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AMS OIL Metal Protector


AMSOIL has established a stellar reputation in the automotive and industrial sectors, offering a range of premium cleaners, protectants and greases designed to maintain, enhance, and protect machinery and equipment.


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AMSOIL Cleners and Protectant Spray Cans



AMSOIL, a trusted name in the world of automotive and industrial products, offers a wide range of cleaners and protectants to ensure machinery and equipment function at their peak. One of their standout products is a power foam, an engine cleaner known for effectively clearing out deposits and contaminants, ensuring the engine runs more efficiently. Another vital offering in their cleaning range is an engine and transmission flush, which optimizes fuel system performance by removing unwanted deposits and ensuring smoother combustion and improved fuel economy. In the realm of firearm maintenance, this company doesn't fall short. Their gun lube is meticulously formulated to ensure firearms operate seamlessly, offering protection against wear while also ensuring smooth firing mechanics. Moreover, for those looking for a robust defense against environmental challenges, the hd metal protector solution (aka. AMSOIL HDMP) is indispensable. This product forms a sturdy barrier against corrosion, guarding metal surfaces from moisture and contaminants. In essence, AMSOIL's cleaners and protectants are top-tier solutions, catering to a broad spectrum of needs and ensuring optimum performance across various equipment and machinery.

AMSOIL Air Tool Bottle



AMSOIL Air Tool Oil is specifically designed to lubricate and protect pneumatic tools, ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently. This premium formulation reduces wear and tear on internal components, prolonging the tool's lifespan and minimizing maintenance needs. With its ability to prevent rust, resist foam, and minimize sling, AMSOIL's offering stands out as an essential for those seeking optimal performance and extended life from their air tools.

AMSOIL Grease Tube



AMSOIL Bearing and Chassis Grease stands as an epitome of quality when it comes to lubrication solutions for automotive, wheel bearing grease solutions and industrial applications. It delivers superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring that bearings operate smoothly and efficiently. Many users often compare products to top-tier brands like Lucas wheel bearing grease, appreciating AMSOIL for its consistent performance and resilience under extreme conditions. For those on the lookout for the best grease for ball bearings, this formulation is an excellent choice, offering extended service life and protection. It's essential to grease bearing components regularly to prevent friction and ensure longevity. These lubricants include offerings that excel in high-speed and high-temperature scenarios, offering unparalleled efficiency and protection. Other options include specifically formulated solutions for a high-quality assembly lube, which are perfectly suited for racing, performance, and various four-stroke engines. There are also industrial-strength synthetic solutions which stand out as an optimal choice for machinery, ensuring durability and peak performance. Additionally, having a grease tube without a grease gun limits application, so AMSOIL also offers a grease gun kit. With an advanced blend, users can be confident in the protection and efficiency this product brings to their equipment, making it a preferred choice for many professionals and enthusiasts.

AMSOIL Grease Gun Kit



This device produces up to 3,500 psi, guaranteeing sufficient grease application. It boasts excellent pumping and offers two grease-distribution choices: a flexible hose for hard-to-reach areas and a rigid pipe with a pistol-grip for one-handed use. Additionally, it features two head ports for flexibility, a protective plastic tip, an easy plunger system for loading, and is designed exclusively for 3-oz. grease tubes. The adjustable coupler ensures a secure connection to the Zerk.


AMSOIL stands as an industry leader, known for its extensive range of equipment and automotive cleaners, protectants, and greases, meticulously designed to offer unmatched performance and protection for various machinery and equipment. The Power Foam is a standout in their cleaning range, ensuring engines are free from stubborn deposits and run efficiently. It works in tandem with other automotive cleaners, ensuring vehicles not only perform optimally but also have extended lifespans. Protection is another domain where this company excels. The Heavy Duty Metal Protector is a prime example, serving as an effective metal protectant spray that offers a robust shield against corrosion and environmental damage. By forming a durable barrier on metal surfaces, it ensures equipment remains safe from the elements, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime. The firearm community, too, benefits immensely from product offerings. The Gun Cleaner ensures firearms are devoid of any residues, maintaining their functionality and ensuring longevity. Complementing this is the Firearm Lubricant, a specially designed solution ensuring smooth firearm operations, even under demanding conditions. Lastly, the realm of greases is another area where AMSOIL's commitment truly shines. Their bearing grease is formulated to provide superior lubrication for ball bearings and other friction-prone parts, safeguarding them from wear and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operation. In summary, whether it's cleaning, protection, or lubrication, the range of cleaners, protectants, and greases promises unparalleled quality and performance. Users can trust these products to deliver, ensuring their machinery and equipment remain in prime condition and serve them efficiently for years to come.

One standout product is AMSOIL Power Foam, an engine cleaner and degreaser that ensures optimum performance by effectively removing deposits from intake valves, combustion chambers, and throttle bodies. For those requiring robust protection against corrosion, the Heavy Duty Metal Protector is a go-to. It forms a resilient barrier on metal surfaces, shielding them from moisture and aggressive contaminants. In addition, the shooting and hunting community can benefit from the brand's firearm-specific products. AMSOIL Gun Cleaner not only helps in breaking down and removing stubborn residues from firearms but also ensures their longevity and functionality. Complementing this, the AMSOIL Firearm Lubricant guarantees smooth operation and protection, even under extreme conditions, ensuring firearms are always ready for action. The AMSOIL grease offerings provide exceptional performance in maintaining and protecting vehicle components. Specifically formulated to reduce friction and wear, these greases ensure longer equipment life and smoother operation. Their superior resistance to water washout and high-temperature breakdown means they are reliable even under challenging conditions, especially the dedicated AMSOIL Water Resistant Grease. In summary, the full range of cleaners, protectants and greases promises unmatched quality and performance, catering to diverse needs. See all of these products below for more details. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!



AMSOIL Cleaners, Protectants, and Greases: An Overview of  Product Benefits

AMSOIL, a brand synonymous with top-tier automotive and industrial solutions, has made significant strides in producing high-performance cleaners, protectants, and greases. These products have been meticulously designed and developed, catering to a diverse range of machinery and equipment needs. Let's delve deeper into the numerous product benefits that this esteemed brand offers through its cleaners, protectants, and greases.

Cleaners: Precision and Efficiency At the heart of these products cleaning range is the intention to not just clean, but to optimize. Every machine and piece of equipment has intricacies that, when maintained properly, ensure peak performance. 

  1. Power Foam: Among the most notable in this category is this product. Unlike regular cleaners, the Power Foam goes beyond surface cleaning. It penetrates deep into engine components, effectively clearing out stubborn deposits from intake valves, combustion chambers, and throttle bodies. This ensures that engines not only run smoothly but are also safeguarded against potential damage from accumulated contaminants.

  2. Automotive Cleaners: Automotive cleaners are crafted for holistic vehicle care. Whether it's the exteriors that require a gleaming finish or the intricate parts of an engine, these cleaners ensure every nook and cranny is free from dirt, grime, and residues. By using these cleaners, vehicle owners can ensure better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and an overall enhancement in vehicle lifespan.


Protectants: Shielding and Longevity Protection in the world of machinery and equipment isn't just about physical barriers; it's about extending life and ensuring consistent performance. These protectants are designed to offer just that.

  1. Heavy Duty Metal Protector: This metal protectant spray is a marvel of modern formulation. Once applied, it creates a resilient barrier on metal surfaces. This barrier defends against moisture, aggressive contaminants, and even physical abrasions. For industrial setups, where machinery is often exposed to harsh conditions, this protector ensures a reduction in maintenance costs and boosts the longevity of the equipment.

  2. Gun Cleaner and Firearm Lubricant: Firearms demand precision, and even the slightest residue can impair functionality. This gun lube is adept at breaking down and removing stubborn residues from firearms. It not only ensures that firearms are clean but also prepares them for the next phase: lubrication. This firearm lubricant ensures that firearms operate without hitches, offering smooth operation and protection, even under extreme conditions.


Greases: Smooth Operation and Reduced Wear Friction is the nemesis of smooth operation in machinery. These greases are formulated to combat this challenge head-on.

  1. Bearing Grease: Bearings, integral to many machines, are prone to wear and tear due to constant friction. AMSOIL's bearing and chassis grease is engineered to provide optimal lubrication, significantly reducing friction and preventing premature wear. The result? Extended bearing life, reduced noise, and smoother operation.

  2. Industrial-Strength Protection: These chassis grease and bearing grease products aren't just for automotive needs. They're designed for industrial applications where the demands can be much more rigorous. Whether it's high-temperature scenarios or high-pressure environments, these greases retain their consistency, ensuring machinery operates seamlessly.




The range of cleaners, protectants, and greases epitomizes the brand's commitment to quality, performance, and longevity. Every product is a testament to rigorous research, meticulous formulation, and a deep understanding of machinery needs. For those seeking to ensure their equipment remains in peak condition, operates efficiently, and lasts longer, this company's products are not just a choice; they're an investment in excellence. Whether you're an industry professional, an automotive enthusiast, or someone who values quality, these products promise to deliver, setting the benchmark for performance and protection.


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