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Get off to a Good Start with AMSOIL Break-In Oil

AMSOIL Engine Builder 1000 Horsepower

When building or rebuilding an engine, one of the most critical stages is the break-in period. This is when components, especially the camshaft and lifters, need the most protection from wear. Ensuring the right lubrication during this critical period can set the foundation for a long and robust engine life. That’s where AMSOIL Break-In Oil comes in.

This product is designed to deliver superior protection during the initial break-in period of a new or rebuilt engine. It is formulated with a high-zinc, high-phosphorus content, a blend which is necessary for protecting flat-tappet and other high-pressure engine components from excessive wear during these early stages. This unique formulation is crucial since many regular engine oils lack the essential anti-wear additives needed for the demanding conditions of the break-in period.

A key factor in using this oil is timing. This high zinc engine oil product is typically used when the engine is first started after being built or rebuilt. This is the time when internal components, especially moving parts, are prone to initial wear and damage as they begin to interact under load for the first time. The high levels of anti-wear additives in this product offer immediate and effective protection during this critical period.

The duration of use for this break-in oil can vary depending on the specific engine and its conditions. However, it is typically used for the initial few hundred miles of driving or until the oil has been thoroughly circulated and the initial break-in period is complete. After this point, the engine can transition to a regular motor oil schedule.

*If there is any discrepancy in the information in this article and the AMSOIL Corporate website, the latter will be taken as correct.

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