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AMS OIL Transmission Gears


AMSOIL specializes in producing high-performance synthetic lubricants that offer superior protection for automotive components.


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AMSOIL Automatic Transmission


AMSOIL automatic transmission fluid, often referred to as AMSOIL ATF, is a top-tier product designed for those seeking superior vehicle performance. Products in this category include:


  • Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATLQT-EA)

  • Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATFQT-EA)

  • OE Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (OTLQT-EA)

  • OE Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (OTFQT-EA)

  • Synthetic CVT Fluid (CVTQT-EA)

  • 100% Synthetic DCT Fluid (DCTQT-EA)

  • Torque-Drive Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATD1G-EA)

  • Super Shift Racing Transmission Fluid SAE 10W (ARTQT-EA)

  • Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid SAE 10W (CTG05-EA)

  • Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid SAE 30 (CTJ05-EA)


As an industry leader, AMSOIL synthetic transmission fluid offers enhanced wear protection and extended service intervals. Its advanced formula ensures optimal performance, reducing the need to frequently replace transmission fluid. With its reputation for quality, many drivers opt for an automatic transmission oil change using these products. For those considering this transition, searching for "transmission fluid change near me" can yield local service centers familiar with synthetic transmission oil. The benefits of using these fluids include smoother shifts, improved fuel efficiency, and longer transmission life. In essence, these offering's stand out as an exceptional choice for those aiming to optimize the health and performance of their vehicles. Key points to consider in this category at are:

  • Defends against wear and tear.

  • Prevents damaging sludge buildup.

  • Outstanding performance in cold conditions.

  • Ensures protection against leaks.

  • Facilitates smooth, jerk-free gear changes.

  • Ensures the CVT belt or chain continuously engages the pulleys without any slip.

  • Consistent, smooth clutch connections throughout the fluid's lifespan and manages clutch glazing and extended shift durations.

  • Stays stable under shear and fortified against wear. Combats high-temperature oxidation.

AMSOIL Manual Transmission


AMSOIL Manual Transmission Fluid is a testament to the brand's dedication to optimal vehicle performance. Products under this category include the  following:


  • Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W90 (MTGQT-EA)

  • Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W30 (MTFQT-EA)

  • Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid SAE 10W (CTG05-EA)

  • Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid SAE 30 (CTJ05-EA)

  • Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid SAE 50 (CTL05-EA)

  • SAE 50 Long-Life Synthetic Transmission Oil (FTF1G-EA)

As a key component of their lineup, AMSOIL synthetic transmission fluid is formulated to ensure that manual gearboxes and transaxles operate smoothly and efficiently. Crafted from the highest-quality ingredients, these synthetic transmission oil products offer drivers the confidence of extended protection and reduced wear on their manual transmission components. For those using traditional lubricants, choosing to replace transmission fluid with these specialized products can significantly enhance the lifespan and operation of their vehicles. A manual transmission oil change, especially with such a refined product, is crucial for maintaining the health of a manual gearbox. With the rising popularity of manual transaxle fluid and manual gearbox fluid in the automotive community, these products continue to be the preferred choice for many enthusiasts and professionals alike, including the everyday driver. Key points to look at in this product category offerings include:

  • Guards against elevated heat and pressure.

  • Exceptional cold-flow capabilities.

  • Preserves brass synchronizers.

  • Modified for optimal friction.

  • Superior seal compatibility.

  • Prevents rust and corrosion.

  • Extended service lifespan.

  • Designed specifically for peak protection in synchromesh transmissions.

  • Enhances shifting in cold climates.

  • Boosts fuel efficiency.

  • Meets the rigorous demands of manual transmissions in high-torque commercial settings.

AMSOIL Powersports Transmission Fluid SXS Picture


AMSOIL Powersports Transmission Fluid is the epitome of advanced lubrication technology for the avid motorsports enthusiast. This range of synthetic transmission fluid has been carefully formulated to cater to the unique needs of powersport vehicles. Products contained within this specific category are:


Whether you're considering replacing transmission fluid in an ATV or a high-powered motorcycle, these products ensure peak performance. Their ATV/UTV Transmission Fluid is designed for the rigors of both standard and ATV automatic transmission systems, guaranteeing smooth shifts and maximum protection. For the motorcycle enthusiasts, AMSOIL's V-Twin Transmission Fluid is tailored for the high-torque demands of twin-cylinder engines, offering enhanced efficiency and longevity. Additionally, the Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid ensures that off-roading adventures benefit from optimal gear transitions and extended transmission durability. With the promise of quality inherent in these synthetic transmission oil products, powersport enthusiasts can trust their vehicles to deliver exceptional performance. Key points to take into consideration are:

  • Guards against gear and bearing deterioration.

  • Ensures seamless gear shifts.

  • Reduces loud thuds and gear-related noises.

  • Offers steady clutch feel for assured takeoffs.

  • Acts against clutch slippage.

  • Promotes smooth acceleration.

  • Aids in effortlessly locating neutral gear.

  • Shields compensator bearing, chain, and gears from wear.

  • Safeguards during challenging tasks and rugged terrains.

  • Defends heavily burdened, high-torque gears.

  • Top-tier performance in all weather conditions.

AMSOIL Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid



AMSOIL Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and superior protection in the automotive industry. Hydrostatic transmissions operate under a unique mechanism, relying on fluid pressure to regulate and control the power transferred from the engine to the wheels. Given the critical nature of this system, it's vital to use a fluid designed to offer optimal performance and longevity. AMSOIL's formulation ensures that hydrostatic systems receive the best protection against wear, heat, and deposits. This fluid boasts excellent anti-foaming properties, preventing a common issue in hydrostatic systems where air gets entrapped, leading to reduced efficiency and potential damage. Furthermore, its anti-wear additives and thermal stability ensure that equipment runs smoother for longer, reducing maintenance intervals and overall wear. In summary, for those seeking the pinnacle of protection for their hydrostatic systems, this product offers a premium solution. Key points are:

  • Combats wear, ensuring fluid and efficient functioning.

  • Specifically designed to surpass the performance of motor oils.

  • Stands up to extreme temperatures and shear forces.

AMSOIL Gear Lube


AMSOIL Gear Oil is meticulously crafted for those seeking optimal protection and performance for their vehicle's gear systems. As a vital component in automotive maintenance, choosing the right oil for gears can significantly impact the lifespan and efficiency of the mechanism. This line of products include the following:


  • Sever Gear 75W90 (SVGPK-EA)

  • Sever Gear 75W110 (SVTPK-EA)

  • Sever Gear 75W140 (SVOPK-EA)

  • Sever Gear 80W90 (AGLPK-EA)

  • Sever Gear SAE 250 (SRTQT-EA)

  • 75W90 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube (FGRQT-EA)

  • 80W140 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube (FGO05-EA)

  • Slip Lock (ADATB-EA)

  • Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid (MVPQT-EA)

  • Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil (TCCCN-EA)

  • Synthetic Marine Gear Lube 75W90 (AGMQT-EA)

These products, with their advanced formulation, provides a solution that outshines many competitors, including popular choices like Redline MT90. One distinct advantage of these offerings is its inherent compatibility with specialized additives, such as the Limited Slip Additive, which ensures smoother operation in limited-slip differentials. Additionally, these gear oil products meet the GL4 and GL5 standard, which emphasizes its superior lubricating properties and compatibility with various automotive specifications. For those in the market for diff oil that offers both protection and enhanced performance, this company stands as a frontrunner, consistently delivering products that uphold the highest industry standards.


AMSOIL Transmission Fluid & Gear Oil represent the pinnacle of lubrication technology, designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern automotive systems. With decades of research and development behind them, these products are formulated to provide optimal protection, performance, and longevity for both transmissions and gear systems. The unique blend of synthetic bases and advanced additives in the transmission fluid ensures smoother shifts, reduced wear, and prolonged component life, even under the most severe conditions. On the other hand, the gear oil has been meticulously crafted to defend against the rigors of high torque, high-load scenarios, preventing premature wear and component failure, all the way for diesel trucks to snow blower gear oil. Both products also offer superior thermal stability, ensuring consistent performance regardless of temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, AMSOIL INC's commitment to environmental responsibility means these lubricants are designed to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. In a market flooded with choices, these offerings stand out, not just for their exceptional quality but also for the brand's dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. For drivers and automotive professionals alike, this oil and lubricant producer remains a trusted name for transmission and gear protection.

Among their range of products, their transmission fluid and gear oil stand out due to their advanced formulations. Designed to offer longer service intervals, these lubricants provide excellent wear protection, thermal stability, and efficiency. They're engineered to reduce friction and maintain their performance characteristics even under severe operating conditions. Users have reported smoother shifts, extended equipment life, and reduced maintenance costs after switching to AMSOIL's solutions. Whether for daily driving or demanding racing conditions, AMSOIL ATF, AMSOIL CVT Fluid, AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Oil and Severe Gear, amongst other products, prove to be a reliable choice for those seeking enhanced transmission and gear performance. Competitively priced with other fluids such as Pennzoil, Valvoline, Lucas and Chevron to name a few, choose AM SOIL for your next transmission fluid change or gear oil flush. Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!



The Benefits of These Transmission Fluid & Gear Oil's

In the vast world of automotive lubricants, few stand out as definitively as AMSOIL's range of products, particularly their transmission fluid and gear oil. These specially formulated lubricants come packed with benefits, making them a top choice for vehicle enthusiasts, everyday drivers, and automotive professionals.

1. Superior Protection Against Wear

The primary role of any lubricant is to protect the mechanical parts it serves. Whether you're talking about a differential that needs diff oil or a manual gearbox requiring manual gearbox fluid, wear and tear is the enemy. This synthetic transmission fluid is expertly crafted to create a barrier that minimizes friction, reducing wear in the process. The brand's gear oil, especially the noted Sever Gear 75W90, follows suit, ensuring gears remain in pristine condition for longer.

2. Enhanced Performance

Good lubricants don't just protect; they enhance. With products like ATF (automatic transmission fluid), vehicles experience smoother shifts and better overall transmission operation. For those with manual systems, a manual transmission oil change using these specialized fluid's can transform the driving experience, offering smoother gear transitions and an overall more responsive feel.

3. Versatility

Whether you're dealing with an automatic or manual system, AMSOIL has a solution. Their range covers everything from automatic transmission fluid change requirements to manual transaxle fluid needs, making it a one-stop solution for all transmission types.

4. Superior Heat Resistance

Heat is one of the primary enemies of any vehicle's transmission system. This company's synthetic transmission oil has been engineered to resist the adverse effects of elevated temperatures, ensuring consistent performance even when things get hot.

5. Improved Cold-Weather Performance

Just as these products stand up to heat, they also excel in colder climates. With outstanding cold-flow properties, they ensure that vehicles perform optimally even in frigid conditions.

6. Compatibility with Additives

For those using systems that require specialized treatments, such as a limited slip additive, these lubricants are designed to be fully compatible. This means drivers can enjoy the benefits of both the primary lubricant and any necessary additives without concern for adverse reactions or diminished performance.

7. Extended Service Intervals

One of the standout benefits of these products is their longevity. Whether you're considering the GL4 or GL5 specifications, these lubricants allow for longer intervals between transmission fluid changes. This not only means less maintenance but also translates to cost savings in the long run.

8. Environmental Benefits

With a focus on sustainability, these synthetic transmission fluid's are designed to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. This not only benefits the vehicle owner in terms of reduced fuel costs but also contributes positively to environmental preservation.

9. Competitive Edge

In the competitive landscape of transmission fluids and gear oils, names like Redline MT90 have made their mark. However, this company's continuous commitment to research, development, and innovation ensures that they remain at the forefront, offering products that are often superior in performance and protection and even proven after re-gearing has been done on a vehicle.

10. Easy Accessibility

The rise in demand for these products means that they're widely available. For those wondering about a "transmission fluid change near me," many service centers now stock and recommend AM SOIL, making it convenient for vehicle owners to access and benefit from their range.

In conclusion, the myriad benefits of this company's products make them an obvious choice for those seeking the best for their vehicles. From protection against wear and tear to enhanced performance across varying temperatures and compatibility with other essential additives, this company stands as a beacon of quality in the automotive lubricant industry. Whether you're an everyday driver or an automotive aficionado, these products promise and deliver excellence at every turn.


Understanding the difference between engine oil and transmission fluid is essential for vehicle maintenance, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional oil change services provider. These two fluids play crucial roles in the operation and longevity of a vehicle's engine and transmission system, yet they serve very different purposes and have distinct formulations.

Engine Oil: The Lifeline of Your Engine

Engine oil, particularly when it's the best synthetic oil, is designed to lubricate the moving parts efficiently within an engine. Its primary role is to reduce friction and wear on moving parts like pistons, camshafts, and valves. Engine oil also plays a significant role in cooling the engine by absorbing heat from the engine parts and transferring it away.

The quality of engine oil is vital for the health of your engine. Synthetic engine oil, for instance, offers several advantages over conventional oil. It provides superior lubrication at both high and low temperatures, offers better thermal stability, and resists oxidation and sludge formation. These properties make synthetic motor oil a preferred choice for extending engine life and improving performance, especially under extreme or demanding driving conditions.

For those undertaking a DIY oil change, selecting the right engine oil is crucial. The oil viscosity and specific formulation should match the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. This is where tools like the AMSOIL Lookup can be invaluable, helping to identify the right synthetic oil for your vehicle.

Transmission Fluid: The Smooth Operator

On the other hand, transmission fluid, specifically ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), is used in vehicles with automatic transmissions. This fluid serves multiple functions. Firstly, it acts as a lubricant for the moving parts within the transmission, such as gears and bearings. Secondly, it works as a hydraulic fluid, facilitating gear shifts by transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. Lastly, ATF helps in cooling the transmission by absorbing heat generated from the gear, clutch operation, and from the hydraulic pressure system.

Automatic transmission oil has unique properties tailored to meet the requirements of modern automatic transmissions. It is typically thinner than engine oil and has a different chemical composition that includes detergents, anti-wear additives, and rust inhibitors. The specific formulation of ATF is crucial for the proper operation and longevity of an automatic transmission.

The Distinct Roles and Formulations

The major difference between engine oil and transmission fluid lies in their respective functions and formulations. Engine oil is primarily a lubricant, protecting engine parts from wear and heat. In contrast, transmission fluid serves as both a lubricant and a hydraulic fluid, playing a critical role in the smooth operation of transmission components and gear shifts.

Moreover, the additives in these fluids are different, with each being formulated to meet the specific demands of the system they serve. For instance, detergents and dispersants in engine oil keep the engine clean by suspending particles and preventing sludge. In contrast, automatic transmission oil includes additives that protect against the high pressures and temperatures found in transmission systems, as well as additives that help maintain the hydraulic properties of the fluid.

Maintenance and Change Intervals

Maintaining both engine oil and transmission fluid is vital for the health and longevity of your vehicle. Regular oil changes are crucial, and the interval can depend on the type of oil used. Synthetic motor oils typically allow for longer intervals between changes compared to conventional oils. For DIY oil change enthusiasts, following the vehicle manufacturer's guidelines on oil change intervals and specifications is key.

Similarly, automatic transmission fluid change or automatic transmission oil change is a critical maintenance task. Although transmission fluid typically doesn't require changing as frequently as engine oil, neglecting this fluid can lead to serious transmission problems. Vehicle owners should adhere to the manufacturer's recommended service intervals for transmission fluid changes. For those seeking professional assistance, a "transmission fluid change near me facility" can provide this service, ensuring that the transmission operates smoothly and efficiently.

Choosing the Right Fluids

Selecting the right fluids for your vehicle involves more than just picking up the first bottle off the shelf. It requires understanding the specific needs and recommendations for your vehicle. The AMSOIL Lookup tool is an excellent resource for determining the right type of synthetic engine oil and ATF for your vehicle, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

In conclusion, while engine oil and transmission fluid both serve to protect and enhance the performance of a vehicle, their roles, formulations, and maintenance requirements are distinctly different. The best synthetic oil offers superior protection and performance for your engine, while the right ATF is crucial for the smooth operation of your automatic transmission. Regular maintenance, including oil changes and transmission fluid changes, is key to extending the life of your vehicle. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer the services of a professional oil change services provider, understanding these differences and choosing the right fluids are fundamental steps in responsible vehicle maintenance.


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