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Seals, Gaskets and High Mileage Oil Formulas Including AMSOIL High Mileage

Engine seals and gaskets play a crucial role in the smooth and efficient operation of any vehicle, particularly in high mileage engines. These components are responsible for sealing various parts of the engine to prevent oil or coolant leaks and ensure proper compression. Over time, with extensive use, these seals and gaskets can become brittle, shrink, or crack, leading to leaks and other engine problems. This is where the benefits of conditioners in motor oil become particularly significant, especially for high mileage engines.

High mileage engines, typically those that have covered over 75,000 miles, face a range of challenges due to wear and tear over time. The seals and gaskets in these engines may have endured years of exposure to extreme temperatures and pressures, which can lead to hardening and loss of elasticity. Once this happens, the effectiveness of these seals in preventing leaks and maintaining compression can be significantly reduced. This is a common issue in older vehicles and can lead to decreased engine performance, higher oil consumption, and increased emissions.

Motor oils formulated for high mileage engines often contain conditioners that are specifically designed to address these problems. These conditioners are additives in the engine oil that help rejuvenate and restore the flexibility of the engine seals and gaskets. By doing so, they can reduce or even stop leaks and help maintain engine compression. This rejuvenation of engine seals and gaskets is crucial for prolonging the life of high mileage engines and ensuring they continue to run efficiently.

When it comes to performing an oil change on high mileage engines, using the right type of automotive engine oil is essential. Oils like full synthetic oil are often recommended for these engines. Full synthetic oil change, in particular, can offer several benefits. Synthetic oils generally have a more uniform molecular structure compared to conventional oils, which means they can provide more consistent and reliable lubrication. They also perform better under extreme temperatures, which is beneficial for older engines that may run hotter due to reduced efficiency.

In addition to their superior lubricating properties, synthetic oils can also include a variety of additives, including conditioners for seals and gaskets. Products like AMSOIL High Mileage oil are known for their high-quality synthetic oils that are formulated to meet the specific needs of high mileage engines. These oils not only lubricate the engine components but also help protect and maintain the engine's seals and gaskets, thus addressing one of the key challenges faced by older engines.

The importance of oil filters in maintaining engine health cannot be overstated, particularly in high mileage engines. A good quality oil and oil filter change is essential for removing contaminants from the oil, which is particularly important for older engines that may produce more combustion by-products. The oil filter, like the AMSOIL oil filter line up, ensures that these contaminants do not circulate back into the engine, where they can cause wear and tear on engine components. Going to a  professional service oil change provider is a good idea if you can't do a DIY oil change.

The price of oil change maintenance for high mileage engines, especially when using high-quality synthetic oils and filters, may be higher than that for standard oils. However, the long-term benefits of using these specialized products can outweigh the initial cost. By helping to maintain the engine's seals and gaskets, these oils can reduce the likelihood of costly engine repairs and extend the life of the vehicle.

In summary, the health of engine seals and gaskets is paramount for the efficient operation of high mileage engines. The use of motor oils with conditioners can play a significant role in maintaining these critical components. These oils help rejuvenate and protect seals and gaskets, reducing leaks and maintaining engine compression. When combined with regular oil changes, using the right synthetic oil and quality oil filters, this approach can significantly extend the life and improve the performance of high mileage engines. While the cost of these premium oils and filters may be higher, the investment is often justified by the extended life and improved efficiency they offer to older engines. Buy AMSOIL High Mileage now and get this product installed at a change oil near me location today!

*If there is any discrepancy in the information in this article and the AMSOIL Corporate website, the latter will be taken as correct.

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