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Lori Unser, an accomplished driver in her own right, is an exceptional personality in the racing landscape. The Unser name carries a great deal of weight in motor racing, a legacy cemented by her father, Bobby Unser, who was one of the most legendary figures in American motor racing history. Despite the shadow of such a colossal legacy, Lori Unser has gracefully managed to carve her unique path, successfully steering the wheel of her race car while propelling the Unser name forward.

Early Career and Racing Exploits

Following her father's tire tracks, Lori Unser initiated her racing career with similar zest and passion that Bobby had exhibited. As early as her teenage years, Lori demonstrated a natural flair for speed and an innate understanding of the intricate dynamics of a race car.

Her journey began in the realm of off-road racing, where she honed her skills and developed her racing acumen. With a relentless pursuit of victory, she took part in renowned racing events, including the Mint 400, one of the most prestigious and challenging off-road races in North America. Her ability to navigate rough terrains, maintain high speeds, and display tactical shrewdness underscored her emerging talent.

She later transitioned to sports car racing, taking part in some of the most prestigious racing events globally. Her ventures in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) and IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) have seen her behind the wheel of some of the most high-performance race cars in the sport, taking on seasoned competitors and cementing her reputation as a formidable racer.

Use of AMSOIL in Racing

Like her father, Lori Unser has also found an ally in AMSOIL, the leading producer of synthetic motor oil. Recognizing the benefits of synthetic oil in the demanding environment of motor racing, she has also chosen AMSOIL as her preferred engine lubricant. The superior heat resistance, lower friction, and improved engine protection offered by AMSOIL's synthetic oil have played a crucial role in maintaining her vehicle's performance in high-stress racing conditions.

In several races, including her exploits in the SCCA and IMSA circuits, Lori has acknowledged the contribution of AMSOIL in keeping her vehicle's engine running smoothly, reducing wear and tear, and enhancing overall performance. The association with AMS OIL thus continues to play an integral part in the Unser family's racing exploits, contributing to their ongoing success on the track.

Bobby Unser: The Everlasting Influence

Lori Unser's racing prowess cannot be discussed without acknowledging the tremendous influence her father, Bobby Unser, has had on her career. The seeds of her racing passion were sown in the early days, watching her father masterfully maneuver his race car, clinching victory after victory.

From the earliest stages of her career, Lori has constantly drawn inspiration from Bobby Unser's illustrious career. His triumphs at the Indianapolis 500 and his legendary 13 victories at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb are constant reminders of what can be achieved with determination, courage, and an unyielding spirit.

While Bobby Unser's influence on Lori's career is undeniable, she has established her distinct identity in the world of motor racing. Lori’s tenacity, skill, and passion mirror her father's, yet she has carved her unique path, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in her own right.


As the current chapter of Lori Unser's racing career unfolds, her grit and determination continue to inspire. Despite the weight of a legendary legacy, she's managed to step out of her father's shadow, making her own mark in the annals of motor racing. Whether it’s her exploits in off-road or sports car racing, her skills behind the wheel, or her prudent choice of engine lubricant in AMSOIL, Lori Unser embodies the spirit of modern racing. Yet, the influence of her father, Bobby Unser, remains a profound source of inspiration, guiding her journey in the world of motor racing, much as a lighthouse guides a ship in a vast, turbulent sea.

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