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AMSOIL XL 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil is a high-performance lubricant that provides exceptional protection and efficiency for your vehicle's engine. Its advanced synthetic formulation offers superior wear protection, reducing metal-to-metal contact (e.g. inside the engine block) and thereby extending engine life. The unique blend also enhances the engine's operational efficiency by maintaining optimal oil viscosity even under severe operating conditions. This synthetic motor oil is designed for extended drain intervals, making it a cost-effective choice for vehicle owners seeking to reduce maintenance time and costs. Put this product into your Chevy Chevelle, Tahoe or even a truck with a Vortec LQ9 engine. Order this synthetic engine oil and DIY or go to a one stop quick lube to have it installed into your investment!


With this AMSOIL 5W30 synthetic engine oil, you're not just buying motor oil, but investing in the longevity and consistent performance of your engine. Experience this next-level care for your vehicle today. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!


Key points include:

  • 37% enhanced cleaning power (1) for improved engine performance and longevity.

  • Guards against Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI).

  • Guaranteed protection for up to 20,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, under normal driving conditions (2).

    • (Note 1) AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil was used for comparison purposes.

    • (Note 2) Normal Service is considered up to 20,000 miles or one year, whichever threshold is met first, not operating under what is considered severe service conditions.


AMSOIL Compare Oil Chart


Introducing XL 5W30 oil by AMSOIL, now known as Extended Life, a testament to advanced technology and exceptional engineering. This innovative lubricant is more than just synthetic oil; it is a comprehensive solution that caters to the complex and diverse needs of modern vehicle engines. It aims to enhance your vehicle's performance while providing robust and reliable protection, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and long-lasting engine. It is spoken of well by numerous oil change services installers, engine builders and fleet mechanics. 

This motor oil utilizes a unique synthetic base oil, fortified with an advanced additive package. This combination ensures that this synthetic oil delivers not just on the traditional need for lube of engine components, but goes beyond it. It serves multiple purposes, all of which culminate in delivering an outstanding performance, extending the lifespan of the engine, and ensuring it remains efficient throughout its operational life.

One of the primary benefits of this synthetic motor oil is its superior protection against oil breakdown. The high-quality synthetic base oils in the formulation are resilient and resist thermal breakdown far better than conventional car oil. This resistance prevents the formation of damaging deposits and sludge, allowing the oil to maintain its viscosity, ensure better lubrication, and reduce engine wear. This is why a number of people choose this as the LQ9 engine oil in their American truck.

Extended drain cycles are another notable advantage of this advanced lubricant. Engineered to outperform conventional motor oils, this 5W30 oil provides superior protection that extends beyond the traditional oil change interval. This benefit can be attributed to the product's highly durable full synthetic oil formula and potent additive package. It not only reduces the time and cost involved in regular oil changes but also provides continuous protection that helps extend the engine's life, especially when considering the punishment motor's receive during city car driving.

In modern engines, low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) is a common, yet critical issue. However, this product is specifically designed to protect the pistons from LSPI. It reduces the chances of pre-ignition events that can cause serious engine damage, ensuring that your vehicle remains operational and safe at all times.

The cleaning power of this synthetic motor oil is exceptional. Its unique formula has superior detergency properties, keeping the engine components clean, like the crankshaft, gasket head, piston and engine valves, by preventing the buildup of sludge and other harmful deposits. This characteristic ensures the engine continues to function at its optimal capacity without being hampered by any debris or blockage.

AMSOIL GM Oxidation and Deposit Test

Lastly, this synthetic oil exhibits excellent cold-start performance. It boasts superior low-temperature properties that ensure immediate oil flow during cold starts. This rapid flow provides instantaneous lubrication to vital engine components, such as the crankshaft amongst other parts, reducing wear and tear, and enhancing the engine's overall lifespan. This premium oil is ideal for use after having an engine repair near me mechanic restore your investment and help you extend the life of the engine you already have.

In summary, AMSOIL XL 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil offers the following five key benefits:

  • Protection Against Oil Breakdown: Its synthetic formulation resists thermal breakdown, ensuring the oil maintains its viscosity and reducing engine wear.

  • Extended Drain Cycles: The product provides superior protection beyond traditional oil change intervals, reducing maintenance time and costs.

  • Protection Against LSPI: The oil significantly reduces the chances of low-speed pre-ignition events, protecting the engine against severe damage.

  • Exceptional Cleaning Power: Its superior detergency properties keep the engine clean, maintaining its optimal operational capacity.

  • Excellent Cold-Start Performance: The oil's superior low-temperature properties ensure rapid oil flow during cold starts, reducing wear and tear, and prolonging engine life.


In conclusion, this AMSOIL XL Motor Oil, is a full synthetic oil with its diverse range of benefits and advanced technology, being an ideal choice for any vehicle owner seeking exceptional engine performance and protection. Trusted by many motor mechanics, it promises to deliver unmatched reliability and efficiency, contributing significantly to the overall lifespan and performance of your vehicle. Take a look at the AMSOIL Lookup to find all product you need for your vehicle! Order this product today and DIY or take it to an oil change near me facility, like a Take 5 oil change location, a Valvoline near me facility, another one stop quick lube installer or your own auto mechanics shop. 

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