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5W30 OIL

AMSOIL 5W30 is a high-performance synthetic motor oil renowned for its exceptional engine protection, superior performance and availability, making it a popular choice among manufacturer and vehicle owners.


AMSOIL Signature Series 5W30


Built for 1 year or 25,000 mile protection with top-end cleaning and acid-neutralizing power, anti-wear additives, detergents and protects against LSPI.



Built for 1 year or 20,000 mile protection with excellent cleaning power to keep motors running smooth while protecting against LSPI.


OE 5W30

Built for manufacturer recommended oil change intervals with excellent sludge and deposit fighting power while protecting against LSPI.

AMSOIL European 5W30 LS


Designed for European vehicles that use diesel, gas or hybrid engines, features premium base oils and additives with excellent engine protection.

AMSOIL High Mileage Oil 5W30


Built for 1 year or 12,000 mile protection for vehicles over 75,000 miles and contains a unique detergent power, anti-wear additive package and seal conditioners. 

AMSOIL Diesel Oil 5W30


Built for manufacturer recommended oil change intervals with top-end wear protection, excellent viscosity retention and hot/cold temperature performance. 

AMSOIL Max-Duty 5W30 Diesel


Built for 1 year or 60,000 mile protection with top-end extreme pressure protection, 6x more engine wear protection, top-end viscosity retention and reduced oil consumption with excellent hot/cold performance.

AMSOIL 5W30 Small Engine Oil


Built to protect small engines up to 200 hours with excellent rust inhibiting formulation, maximizing engine performance and engine life, as well as engine power while contributing to lower maintenance costs in properly maintained engines.

AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Oil


Excellent hot/cold performance and protection while reducing seasonal fluid changes, helps to extend equipment life with top-end anti-wear additives and friction modified formula to help smooth operation.


AMSOIL 5W30 is a high-performance synthetic motor oil (aka. syn oil), which has gained significant popularity among vehicle owners and enthusiasts. This overview will explore the reasons behind its popularity and the various benefits it offers.

Introduction to AMSOIL 5W30

AMSOIL, a well-known brand in the world of synthetic lubricants, has been a pioneer in developing advanced synthetic motor oils. Their 5W30 synthetic oil line up stands out as one of the most popular choices among their range of products featuring the AMSOIL 5W30 OE, Signature Series 5W30, AMSOIL 5W30 Boosted as some of their popular viscosities. This synthetic engine oil is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern engines, providing superior performance in both extreme cold and hot weather conditions.

Superior Engine Protection

One of the overall benefits of this 5W30 synthetic motor oil, is its exceptional engine protection. It is engineered to reduce wear and tear by forming a robust lubricating film over engine components. This reduces metal-to-metal contact, thereby extending the life of the engine. This 5w30 oil also offers excellent protection against deposit formation and sludge build-up, keeping the engine clean and efficient. This is a universal quality regardless of the AMSOIL motor oil product line, as is the other considerations noted below. 

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

AMSOIL 5W30 engine oil contributes to improved fuel efficiency. Its synthetic formulation reduces friction between moving parts, which in turn lowers the amount of energy (and thus fuel) needed to overcome this friction. This can result in a noticeable improvement in fuel economy, making it an economical choice for drivers.

Exceptional Performance in Extreme Temperatures

One of the standout features of AMSOIL 5W30 motor oil is its performance in extreme temperatures. In cold weather, it flows quickly to protect engine parts, reducing the wear that typically occurs at cold startups. In contrast, under high-temperature conditions, it maintains its viscosity and thermal stability, ensuring consistent engine protection and performance.

Longer Oil Change Intervals

This 5W30 synthetic motor oil is known for its extended service life, allowing for longer intervals between oil changes. This is due to its synthetic nature and advanced additive technology, which resist oil breakdown and oxidation. This not only saves time and money but also is environmentally friendly, as it results in less waste oil and fewer used oil filters.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Vehicles

This synthetic oil is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including both older and modern models. This 5w30 oil meets or exceeds the requirements of many of the world's leading car manufacturers, making it a versatile choice for a variety of engines.

Reduction in Engine Noise

Users of AMSOIL 5W30 often report a noticeable reduction in engine noise. This is attributed to its excellent lubricating properties, which minimize the noise generated by moving parts within the engine.

Environmental Benefits

This 5w30 oil is also recognized for its environmental benefits. Its ability to reduce emissions, thanks to improved engine efficiency and cleaner operation, makes it a more eco-friendly option compared to conventional motor oils. The AMSOIL 5W30 small engine oil stands out as an excellent option for small engine's working in a variety of temperatures and geographical regions.


AMSOIL 5W30 stands out as a superior synthetic motor oil that offers a range of benefits, including enhanced engine protection, improved fuel efficiency, exceptional performance in extreme temperatures, longer oil change intervals, wide vehicle compatibility, reduction in engine noise, and environmental advantages. These factors contribute to its popularity and make it a preferred choice for many vehicle owners and enthusiasts seeking the best for their engines. It is competitively priced with Mobil 1 5W30, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W30 and Royal Purple 5W30 to name a few. This comprehensive overview of the 5W30 motor oil line up underscores why it is a highly regarded product in the automotive industry and among consumers. Its advanced formulation and performance characteristics make it an exceptional choice for those seeking the best in engine care and performance. Order this 5W30 oil for your next DIY oil change or take it to an oil change near me facility. Remember, if you become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer, you will get up to 25% off on your order!


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Buying AMSOIL 5W30 through an Authorized Dealer such as HIGHGRADE Lubricants offers numerous benefits. As your official dealer, we ensure you receive genuine products, providing the best protection for your engine. With an account, immediate purchases are possible, along with potential discounts and free shipping on many orders. Having a Dealer is like having both a discount card and an expert sales advisor, knowledgeable about the extensive range of motor oils and lubricants, ready to guide you to what best fits your needs. We are dedicated to helping you sift through the array of options to find the ideal solution for your engine’s requirements.

Purchasing directly enhances your experience. Instead of the hassle of locating the motor oil in physical stores, you can easily order and have products delivered straight to your home or office, simplifying the buying process. This means you can either take your motor oil to a quick lube shop, like Take 5 oil change, or handle it yourself by doing a DIY oil change. Buy purchasing direct, it ensures you always have top-quality engine oil available for your vehicle’s needs.

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