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AMSOIL Gasoline Oil

Unleash your monster truck's full potential with AMSOIL motor oil, the ultimate engine ally. Designed for extreme conditions, it ensures superior protection, smoother operation, and extended engine life. Feel the power of advanced synthetic technology in every off-road adventure. Trust AMSOIL, trust performance.


AMSOIL Heavy Duty Oil Filter

Upgrade your monster truck's performance with AMSOIL oil filters. Expertly designed to trap even the smallest contaminants, these filters ensure clean oil circulates within your engine, enhancing its performance and longevity. Experience the noticeable difference in every off-road adventure. With AMSOIL, superior engine protection is always within reach.


AMSOIL Diesel Oil

Elevate your monster truck's performance with AMSOIL diesel oil. Expertly formulated for heavy-duty applications, it delivers exceptional engine protection, promotes fuel efficiency, and extends engine life. Experience the remarkable difference advanced synthetic technology can make in every adrenaline-fueled off-road event. AMSOIL: your ultimate partner in power and endurance.


  • AMSOIL oil and lubricants are engineered to withstand the extreme stress and high torque of monster truck engines, ensuring peak performance under the most demanding conditions.

  • It features advanced additives that protect against wear and heat, crucial for maintaining engine integrity during high-impact events like races and jumps.

  • The oil’s high viscosity index helps maintain fluidity across a broad temperature range, providing consistent lubrication and protecting critical engine parts in varied environments.

  • Get it now for your DIY maintenance or take it to a monster truck mechanic or fleet mechanic!



Engineered with top-tier synthetic technology, it delivers unmatched protection even under the harshest conditions. Experience smoother operation, improved fuel efficiency, and extended engine life with this lubricant. The choice of champions, it's truly your engine's best ally in the toughest off-road adventures. For other synthetic oil and lubricants for monster trucks, please see AMSOIL's full line of products.

When it comes to the demanding world of monster trucks, such as at a Lucas Oil Monster Truck event, it's crucial to equip your engine with a lubricant that can handle extreme conditions. Enter the AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, designed to provide unparalleled protection and performance enhancement. This top-tier lubricant, built with advanced synthetic technology, ensures smoother operation even under the harshest conditions. It boosts fuel efficiency, extends engine life, and maintains peak engine performance, even during the most intense off-road adventures. Additionally, coupling the synthetic engine oil with an appropriate oil filter is a game-changing combination. The filter is designed to trap even the smallest contaminants, ensuring clean oil circulates throughout your engine. This not only further enhances engine performance but also contributes to its longevity. In essence, this combo represents a commitment to prolonging your engine's life and optimizing its performance. It stands as a comprehensive solution to your monster truck's engine maintenance needs, making it an essential choice for any monster truck enthusiast. Competitive with other monster truck products such as Lucas Oil and Lucas Stabilizer for monster trucks, AMSOIL brings to the monster jam synthetic engine oil and lubricant excellence! Elevate your off-road adventures today with the unmatched strength and reliability of the best motor oil and oil filter. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Airborne Monster Truck


AMSOIL synthetic motor oil has emerged as an excellent choice for monster truck enthusiasts and professionals alike, and for good reason. Its exceptional performance and unrivaled benefits have made it the preferred lubricant for the high-performance engines that power these colossal machines. Engineered to withstand the extreme demands of monster truck competitions, AMSOIL synthetic engine oil delivers a range of advantages that enhance the performance, durability, and longevity of these impressive vehicles.

First and foremost, these oils provides superior engine protection, which is crucial for monster trucks operating under intense conditions. The robust formulation of AMSOIL motor oil ensures that it forms a durable and resilient barrier between engine components, minimizing wear and tear. This is particularly vital for monster trucks that endure heavy loads, high speeds, and frequent shocks, as it reduces the risk of engine failure and costly repairs. You can see the punishment a monster truck goes through at a Monster Jam Lucas Oil Stadium event!

Moreover, these synthetic oil products excel at maintaining engine cleanliness. Monster trucks are subjected to dust, dirt, and debris on and off the racetrack, which can accumulate in the engine and hinder its performance. However, the advanced detergent additives effectively combat deposits, sludge, and varnish buildup, keeping critical engine parts clean and functioning optimally. This cleanliness not only promotes smoother operation but also contributes to better fuel efficiency, saving both money and resources.

Another key benefit of this oil for monster trucks is its exceptional thermal stability. Monster truck engines generate tremendous heat during their high-powered performances, and ordinary oils may struggle to cope with such extreme temperatures. However, these products are engineered to withstand these conditions, providing reliable lubrication and preventing oil breakdown even in the hottest environments, such as seen at a Lucas Oil Monster Truck show. This remarkable heat resistance helps maintain consistent engine performance, preventing power loss and ensuring reliable power delivery.

In addition to thermal stability, these oils exhibit excellent viscosity control. Viscosity refers to the oil's resistance to flow, and it is vital for ensuring proper lubrication throughout the engine, especially under high loads and varying temperatures. AMSOIL's cutting-edge formulation maintains stable viscosity across a wide range of operating conditions, guaranteeing optimal lubrication and minimizing the risk of engine damage. This precise viscosity control contributes to consistent power output, smooth acceleration, and reduced engine wear in monster trucks.

Furthermore, these oils offers extended drain intervals, a feature highly valued by monster truck owners and operators. The extreme demands placed on monster truck engines, such as when events at the Monster Jam Lucas Oil stadium are performed, necessitate frequent oil changes to maintain performance and protect against wear. However, the advanced synthetic formula provides exceptional oil life, allowing for extended intervals between changes. This not only saves time and money on maintenance but also reduces waste and environmental impact.

Lastly, this company's commitment to research and development ensures that their motor oil remains at the forefront of lubrication technology. As monster truck engines continue to evolve and push the boundaries of performance, AMSOIL is dedicated to providing oils that meet and exceed these evolving requirements. Their ongoing advancements in additive technology, base oil quality, and formulation design guarantee that monster truck enthusiasts can rely on these motor oils to deliver peak performance, year after year.

In conclusion, the benefits of using these motor oil products for monster trucks are undeniable. Its superior engine protection, cleanliness, thermal stability, viscosity control, extended drain intervals, and continuous innovation make it an exceptional choice for powering these incredible machines. Order this product today and DIY, or take it to an oil change near me facility who specializes in Monster Trucks, or your own motor mechanic for professional installation. You won't find these products in big box stores and even when looking for NAPA AMSOIL, they won't carry their full line, therefore ordering from an Authorized Dealer like us, is a faster solution for customers.


By choosing these synthetic motor oil products, monster truck enthusiasts can ensure the longevity, reliability, and peak performance of their vehicles, enabling them to dominate the competition and push the limits of what these mighty trucks can achieve.


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