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AMSOIL Synthetic Multi Purpose Grease


AMSOIL greases offer superior protection for components, ensuring smooth operation and longevity. These high-performance lubricants effectively reduce friction and wear, safeguarding against heat and corrosion. Engineered for top-end protection, they support optimal performance, enhancing overall vehicle efficiency and battery life. Trust in AMSOIL's commitment to provide the highest quality lubrication solutions for your vehicle's needs. Get it now for your DIY car project or take it to an EV mechanic near me!

AMSOIL Transmission Fluid


AMSOIL transmission fluids deliver top-tier protection and performance. It reduces friction and heat, thus preserving transmission lifespan. With its exceptional thermal stability, it ensures smooth shifting and efficient power transfer, leading to enhanced vehicle performance and battery life. Rely on this company's superior quality for your EV transmission fluid needs.



AMSOIL gear oils are designed to maximize performance and extend the lifespan. Its superior formulation minimizes friction and wear, ensuring smooth power transmission and optimal efficiency. Take confidence in AMSOIL's dedicated expertise for maintaining your electric car and truck gear systems at peak performance.

AMSOIL Cleaners & Protectants


AMSOIL cleaners and protectants offer superior care, safeguarding your equipment components from damage and wear. They effectively remove contaminants, providing a clean environment for optimal performance. With their protective attributes, they also shield your systems from corrosion and wear. Rely on this company's excellence for maintaining your vehicle longevity and efficiency.

AMSOIL Steering Brake Suspension Fluid


AMSOIL steering, brake, and suspension fluid ensure smooth, efficient operation of these critical systems. Formulated for optimal heat dissipation and resistance to wear, it extends component lifespan while maintaining safety and performance. Trust AMSOIL's commitment to quality for reliable EV brake fluid, steering and suspension compatible lubricants.

AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolants


AMSOIL antifreeze and coolants provide optimal thermal management, essential for performance and longevity. Their superior formulation ensures excellent heat transfer, keeping the battery and motor within the optimal temperature range. By resisting corrosion and providing freeze protection, they enhance overall vehicle safety and efficiency. Rely on this company's expertly crafted products for your antifreeze and coolant needs.


High-quality lubricants for electric vehicles, like those offered by AMSOIL, are essential to ensure the smooth, efficient functioning of electric transportation. They contribute to a sustainable and satisfying driving experience, emphasizing the importance of proper vehicle maintenance. In a rapidly evolving EV market, from the Chevy Bolt to the Kia EV6 and the Rivian truck, these lubricants represent an integral part of the drive towards cleaner, more efficient transportation. *Please ensure the right product by referring to AMSOIL's vehicle lookup guide. 

These EV fluids effectively manage heat, reducing wear and tear on vehicle components and enhancing battery life. These lubricants ensure smooth, efficient operation, contributing to a more sustainable and satisfying driving experience. Just as self serve car cleaning is important to some drivers, so is keeping you EV is top notch shape with AMS OIL products. Trust in AMSOIL's commitment to quality for your electric vehicle's lubrication needs. Search for your EV in  AMSOIL's lookup guide!

Electric vehicle fluids play a critical role in maintaining the performance and longevity of EVs. They are specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of these vehicles, including managing high operating temperatures and protecting against wear and tear. These EV fluids typically focus on cooling the battery, reducing friction in the drivetrain, and enhancing overall vehicle efficiency. Furthermore, they help to prolong battery life, a critical aspect of electric car and truck operation. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Charging EV


The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought about a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. The benefits are many, ranging from zero emissions, lower operating costs, and reduced dependence on fossil fuels, to name a few. In order to maximize these benefits and maintain the performance and longevity of EVs, the role of lubricants is critical. AMSOIL lubricants are compatible for electric vehicles, like the Kia Niro EV, Ford Mustang Mach E, Hyundai IONIQ 5, Audi ETRON and the Nissan Leaf to name a few, are a vital part of this maintenance process - offering several benefits including combating corrosion and providing excellent rust protection.


One of the key benefits of these EV lubricants is their ability to fight corrosion. Corrosion is a significant concern for these vehicles, as it can damage critical components and impact overall vehicle performance. The superior formulation of these lubricants actively fights corrosion, creating a protective layer on the metal surfaces. This prevents the destructive electrochemical reactions that can cause corrosion, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of the vehicle and extending its lifespan.


Rust is another significant issue for electric cars and electric trucks, especially when they are not in use. Rust can compromise the structural integrity of components and lead to mechanical failures. AMSOIL lubricants offer excellent rust protection, creating a barrier that protects metal surfaces from the damaging effects of moisture and oxygen. This ensures that even when not in use or during storage, equipment remains protected from the damaging effects of rust, maintaining its operational reliability and prolonging its lifespan.


With increasing concerns about climate change and dwindling fossil fuel resources, the global automotive industry is rapidly transitioning towards electric vehicles. As a result, regular gas engines are expected to be phased out of production gradually, though will still be here in some form for many more years to come. According to some industry estimates, this could happen within the next few decades.

During this transition and in the subsequent all-EV era, the maintenance of battery cars and trucks will become even more critical. While these vehicles generally require less maintenance than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, they are not maintenance-free. Lubrication remains a key aspect of equipment maintenance, with the lubricants used needing to meet the unique demands of electric cars, electric trucks, electric ATV/UTV, electric snow bike and the electric motorcycle, to name a few and amongst other electric vehicle developments.

These vehicles operate under different conditions compared to ICE vehicles. The high rotational speeds of electric motors, the wide range of operating temperatures, and the need to cool batteries and electronics are just some of the factors that make electric vehicle fluids unique.

Moreover, the lubricants used not only need to provide traditional benefits like reducing friction and wear but also need to handle electric-specific tasks such as insulating components from electrical currents and cooling electric motors. Given these unique requirements, the need for premium lubricants like AMSOIL becomes evident.

In conclusion, lubricants for these play a critical role in maintaining the performance and longevity of EVs. With their superior ability to combat corrosion and provide excellent rust protection, they ensure that your vehicle can operate reliably and efficiently. As the automotive industry transitions towards this new transportation option and regular gas engines are gradually phased out of production (industry estimates suggest over the next few decades), the need for premium lubricants will only grow. Maintaining electric transportation with high-quality lubricants will be vital in ensuring their reliability, efficiency, and longevity in the all-EV era that lies ahead. Do you have a regular gas, diesel or hybrid engine vehicle, powersport or other equipment? If so, please see our other products!



The future of electric vehicles (EVs) is a topic that garners much interest and speculation, and for good reason. The transition from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs represents a significant shift in automotive technology and infrastructure. This transition also brings into focus the need for specialized fluids, such as the synthetic gear oil and electric vehicle transmission fluid, which are crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of EVs.


Understanding the evolving landscape of EV fluids, along with the benefits of EVs and the required infrastructure changes, is essential for everyone from fleet mechanics to everyday drivers.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles offer several advantages over their ICE counterparts, which contribute to their growing popularity. The most notable benefits include reduced emissions, as EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions. This quality makes EVs an essential component in efforts to reduce air pollution and combat climate change.


Furthermore, EVs offer higher energy efficiency than traditional vehicles. Electric motors convert a higher percentage of electrical energy from the grid into power at the wheels, which means less energy is wasted. Additionally, EVs tend to have lower operating costs. Electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline or diesel, and EVs have fewer moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs. This aspect is particularly attractive for fleet vehicle operations where cost-efficiency is paramount.

Infrastructure Changes for Electric Vehicles

The widespread adoption of EVs necessitates significant infrastructure changes. This includes the expansion of charging networks to provide sufficient charging options for EV drivers. Public, private, and workplace charging stations need to be more ubiquitous to ensure convenient and reliable access to charging. Additionally, the electrical grid must be upgraded to handle the increased demand from EV charging, with a focus on incorporating renewable energy sources.


Another crucial aspect is the development of repair and maintenance services specialized in EVs, such as electrical car repair and electric car repair shops. These services must be equipped to handle the unique requirements of EVs, including their electrical systems and battery maintenance.

EV Fluid Technology

With the shift to EVs, the focus on automotive fluids is also changing. Traditional engine oils are not required in EVs, but other fluids like electric vehicle transmission fluid, coolant for battery systems, and brake fluids remain essential.

  1. Electric Vehicle Transmission Fluid: EVs use specialized transmission fluids designed to cope with the unique demands of electric motors and the transmission systems they drive. The best synthetic gear oil for EVs needs to provide excellent thermal stability, as EV drivetrains can generate significant heat. These fluids must also ensure optimal lubrication and protection for gears and bearings, which operate under different conditions compared to those in ICE vehicles.

  2. Coolant Fluids for Battery Systems: Battery temperature regulation is crucial in EVs. Specialized coolant fluids are used to maintain optimal operating temperatures in EV battery packs. These fluids must effectively dissipate heat and prevent overheating, which can affect battery performance and lifespan.

  3. Brake Fluids: While the role of brake fluids in EVs is similar to that in ICE vehicles, the regenerative braking systems in EVs present new challenges. The brake fluid in EVs must be compatible with these systems and maintain its performance characteristics under different operational conditions.


The Role of Auto Electric Car Repair and Maintenance

As EVs become more common, the need for specialized auto electric car repair and maintenance services grows. Electrical car mechanics and EV repair shops need to have the expertise and tools to service the unique components of EVs, including battery systems, electric motors, and specialized fluid systems. Services such as electric car fluids and gear oil change services are evolving to cater to the specific needs of EVs.

For fleet mechanics managing a fleet of EVs, understanding the nuances of EV maintenance, including when to perform an EV transmission oil change or how to maintain the battery system, is crucial. The maintenance schedules and requirements for EVs differ from those of traditional vehicles, often with a focus on electrical systems and fluid maintenance.

Finding Specialized EV Fluids and Services

For those looking for specialized fluids and services for their EVs, tools like the AMSOIL Lookup are invaluable. This tool helps users find the right products and services, such as the best synthetic gear oil for EVs or an electric car repair shop near me provider that supplies AMSOIL. It simplifies the process of locating the right resources for maintaining and servicing EVs.

Challenges and Opportunities for EV Mechanics

The rise of EVs presents both challenges and opportunities for mechanics. Traditional skills in engine repair are less relevant, but there is a growing demand for skills in electrical systems, battery technology, and fluid management for EVs. Training and certification programs for EV mechanics are becoming more widespread, providing opportunities for mechanics to transition and specialize in this burgeoning field.


The future of EVs and EV fluids is an area of dynamic growth and innovation. As the automotive industry continues to evolve towards electrification, the demand for specialized fluids like electric vehicle transmission fluid and services such as electrical car repair and EV transmission oil change near me facility will increase. The benefits of EVs, including environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and lower operating costs, make them an attractive option for both individual consumers and fleet operations. However, the successful transition to a predominantly EV future requires significant infrastructure changes, from expanded charging networks to specialized maintenance and repair services. For those in the automotive service industry, adapting to and embracing these changes is key to staying relevant and competitive in this new era of automotive technology.


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Choosing to make your purchases through a reputable AMSOIL Dealer, such as HIGHGRADE Lubricants, ensures that you are acquiring top-notch products. Opting to shop from an Authorized Dealer adds an additional layer of confidence and assurance, guaranteeing that you are obtaining genuine items.

One significant advantage offered by Dealers is the convenience of direct purchasing and doorstep delivery. This direct purchasing method streamlines your shopping experience, allowing for swift and hassle-free online orders, eliminating the need to visit physical stores – potentially with available discounts! This efficient and straightforward approach is further complemented by prompt home delivery, ensuring the timely arrival of your ordered products. Dealers maintain a direct connection to the manufacturer, which enables them to pass on special offers directly to consumers. It's akin to having a combination of a discount card and a knowledgeable sales consultant, along with complimentary shipping for numerous orders! Additionally, this direct purchasing model allows for leisurely exploration of the extensive product range, aiding in making well-informed selections tailored to your specific requirements. Order this product today and take it to an one stop quick lube installer or your own auto mechanic to be installed by a professional who is well versed with EV's. 

Opting for HIGHGRADE Lubricants offers benefits beyond just superior product quality. This Dealer places a high value on exceptional customer service and is always ready to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.


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