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AMSOIL PI Performance Improver



Unlock the true potential of your vehicle with this AMSOIL fuel treatment - the AMSOIL Performance Improver. This advanced gasoline treatment for cars and trucks, is formulated to not only boost your vehicle's performance but also to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Designed to clean both conventional and direct fuel injectors, it effectively removes deposits, improving combustion and power. It works across the spectrum of gasoline fuel grades, ensuring optimal vehicle performance irrespective of your fuel choice. This gas additive additionally promotes longer engine life by reducing wear, thereby enhancing overall reliability. Moreover, it's compatible with a range of vehicle types and models, offering a versatile solution for all your performance needs. Simply put, it's the key to experiencing a smoother, more efficient, and more powerful ride. AMSOIL PI – driving efficiency and performance to the next level. Order this product and install it on your next fill up. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


Key points to look at are:

  • Restores up to 14% of lost horsepower (1).

  • Reinstates GDI fuel injectors to their 100% flow rate after just one tank of fuel (2).

  • Enhances fuel economy, saving you money.

  • Decreases the necessity for more expensive higher-octane fuel.

  • Aids in preventing carbon buildup.

  • Manages pre-ignition knock for smoother engine performance.

  • Compatible with capless fuel systems for ease of use.

    • (Note 1) The horsepower restoration is determined by third-party testing in a 2016 Chevrolet* Silverado* 1500, 5.3L V-8 GDI with 100,616 miles, using one tank treated with AMSOIL P.i. Actual results may vary.

    • (Note 2) GDI fuel injector flow rate restoration is based on ASTM D5598(M) testing performed on a 2013 Buick Regal test vehicle.



Imagine having the power to unlock your vehicle's maximum potential, the ability to enhance your vehicle's performance in a way that is simple yet impactful. This becomes a reality with a revolutionary product developed by a leading innovator in the automotive industry, renowned for its steadfast commitment to quality, performance, and groundbreaking advancements. This product is called AMSOIL PI.

This exceptional fuel additive stands at the forefront of automotive care, marking an evolution in vehicle maintenance. It's a formula that's been painstakingly designed and rigorously tested to ensure it surpasses the highest industry standards. This offering brings forth a blend of innovation and commitment to quality that is sure to transform your driving experience.

This AMSOIL fuel injector cleaner product is designed to boost your vehicle's performance, giving it the edge it needs to operate at its best. The unique formulation works to enhance your engine's power output, providing a noticeable improvement in acceleration and overall driving responsiveness. It's like giving your vehicle a new lease on life, with a boost that is evident from the very first use.

AMSOIL PI Performance Improver Graph

But this gas additive product isn't just about enhancing performance. It's also about improving fuel efficiency. The blend is engineered to optimize your fuel consumption, ensuring that every drop of fuel is utilized effectively. This results in an impressive improvement in mileage, saving you money on fuel costs and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The product is also about improving your engine's health. It's formulated to effectively clean both conventional and direct fuel injectors, removing deposits that can impede your vehicle's performance. By doing so, it ensures the smooth functioning of these critical components, leading to improved combustion and better overall engine health.

The cleaner engine resulting from the use of this product not only leads to better performance but also extends the life of the engine. It reduces wear and tear, protecting your engine from premature aging and ensuring its longevity. It's an investment in your vehicle's future, providing it with the care and attention it needs to serve you faithfully for years to come.

This AMSOIL gasoline additive is also designed to reduce emissions. In a world where environmental consciousness is more important than ever, this feature stands out as a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainable practices. By optimizing combustion and reducing waste, it ensures that your vehicle leaves a smaller carbon footprint, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious motorists.

Additionally, the product is impressively versatile. It's compatible with all types of gasoline, making it a universally applicable solution. Whether you're driving a compact car, a heavy-duty truck, or a high-performance sports car, this fuel additive is designed to deliver results, proving that exceptional performance and great value can indeed go hand in hand.

Moreover, the ease of use of this product further contributes to its appeal. The simplicity of adding it to your fuel tank means that you can start experiencing the benefits without any hassles or complicated procedures. It's about making superior performance accessible, making it a practical solution for everyday use.

At its core, the product is about empowerment. It's about giving vehicle owners the tools they need to take control of their vehicle's performance and health. It's about providing a solution that is as effective as it is easy to use, making vehicle maintenance something that every motorist can master.

In conclusion, the product stands as a beacon of innovation in the automotive industry, raising the bar for what fuel additives can achieve. It encapsulates the brand's commitment to superior performance, exceptional value, and unwavering quality. It's the embodiment of what the brand stands for, a testament to their dedication to bringing the very best to vehicle owners around the world.

Experience the transformative effects of this AMSOIL fuel treatment formula on your vehicle's performance and health. See for yourself how it can breathe new life into your vehicle, providing you with a driving experience that is unparalleled. When it comes to your vehicle, don't settle for anything less than the best in gasoline additive products. Your vehicle deserves excellent tender  loving care! Experience the power of an exceptional fuel additive designed to transform your driving experience. Experience the revolutionary impact of the AMSOIL PI Performance Improver.


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