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AMSOIL Break In Oil SAE30


The AMSOIL Break-In Oil SAE30 is a specially formulated engine oil designed to effectively establish new and rebuilt engines.


This SAE30 oil stands out for its unique ability to quickly seat piston rings, promoting optimal engine break in performance from the get-go. It has been enriched with an increased amount of zinc and phosphorus, known to deliver exceptional protection against wear, safeguarding your engine's vital components from the potential damage.


Moreover, this break-in oil is engineered to maximize compression and power, thereby enhancing the overall performance and lifespan of your engine. A perfect solution for engine rebuilders and engine builders. Key points are:

  • Swift and effective seating of piston rings, enabling engines to reach peak performance faster.

  • Superior protection against wear due to increased levels of zinc and phosphorus, ensuring durability of engine components.

  • Enhanced power output and compression, leading to a significant improvement in engine performance.


  • High-zinc formula offers enhanced wear protection.

  • Specifically designed for flat-tappet cams.

  • Effectively resists deposit buildup, keeping engines clean.

  • Conveniently compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines.

  • Order today for your DIY oil change or take it to your installer.



This product has gained popularity among vehicle owners, fleet mechanics, engine builders and auto repair shops, offering an optimal solution for the engine break in process. Its advanced formulation serves a crucial role in ensuring that new and rebuilt engines have the best possible start, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of smooth, efficient performance. This oil is infused with a high concentration of zinc, a valuable oil additive that is known for its ability to provide maximum flat-tappet camshaft protection. This engine break in oil excels in defending against initial startup wear. Its exceptional fluid film strength creates a protective shield, guarding your engine against the harsh realities of metal-to-metal contact. Choosing this product change is not merely about meeting the industry standard. It's about opting for a product that strives to surpass these benchmarks, bringing you the best break in oil on the market. The careful consideration of every formulation aspect showcases this break in oil's commitment to quality and performance, reflecting why it is widely regarded as a top choice in the industry. Create an account and shop online!

Beyond protecting your engine during its most vulnerable period, this product also offers notable benefits to enhance your vehicle's longevity. It promotes ring seal, reduces piston scuffing, and helps to prevent cylinder bore glazing. These features all work together to optimize the break-in process, enhancing your engine's performance and efficiency over time. In the world of engine break in, trust and reliability are paramount. Break In Oil SAE 30 stands out as a beacon of assurance, delivering a product that car owners can confidently rely on. Its reputation and proven results have cemented its place as a favorite among mechanics near me businesses, professionals and enthusiasts alike. All these factors contribute to why this oil is not just a product, but a trusted partner in maximizing your vehicle's potential.

Additionally, as an engine break in oil, it serves a crucial role in the successful break in of new and rebuilt engines, setting the stage for a long and efficient performance life. This superior break in oil is formulated with a high level of zinc, an oil additive with zinc that provides maximum flat-tappet camshaft protection. AMSOIL SAE30 has a unique composition which assists in protecting against initial startup wear, offering exceptional fluid film strength that fortifies your engine against damaging metal-to-metal contact. This break in oil change ensures that your engine, or rebuilt engine, benefits from a product designed with both performance and protection in mind. It's not just about meeting the minimum standards; it's about exceeding them to deliver the best break in oil for your automotive investment. Engine break in is a critical process that requires a trustworthy partner. This oil is the ideal choice, making it stand out as a benchmark in the industry. Trust this product to take the worry out of this essential engine step and maximize your vehicle's potentialBecome an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and get up to 25% off on your order!

AMS OIL Engine Build


As you start the journey of your new or rebuilt engine, AMSOIL Break In Oil SAE 30 proves to be an invaluable companion. This break in oil is more than just a routine requirement; it is an essential guard that aids in achieving optimal engine performance and longevity. With an innovative formulation that ensures immediate and efficient seating of rings, it has earned its spot as one of the industry's best and has cemented its place as a preferred choice for engine enthusiasts, mechanics near me businesses and professionals alike.

AMSOIL SAE30 is uniquely designed to maximize the break-in process. Its formula features a high concentration of zinc, a well-known oil additive that provides robust protection for engines, particularly those with flat-tappet camshafts. This additive is instrumental in creating a strong protective barrier between moving metal parts, reducing friction and preventing wear, which is a common concern during the break-in phase. This high zinc engine oil is designed to break in engines for the best possible performance!

Choosing AMSOIL (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) for your break in oil change is not just about fulfilling a requirement. It's about putting your engine's life and performance in the hands of a trusted partner. This product's unique formulation offers the best break in oil that meets and exceeds industry standards. It showcases a commitment to quality, reliability, and performance, characteristics that have led to this product's growing popularity among vehicle owners and mechanics.

One of the main benefits of using this SAE 30 is its ability to seat rings quickly. This feature is vital because it provides an excellent seal between the piston rings and cylinder walls, reducing blow-by and increasing combustion efficiency. Such quick ring seating minimizes cylinder bore glazing, which can be detrimental to the engine's performance and lifespan. This is an important point when it comes to engine rebuilds in classic cars, vintage cars and hot rods.

Additionally, this oil is recognized for its outstanding wear protection. The wear experienced during the break-in period can set the stage for the engine's long-term performance and durability. By offering superior wear protection, this break in oil ensures a healthy start for your engine and minimizes the potential for premature engine failure.

In the vast landscape of break-in oils, it's easy to find yourself comparing products like Lucas break in oil, Royal Purple break in oil, and Motul break in oil. Each of these oils offers its unique set of benefits. Like Lucas zinc additive, which provides an extra layer of protection against wear, other brands have their formula's too. However, this company's commitment to delivering high-quality engine break in oil that safeguards your engine's performance, reduces wear, and seats rings quickly puts it on par, if not above, its competitors.

The consistent performance of this break in oil SAE 30 makes it a strong contender in the market, often considered one of the best for rebuilt engines. Rebuilt engines, in particular, need a reliable and robust break in oil to ensure that their restoration process is not in vain. AMSOIL’s blend of ingredients is tailor-made for this purpose, offering an ideal balance of additives to promote ring seating and prevent potential damage.

The engine break in process is undeniably one of the most critical phases in an engine's life cycle. It demands more than just a generic engine oil oil change; it calls for a product that's engineered with precision, protecting the engine while ensuring its components work harmoniously. It requires a brand that can be trusted to deliver consistency and quality, time and again.

AMSOIL Break In Oil represents all of these qualities, making it a favorite among engine builders and car enthusiasts. Its reputation and track record in the industry, paired with its high performance and beneficial features, have resulted in this product becoming a go-to choice for many mechanics.

In conclusion, this SAE 30 is a comprehensive solution for the engine break-in phase, designed with the specific needs of new and rebuilt engines in mind. Whether you're concerned about seating rings quickly, reducing engine wear, or optimizing engine performance, AMSOIL delivers on all fronts. Its standout features and consistent performance make it one of the most reliable and effective options in the market, trusted by, fleet mechanics, professionals and everyday drivers who require an engine rebuild. This level of assurance, combined with this company's commitment to quality and innovation, is what makes this product a standout choice in its category.


When building or rebuilding an engine, one of the most critical stages is the break-in period. This is when components, especially the camshaft and lifters, need the most protection from wear. Ensuring the right lubrication during this critical period can set the foundation for a long and robust engine life. That’s where AMSOIL Break-In Oil comes in.

This product is designed to deliver superior protection during the initial break-in period of a new or rebuilt engine. It is formulated with a high-zinc, high-phosphorus content, a blend which is necessary for protecting flat-tappet and other high-pressure engine components from excessive wear during these early stages. This unique formulation is crucial since many regular engine oils lack the essential anti-wear additives needed for the demanding conditions of the break-in period.

A key factor in using this oil is timing. This high zinc engine oil product is typically used when the engine is first started after being built or rebuilt. This is the time when internal components, especially moving parts, are prone to initial wear and damage as they begin to interact under load for the first time. The high levels of anti-wear additives in this product offer immediate and effective protection during this critical period.

The duration of use for this break-in oil can vary depending on the specific engine and its conditions. However, it is typically used for the initial few hundred miles of driving or until the oil has been thoroughly circulated and the initial break-in period is complete. After this point, the engine can transition to a regular motor oil schedule.

AMS OIL Classic Muscle Car


The process of breaking in a new or rebuilt engine is an essential step in ensuring its long-term performance and durability. This break-in period allows for the proper seating of components, such as piston rings and cylinder walls, and helps to establish a strong foundation for the engine's future operation. A critical aspect of this process is the use of break-in oil, a special type of engine oil formulated to aid in the initial running of new or rebuilt engines.

Break-in oil is different from regular automotive engine oil in its formulation. It typically contains a higher concentration of anti-wear additives, such as zinc and phosphorus, which are essential in protecting the engine's internal components during the initial break-in period. These additives help to guard against premature wear as the engine components mesh and settle into their operating positions. Engine rebuilders do this all the time.

For engine builders, the break-in period is a crucial stage. During the assembly of a new or rebuilt engine, even the smallest imperfections on component surfaces can lead to issues. As the engine runs for the first time, these minute imperfections are worn away, creating a smoother, more efficient interface between moving parts. The use of break-in oil facilitates this process by providing enhanced lubrication and protection while these surfaces are smoothed out.

When it comes to an oil change or service oil change for a new or rebuilt engine, choosing the right type of oil is essential. During the break-in period, the engine may shed more metal particles and contaminants as components wear in. Break-in oils are designed to suspend and carry away these particles without causing damage to the engine. After the break-in period, which can vary in length depending on the engine and its use, it's important to change the oil and replace it with a standard automotive engine oil suitable for regular use.

The use of full synthetic oil change in new or rebuilt engines after the break-in period is a topic of debate among engine builders and enthusiasts. Some prefer to switch to synthetic oils (aka. syn oil) immediately after the break-in period due to their superior lubricating properties and ability to withstand high temperatures. Others opt for a gradual transition, using a conventional oil for a certain period before switching to synthetic. The decision often depends on the specific engine, its intended use, and the manufacturer's recommendations.

Regardless of the type of motor oil used after the break-in period, the importance of oil and oil filter changes cannot be overstated. Regular oil changes ensure that any lingering particles from the break-in process are removed, and the engine is maintained with clean, effective lubrication. High-quality oil filters are also essential during this time, as they capture any residual particles that could otherwise cause wear.

The price of oil change for a rebuilt engine, especially during the break-in period, can be higher due to the specialized nature of break-in oils. These oils are often more expensive than standard motor oils, but their use is crucial for the long-term health and efficiency of the engine. Investing in the right break-in oil and adhering to a proper oil change schedule during and after the break-in period is a small price to pay for the extended life and improved performance of a rebuilt engine.

Brands like AMSOIL (aka. AMS OIL, AM SOIL, AMAOIL, AMDOIL or AMZOIL by customers and those in the industry) offer specialized break-in oils designed to provide optimal protection during the critical early life of an engine. These products are often the choice of professional engine builders and the car enthusiast who understand the importance of proper engine break-in.

In summary, the use of break-in oil for new and rebuilt engines is a crucial aspect of engine care. This specialized syn oil helps to protect the engine during its initial operation, ensuring that components are properly seated and any imperfections are smoothed out. The break-in period sets the foundation for the engine's future performance and longevity, making the choice of oil and adherence to oil change schedules critically important. Whether using break-in oil for a newly built engine or transitioning to a regular oil after the break-in period, careful maintenance and the use of high-quality products like AM SOIL can significantly enhance the life and efficiency of the engine.



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Buying from an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer such as HIGHGRADE Lubricants, offers numerous advantages and potential discounts with free shipping on most orders. As a AMSOIL Dealer, our knowledge of the product range allows us to guide you in selecting the best synthetic engine oil for your specific needs. Furthermore, purchasing from a Dealer is like having a discount card, it provides the convenience of direct buying and home delivery. Rather than the hassle of finding the product in a store, you can order AMSOIL Break-In Oil and it will be delivered straight to your home. This hassle-free process makes maintaining a smooth and efficient maintenance schedule easier than ever.  Create an AMSOIL account and buy now! 

In conclusion, this product offers unmatched benefits during the critical break-in period of a new or rebuilt engine. It's specially formulated to provide immediate and robust protection to your engine components during this time, setting the stage for long-term engine health and performance. The guidance and convenient purchasing process provided by us as your AM SOIL Dealer, makes it even easier for you to give your engine the superior care it deserves during this crucial stage.


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