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AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid


AMSOIL Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is a meticulously engineered solution designed to optimize the performance of various vehicle steering systems. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, this fluid offers exceptional wear protection, extending the life of power steering components and helps minimize steering fluid leak. It ensures seamless operation, even in extreme temperatures, maintaining smooth steering response. Its robust formulation resists thermal breakdown, preventing sludge formation, deposits and the need for early steering fluid replacement from issues such as a rack and pinion leak. This results in optimal flow, even in cold conditions, maintaining vehicle control. By reducing friction and wear, it provides drivers with enhanced comfort and improved driving experience, emphasizing reliability and longevity. Choose this product for the next time you are changing power steering fluid, when doing a power steering flush or an engine rebuild. Key points to consider are:

  • Minimizes friction.

  • Aids in maintaining seal pliability to avoid leaks.

  • Offers heat resistance for extended fluid longevity.

  • Provides robust protection against wear.

  • Delivers superior protection at high temperatures and performs exceptionally at low temperatures.

  • Engineered for noise-free operation.


AMSOIL Brake Fluid



AMSOIL Synthetic Brake and Racing Brake Fluid is formulated to deliver superior performance in high-stress automotive applications such as drag racing, superbike racing, F1 racing and Nascar racing to name a few. It is highly regarded for its ability to resist the extreme temperatures encountered in racing conditions, maintaining its integrity and preventing vapor lock. This product offers a high boiling point that ensures effective braking and reliable stopping power, even under intense driving conditions as well as helping avoid brake oil leaking. Additionally, it provides optimal lubrication to all essential brake system components, enhancing their longevity and reliability. The fluid’s advanced formulation aids in maintaining a consistent pedal feel and reduces brake fade, ensuring safety and precision for every driving experience, from daily commutes to competitive racing events. When considering your next brake fluid change, look at this product for your vehicle when doing your next brake fluid flush. Key points to look at are:

  • This DOT 3 & 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid sustains optimal ABS and traction-control functionality.

  • Serving as a hydraulic fluid, it not only transfers power and lubricates components of the brake system but also wards off corrosion.

  • This fluid faces intense heat and unavoidable moisture contamination that could result in brake system malfunction.

  • This synthetic brake racing fluid exceeds the standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT), offering racers a solution that assures outstanding performance at high temperatures, thus averting brake fade and vapor lock.


AMSOIL Suspension Fluid



Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #5 & #10 (light & medium) is meticulously crafted to deliver unsurpassed performance in the management of suspension systems. Ideal for a multitude of vehicles from streetsideclassics to a hypercar or dirt bike, this fluid provides exceptional anti-foaming and durability characteristics, ensuring smooth and responsive handling in diverse driving conditions. It boasts a high viscosity index and superior shear stability, reducing friction and wear within suspension components, thereby extending their lifespan. Whether navigating rough terrains or cruising on smooth roads, drivers can rely on this AMSOIL fork oil for consistent suspension performance and optimal ride comfort, all while experiencing enhanced control and stability. Priced competitively with Toyota 0888601805, Fox shock oil and Norco fluid FS A4 to name a few, this suspension fluid is an excellent alternative! This product stands out for its resilience, adaptability, and premium quality, elevating the overall driving experience. Choose AMSOIL shock oil for your suspension system. Key points to remember:

  • Elevated viscosity index aids in avoiding fade in extremely high temperatures, ensuring consistent, seamless dampening.

  • It incorporates seal conditioners, prolonging the service life of the components.

  • The fluid is imbued with race-grade technology, designed to meet the demanding conditions of competitive environments while maintaining optimal performance and reliability.


  • Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern vehicles, offering superior performance and protection.

  • It ensures optimal operation of power steering systems by maintaining smooth and responsive steering under various driving conditions.

  • The fluid is formulated to provide exceptional thermal stability and resistance to brake fade, enhancing safety and braking efficiency.

  • It also protects suspension components by reducing wear and maintaining consistent damping characteristics, even under extreme conditions.

  • Available in synthetic steering fluid, "Shock Therapy" suspension fluid DOT 3 & 4 as well as brake fluid.



This Steering/Brake/Suspension Fluid is an advanced, multifunctional synthetic solution designed to optimize the performance and longevity of vehicle steering, brake, and suspension systems. It assures drivers of seamless operation and robust protection across varying driving conditions city car driving to ATV racing. This synthetic power steering fluid offers remarkable thermal stability, preventing component wear and enhancing responsiveness in steering and suspension which is especially important in Nascar racing to driving in Dallas Fort Worth traffic conditions. In braking systems, it maintains integrity under extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent stopping power and preventing vapor lock. The use of this product translates to improved vehicle reliability, efficiency, and control, whether in everyday commuting or competitive racing. The enhanced lubrication and protection provided by this fluid significantly contribute to extending the lifespan of the vehicle's critical components such as anti lock brakes, rack and pinion and the vehicle suspension system overall performance.

AMSOIL shock therapy ensures optimal management of suspension systems, providing smooth handling and responsive control, crucial for navigating diverse driving conditions. The brake fluid and racing brake fluid are formulated to resist extreme temperatures, maintaining integrity, preventing vapor lock, and offering consistent stopping power, vital for both daily commuting and competitive racing such as Nascar racing, superbike racing or after an engine rebuild for drag racing! The synthetic power steering fluid enhances steering response and extends the life of power steering components by providing excellent wear protection. Additionally, these fluids are engineered for seamless operation and robust synthetic protection. Utilizing synthetic fluids is beneficial as they offer superior lubrication, enhanced thermal stability, and exceptional resistance to oxidation and corrosion, ultimately contributing to extended component lifespan, improved efficiency, and superior vehicle performance. Competitively priced with other brands such as Fox shock oil, Toyota AHC fluid and Maxima shock oil to name a few. Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to an oil change near me! Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order! 


AMSOIL Steering/Brake/Suspension Fluid is a revolutionary synthetic fluid formulated to provide enhanced performance, protection, and longevity to vehicle components. Its multifaceted design meets the diverse needs of various vehicle systems, ensuring smooth and reliable operation, crucial for everyday commuting, and high-performance racing. By incorporating this product, vehicle owners can experience the superior quality and numerous advantages that it brings to vehicle maintenance.

Comprehensive Benefits:

  1. Optimal Performance and Response:

    • Enables precise control and responsive handling, essential for both routine and competitive driving scenarios such as drag racing and ATV racing.

  2. Extended Component Lifespan:

    • Significantly extends the lifespan of vehicle components by reducing friction and minimizing wear, offering peace of mind to vehicle owners.

  3. Consistent Stopping Power:

    • Maintains effective and reliable stopping power, crucial for safety in varying driving conditions, ensuring peace of mind for drivers.

  4. Superior Thermal Stability:

    • Offers exceptional resistance to thermal degradation, maintaining its integrity and lubrication properties even under extreme temperatures.

  5. Versatility and Compatibility:

    • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, offering versatility and making it a valuable choice for different vehicle types and models including hybrid cars and trucks and use as a fluid for electric vehicles.


In-Depth Analysis:

By prioritizing optimal performance, AMSOIL Steering/Brake/Suspension Fluid ensures smooth and responsive handling, allowing drivers to experience precise control over their vehicles. This characteristic is crucial not only for routine driving but also for competitive racing scenarios where every fraction of a second counts, such as in F1 racing. The enhanced response facilitated by these fluids can make the crucial difference in maneuvering and handling, allowing drivers to navigate the roads or tracks with confidence.

The extension of component lifespan is another significant benefit that these products offers. It acts as a protective shield for vehicle components, minimizing wear and reducing friction, which are the primary culprits behind premature component failure, such as rack and pinion leaks or failure of an abs brake system. By utilizing these fluid products, vehicle owners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the essential components of their vehicles are well-protected, and the risk of untimely wear and tear is significantly reduced. This benefit also translates to financial savings in the long run as it diminishes the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

Safety is paramount in vehicle operation, and consistent stopping power is one of the key factors contributing to it. These products maintain effective and reliable stopping power, which is crucial for ensuring safety in various driving conditions including cities with worst traffic conditions. Whether navigating through bustling city streets or cruising on open highways, drivers can rely on consistent and effective braking performance, ensuring their safety and the safety of others on the road. This reliability in stopping power offers peace of mind to drivers, knowing that their vehicles will respond accurately in situations where immediate stopping is required without the use of auto emergency braking.

The superior thermal stability that this fluid offers is another defining feature. It exhibits exceptional resistance to thermal degradation, ensuring that it maintains its integrity and lubrication properties even under extreme temperatures. This resilience against high temperatures is especially crucial for high-performance vehicles and those operating in strenuous conditions where conventional fluids may fail. The maintenance of optimal lubrication properties ensures smooth operation and protection of vehicle components against the detrimental effects of excessive heat, providing an additional layer of security and reliability.

Lastly, the versatility and compatibility of AMSOIL Steering/Brake/Suspension Fluid make it an invaluable asset for vehicle owners with different types and models of vehicles. Its comprehensive formulation ensures that it meets the diverse needs and requirements of various vehicle systems, offering versatility and adaptability. Whether it's a compact car, a luxury sedan, a sports car, electric vehicle, or a heavy-duty truck, vehicle owners can rely on this fluid to deliver optimal performance and protection, making it a one-stop solution for diverse vehicle maintenance needs. You can rest assured that while your vehicle is at an EV charging station, you steering, brake and suspension systems are using one of the best EV fluids on the market! Get it now for your DIY oil change or take it to a mechanic near me!


These fluid products are a state-of-the-art synthetic fluid that stands out in the automotive industry due to its multifaceted benefits and superior quality. Its optimal performance, extended component lifespan, consistent stopping power, superior thermal stability, and versatility make it a preferred choice for vehicle owners seeking premium protection and reliability, including electric cars. By integrating this product into vehicle maintenance routines, owners are not only investing in the enhanced performance and longevity of their vehicles but also ensuring safety and peace of mind on the roads. Whether it’s for daily commuting or competitive racing, this fluid promises to deliver consistent and exceptional results, highlighting its invaluable role in modern automotive care. Looking for all electric vehicle fluids? Please see our EV Fluids and Lubricants!


AMSOIL Authorized Dealer Logo

Purchasing from a reputable AMSOIL Dealer like HIGHGRADE Lubricants, guarantees the acquisition of premier products. Choosing to shop from an Authorized Dealer adds an extra layer of assurance and confidence, ensuring the procurement of authentic items.

A significant advantage provided by Dealers is the convenience of direct purchasing and doorstep delivery. This direct acquisition method optimizes your shopping journey, allowing for quick and easy online orders, eliminating the necessity to visit physical outlets—potentially with available discounts! This efficient and straightforward approach is complemented by speedy home delivery, assuring the prompt arrival of your products. Dealers maintain a direct connection to the manufacturer, enabling the relay of special offers directly to consumers. It’s akin to having a combined discount card and sales consultant, with complimentary shipping on numerous orders! Furthermore, this direct buying model allows for unhurried exploration of the extensive product range, assisting in a well-informed selection tailored to your unique needs.

Opting for HIGHGRADE Lubricants extends benefits beyond superior product quality. The Dealer values exceptional customer service, standing ready to resolve any inquiries or issues you may have.


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