetic technology, this oil provides long-lasting performance while ensuring top-tier protection and cleanliness. As a result, it enhances the functionality and extends the lifespan of a vehicle and its engine. Extended drain intervals have been practiced in Europe for many years!

1. Extended Drain Cycle:

One of the most notable features of our synthetic motor oil is its extended drain oil interval. The product's unique formulation allows vehicle owners to extend their oil changes, providing an opportunity for significant cost savings. Extended drain cycles mean fewer oil changes and less waste oil disposal, leading to less environmental impact. The product's quality allows for 25,000 miles, 700 hours of operation, or one year, whichever comes first, between oil changes for most users under normal conditions. In severe service conditions, the product maintains its effectiveness for 15,000 miles, 700 hours, or one year, whichever comes first. Remember that AMSOIL's products are warranty approved!

2. Superior Performance:

In terms of performance, these synthetic engine oil products are unrivaled. It ensures smoother operation by reducing friction, which directly results in optimal performance and improved fuel economy. Its advanced formulation provides stability in extreme temperatures, maintaining its oil viscosity and appropriate oil thickness, to offer consistent, reliable performance in both high heat and freezing conditions.

3. Unmatched Protection:

The protection offered by these synthetic oil products are superior. The oil's protective qualities extend beyond its primary function of lubrication, ensuring the engine components, such as cylinders, pistons and crankshafts amongst other engine parts, are shielded against wear and tear. Its anti-wear additives offer a protective layer, reducing metal-to-metal contact, which often leads to wear. This means the engine components last longer, translating to fewer costly repairs or replacements.

4. Exceptional Cleanliness:

With regard to cleanliness, thess products do a phenomenal job. It contains detergent and dispersant additives that keep the engine clean by suspending dirt and contaminants, preventing them from forming deposits. Clean engines run more efficiently and last longer, and this synthetic oil maintains a high level of cleanliness, even during extended drain intervals.

5. Efficiency in Extreme Temperatures:

These premium synthetic oils are engineered to excel in extreme temperatures. Its low pour point ensures it remains fluid in freezing conditions, enabling quick, easy starts and immediate circulation to protect critical engine components. In high heat, it maintains its oil viscosity and protective qualities, reducing oil consumption and wear.


1. Cost-Effective: The extended drain cycle means fewer oil changes over the lifespan of the vehicle, translating to significant cost savings. The initial cost may be higher, but the long-term savings justify the investment.

2. Environmental Sustainability: Fewer oil changes equate to less waste oil, which significantly reduces the environmental impact. This makes the AMSOIL Signature Series and XL an environmentally friendly choice.

3. Improved Vehicle Lifespan: The protection offered by the product minimizes engine wear, potentially increasing the lifespan of the vehicle and reducing costly repairs or replacements.

4. Enhanced Engine Efficiency: The cleanliness ensured by the oil allows engines to run more efficiently, which can improve fuel economy and overall performance.

5. Convenience: With extended oil change intervals, vehicle owners spend less time on maintenance, leading to more convenience and less disruption to their schedules.


In summary, the Signature Series' extended drain cycle feature offers not just extended drain intervals but superior performance, unmatched protection, exceptional cleanliness, and efficiency in extreme temperatures.


Born on May 6, 1924, in Duluth, Minnesota, Al Amatuzio was a visionary entrepreneur and inventor who significantly transformed the automotive lubricant industry. His remarkable journey is a testimony to the power of persistence, innovation, and a tireless pursuit of quality.

Amatuzio's first brush with synthetic lubricants came during his time as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force and the Minnesota Air National Guard. There, he experienced the high-performance properties of synthetic engine oil used in jet engines. These engines, operating under the most demanding conditions, needed lubricants that were not only capable of withstanding high temperatures but also had a better lifespan than traditional petroleum-based oils. This exposure sparked in him a revolutionary idea to bring this level of efficiency and durability to the automotive industry.

After retiring from the Air National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1970, Amatuzio decided to turn his innovative idea into a reality. He recognized the vast potential of synthetic motor oil, convinced it could transform everyday vehicles just as it had jet engines. However, launching a product that challenged the norm wasn't a straightforward task. The market was dominated by traditional petroleum-based oils, and synthetics were practically unheard of in the automotive sphere. His challenge was not only to develop a superior product but also to convince consumers of its merits.

Embracing this challenge, Amatuzio embarked on a years-long process of research, development, and testing. In 1972, after relentless pursuit, he launched AMSOIL, a pioneering company dedicated to producing high-performance, synthetic motor oil for cars. The product, AMSOIL 10W40 Synthetic Motor Oil, became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements, establishing a new standard in the industry.

Amatuzio's revolutionary product delivered on its promise, providing superior performance, greater engine protection, and extended drain intervals compared to conventional oils. His synthetic motor oil was not only a significant innovation in the auto industry, but it also served as a catalyst for change, driving other lubricant manufacturers to explore the potentials of synthetic engine oils. Despite facing fierce competition and initial resistance, Amatuzio remained steadfast in promoting his product's superior quality and the inherent benefits of these oils. Today, these oil and lubricant products are used by various vehicle owners as well as Nascar racers, F1 racers and street racers all the way to businesses using pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and American trucks like the F150 to haul heavy loads.

Over the years, his company expanded its product line to include oils for various applications, including motorcycles, marine engines, and industrial machinery. Beyond just products, Amatuzio also developed a unique marketing model for distribution, which created entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands of individuals across North America by using the AMSOIL Dealer near me distribution structure.

Amatuzio's pioneering work and determination led to numerous recognitions. He was inducted into the Lubricants World Hall of Fame in 1994 and recognized by the American Petroleum Institute for his outstanding contribution to the oil industry. Despite these accolades, he remained a humble leader, committed to his employees and his vision of providing high-quality products.

Al Amatuzio passed away on March 31, 2017, leaving behind a legacy that transformed the lubricant industry. His vision and unwavering commitment to quality led to the establishment of a product that has since become the benchmark for synthetic automotive lubricants.

Amatuzio's journey from a fighter pilot to a pioneering entrepreneur is a testament to his belief in the power of innovation. He saw an opportunity where others didn't, and despite facing hurdles, he turned his dream into a reality. His belief in the potential of synthetic oil changed the automotive industry forever, benefiting not only car owners around the globe but also contributing significantly to environmental conservation through longer-lasting, efficient lubricants. The story of Al Amatuzio serves as an enduring inspiration for inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs around the world.

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